Beetles take over a Motor City: The ultimate Beetle knowledge during a Detroit Auto Show

Posted on 12. Jan, 2012 by in Volkswagen Canada

The usually thing improved than a Beetle is 3 Beetles. With that in mind, Volkswagen showcased 3 particular Beetles during this year’s Detroit Auto Show: a 2012 Beetle and dual judgment vehicles, a E-Bugster and Fender Beetle.

The E-Bugster, an all-electric take on a Beetle, combines classical pattern with forward-thinking innovation; a finish outcome is zero brief of awesome. Part of a Volkswagen Blue-E-Motion line, this judgment automobile is fun-filled and emission-free. It combines all a fun of pushing with nothing of a environmental impact.

Our other judgment car, a Fender Beetle, will go down in story as a Most Rockin’ Beetle Ever. A reverence to song fans and guitar lovers everywhere, a cabin is lined with genuine timber trim finished in Fender’s signature Sunburst coloration. The Fender sound complement offers light-colored filigree like you’d find on an aged Fender amplifier (with an iPhone wharf in a middle), and a HVAC controls are metalized, harkening behind to aged amp knobs. Best of all, there’s a tube amp on tip of a dash. A quarter-inch hollow and tinge adjustments are located in a induce area, so we can block in your guitar, play it by a subwoofer and stone out wherever we go.

And of course, no Beetle celebration would be finish but a 2012 Beetle. Redesigned for usually a second time in a history, a 2012 Beetle is a entirely complicated interpretation of a classical Bug. German-engineered with no compromises, a 2012 Beetle offers extended pushing opening and a top fuel economy of any Beetle: a total 33 mpg. The extraneous offers a lower, sportier position with a wider bottom for improved doing and a longer form for some-more interior space.

From judgment cars to real-world prolongation vehicles, we’re vehement to give Beetle fans 3 reasons to celebrate. You can see all 3 models during a Detroit Auto Show on arrangement during a Volkswagen booth. And be certain to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for live updates from a show.

Tell us: what’s your favorite Beetle?


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