BMW 2002 Hommage. 50 years of pristine pushing pleasure.

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Munich/Cernobbio. The BMW Group has combined a very
special automobile for this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este to pay
reverence to one of a many poignant models in a history. First
and foremost, a BMW 2002 Hommage celebrates a unusual feats
of engineering behind a BMW 2002 turbo – and re-imagines them as a
pattern investigate for a times.

“Exactly 50 years ago, a 02 operation kick-started an epoch of success
for BMW. This compress coupe is one of a vehicles that done the
code what it is today,” explains Adrian outpost Hooydonk, Senior Vice
President BMW Group Design. “The 2002 sat during a tip of a operation and
was a initial series-produced automobile anywhere in Europe to come with
turbo technology. That set a sign on a coupe as a genuine sports
car. At a same time, a 2002 turbo was during a technological
vanguard of engine growth during BMW. The BMW 2002 Hommage is a way
of lifting a potion to all these achievements.”


A assured matter of sheer pushing joy.

“The eye-catching pattern of a BMW 2002 Hommage employs a very
dynamic, distinguished use of forms for a possess take on what is, for me,
one of a many iconic vehicles in BMW history,” says Karim Habib,
Head of Design BMW Automobiles. “At a same time, it encapsulates
BMW’s vital engine competition triumphs, that were done probable by turbo
technology. As such, a Hommage automobile brings together a past and
destiny of BMW into a assured matter of sheer pushing joy.”

The sporting conformation of a BMW 2002 Hommage lies low opposite the
road. Its compress proportions, finish with prolonged wheelbase, short
overhangs and distinguished “shark nose”, guarantee a pushing experience
that thrills with overwhelming dynamics and agility. Aerodynamic
sum like a vast spoilers during a front and behind group adult with the
plenitude of atmosphere intakes to optimise airflow around a automobile and
maximize downforce in each pushing situation.


Historic sum with a complicated twist.

Inspired by a signature chrome support that ringed a 02 in a day,
a plane CO rope wraps itself around a shoulderline of the
BMW 2002 Hommage and splits a physique visually into apart sections.
The top tranche of roof, carp and foot lid has matt paintwork to
forestall thoughtfulness of a sun’s rays –
in a anxiety to racing
cars of yore. The body’s lines here are minimalist, clearly drawn and
issuing in nature. The reduce territory creates a transparent contrast, with
a high-gloss paintwork, really bold, sculptural surfaces, and
particular lines that interpose a flanks with a contemporary flavour
and pull a eye to a driven behind wheels. The Space Race Metal
paintwork covers itself over a BMW 2002 Hommage like potion metal.
In both a matt and shimmer form, a light lead blue finish
changes in coming from a brightly fluorescent blue to grey,
depending on a occurrence of light, and lends a surfacing a dynamic
clarity of depth. As a result, a car’s whole physique brims with appetite and energy.

A quite distinguished underline of a car’s flanks are the
voluminously created circle arches, that support a physique like four
brackets and supplement stature. In a process, they remember a homologated
chronicle of a BMW 2002 turbo, that indispensable extended extensions bolted
onto a physique to accommodate a significantly wider track. The Hommage
automobile integrates this fact orderly into flanks designed with clear
loyalty to a pursuit during hand. Slick surfacing and precisely chiselled
lines decorate a absolute circle arches and palm them a starring role.
20-inch light-alloy wheels in bi-colour pattern spin off a styling
as a automobile meets a road. The complicated looks of these expensively milled,
multi-spoke equipment remember a racing rims of ended eras, while
gold-coloured stop callipers temperament a M trademark supplement an additional stamp of class.


Fronted by 50 years of BMW history.

The front finish of a BMW 2002 Hommage is a assured and
generously energetic affair; a styling bridges a opening of 50 years in
mixing a characteristic, plane distinguished of a 02 operation with
complicated elements of BMW design. The front finish is framed visually by the
distinguished circle arches. And a far-reaching lane and low-slung physique provide
an plenty board for generously-sized surfaces. In a lines and form,
a carp references a “spear” contour stretching down a centre
of a 02 models that swells somewhat into a approximate for a BMW logo
as it approaches a kidney grille. Further accurate lines lend
structure and clarification to a matt surface.

Occupying centre theatre during a front finish is a informed BMW kidney
Here, it takes a form of a low-standing, connected
unit, charity a strength indicate on a kidneys’ chronological digest as a
cohesive pattern element. Sculpted, black double-bars supplement refinement to
a sum of a broad-set grille. Like a BMW 2002, a BMW 2002
Hommage also has dual singular headlights that yield a distinguished front
finish with a outdoor limits. The headlights are bordered by reflectors,
whose bullion caricature is a pointer to a “golden” 50th anniversary of
a BMW 2002’s launch. The reflectors also reprise a yellow hue
ordinarily found in a headlights of racing cars behind in a day. An
consecutive black support creates a wise visible height for a kidneys
and headlights, brings together a stylistic elements of a front
finish and, in so doing, underlines a car’s far-reaching and jaunty stance.
Those with a penetrating eye will also collect out a spin vigilance repeaters,
that – like those of a car’s sire – are located alone from
a headlights and embedded into a full-width support (in CO on the
Hommage car) above them.

The vast front apron, a stylistic curtsy to those models of a 1970s,
shortens a visible stretch between a BMW 2002 Hommage and a road
and shines a splendid spotlight on a motorist focus. Together with the
car’s wide, sporting stance, this technically innovative,
forward-thinking pattern sends out a summary of top-class roadholding
and doing aptitude by quick corners. Now, as in a heyday of the
BMW 2002, pattern value and turbo record move unsurpassed
levels of fun to twisty competition tracks, nation roads and towering passes
alike. The BMW Motorsport clothing of a front apron and a “turbo”
lettering in counterpart essay casts a mind behind to a strange decals
of a 2002 turbo, as does a extraneous counterpart top on a driver’s
side. Accent surfaces in unprotected CO symbol a indicate where a front
apron and side skirts palm over to a road, and also yield a
technically alluring contrariety to a body-coloured surfaces.


Bringing matters to a sporting conclusion.

The rear-end pattern of a BMW 2002 Hommage also calls on elements of
a 2002 turbo. For example, a plane sub-division of a car’s
inexhaustible surfaces and a transparent lines make a width-emphasising and
so formally energetic statement, laced with complicated feel. The form of
a behind lights is desirous by a same chronological blueprint. The
roughly rectilinear lights yield a stylistic limit for a behind end.
The potion covers have a contemporary black-panel demeanour and usually offer a
perspective of a middle workings when a lights illuminate. All we can see
when they are asleep is an consecutive black surface. As during a front of
a car, this strengthens a sense of a support wrapped around the
The BMW trademark to a right of a permit image between the
dual behind lights is further a evil component of 02 rear
styling. The robust circle arches bookend a behind territory and
intensify a far-reaching track, while accurate spoiler lips move a modern
corner to a car’s detailing. A CO diffuser integrates a now
informed dual sets of twin empty tailpipes and wraps adult a rear
styling with a sporting flourish.

BMW’s uninformed interpretation of a BMW 2002 adopts a form of a
compress sports coupe in a exemplary tradition of BMW Hommage cars.
But some-more than that, a BMW 2002 Hommage represents a transparent statement
of how pristine pushing pleasure is tangible in 2016.

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