"Berlin Calling": new calendar from Audi Tradition

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Berlin, a collateral with ancestral buildings, informative institutions steeped in tradition and contemporary architecture, is a centre of captivate for an general theatre that is penetrating to experiment. And for that reason a collateral is a ideal theatre for a twelve pages of a new calendar from Audi Tradition. “We wanted to douse ourselves in this atmosphere. Here we wanted to find a ideal settings for a calendar. The plea was to benefaction a car classics in a suitable environment and during a same time tell a brief story about Berlin,” explains photographer Stefan Warter.

Top-quality photos packaged with atmosphere make this tour by Berlin an authentic experience. In January, an Audi 100 C1 transports a spectator to a Glienicke Bridge, that during a finish of a 60s was a environment for a array of view stories. In Mar a V8 L glides past a chancellery on a pontoon reminding us of a purpose as a initial representational Audi Saloon in a supervision district. Oct radiates irony: an Audi 100 C3 stands as a watchful cab during Berlin Brandenburg airport.

Month after month a Audi Tradition calendar reveals a new part – a atmosphere of Berlin feels tighten adequate to breathe. The categorical purpose in each theatre is a classical vehicle from a Audi brand. The oldest vaunt is a Audi 100 LS, built in 1974 and a many new one is an Audi Coupé S2 from 1995. The usually difference in a array of Audi models: a NSU Ro 80. In 2017, it will applaud a 50th birthday. The NSU Ro 80 was a world’s initial array prolongation vehicle, launched onto a marketplace with a twin-rotor Wankel engine, and set new standards in car pattern with a unconventional wedged physique line. On a Jun calendar page, a Ro 80 creates a stop in Friedrichshain, Berlin’s hip quarter.

“Berlin Calling” is now accessible for 29.90 Euros in a emporium during a Audi museum mobile in Ingolstadt and in a Tradition Shop in a Audi Forum Neckarsulm. The calendar can be systematic online during www.audi.de/tradition-parts.

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