BMW during RETTmobil 2016.

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At this year’s RETTmobil trade satisfactory in Fulda (11th to 13th May 2016)
a BMW Group once again presents a far-reaching operation of models tailored
privately to a mandate of puncture and special safety
vehicles on their mount no. 2018 in Hall 2.

RETTmobil has turn resolutely dynamic as Europe’s heading trade
satisfactory for rescue and mobility and is a executive information height for
general rescue teams, glow services and puncture physicians.
This year, a 16th eventuality of a kind, some-more than 500 exhibitors from
20 countries will benefaction their many new products and latest
technologies on 70,000 block meters of muster space in 20 halls.
In addition, general trade visitors will benefit a comprehensive
overview of a latest developments in a fields of emergency
services, technical assistance, as good as glow and polite protection.

Many years of knowledge and imagination in special vehicles.

In this technically severe environment, a BMW Group
presents a knowledge and expertise, acquired over many decades, in
a growth and make of special vehicles. As a leading
manufacturer of reward automobiles and motorcycles, BMW exhibits in
Fulda an endless operation of customized solutions for functional
puncture vehicles, on both dual and 4 wheels. These vehicles not
usually accommodate a tip standards with honour to functionality,
opening and safety, though also in terms of sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

BMW exhibits representation products on both dual and 4 wheels.

With 4 automobiles and a motorcycle, BMW demonstrates to the
veteran village a capabilities in a make of
puncture vehicles. The concentration of a BMW Group’s mount (no. 2018 in
gymnasium 2) is a glow use authority automobile uncover automobile formed on a new
BMW X1 as good as a BMW i3, extensively upgraded for use by the
puncture services. In addition, a automobile for puncture physicians
formed on a BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer and a tried-and-tested BMW
X3 in a purpose of a glow use authority automobile denote the
endless imagination of BMW in a construction of vehicles meeting
a harsh mandate of operational deployment. A motorcycle
for puncture physicians formed on the
 R 1200 RT fittingly
rounds off a BMW Group’s trade satisfactory presentation, creation the
superb bearing and high-level functionality of BMW
motorcycles for use by a puncture services a discernible experience.

Further information on BMW puncture vehicles can be found on the
Internet during


The BMW i3 uncover car. Electric expostulate for rescue work.

Agile, with absolute acceleration and above all, locally
emission-free: these properties make a BMW i3 ideally suitable as
an operational automobile for a puncture services. BMW was a first
manufacturer to yield from a really commencement a entirely fledged
reward automobile grown quite for electric mobility with special
additional apparatus for a puncture and rescue services.

At RETTmobil 2016, BMW exhibits as a uncover automobile a BMW i3 with range
extender for a puncture services. The special “BMW i3 design”
foiling in orange-red with “Emergency Services” printed on a front,
a sides and a behind is partial of a operation of special apparatus that
includes front and behind flashers in blue, Sepura digital radio
credentials and a Hella RTK 7 special vigilance roof bar complement with
a KL-LM2 LED flasher procession and a worklight. The special signalling
complement has LED strobe headlights, front and behind stop vigilance matrices
and also facilities alley lights: these are 4 white high-power LEDs
for evident close-range illumination. The rear-mounted LED signal
bar (LSB) Arrow Stick is also operated around a special signalling
system. In addition, a BMW i3 for a puncture services features
fast-charging systems for approach and swapping current, so that its
batteries can be entirely recharged during any accessible energy source in the
shortest time possible.

The BMW i3 is driven by a synchronous electric motor, delivering up
to 125 kW/170 hp. Combined electricity expenditure (NEDC) is
13.5 kWh/100 km. (Combined fuel expenditure with operation extender:
0.6 l/100 km, sum CO2 emissions 13 g/km)*. Under quite electric
power, a BMW i3 with operation extender has a operation of adult to 170
kilometres (according to NEDC). The discretionary operation extender, propitious to
a trade uncover vehicle, is a tiny inner explosion engine that
extends a operation to adult to 150 kilometres. The BMW i3 accelerates from
a station start to 100 km/h, in 7.9 seconds and reaches a tip speed
of 150 km/h.

A prophesy becomes reality.

The entirely electric BMW i3 as a partial of a bland life of
operational and puncture services is no longer usually a vision. In the
meantime, puncture services in Bavaria, Milan, Los Angeles and London
have sum a BMW i3 to their swift of vehicles.


BMW X1 xDrive20d: Fire use authority automobile uncover car.

The new BMW X1 is a outcome of a consummate ascent a few months ago
of a many successful indication array in a sports activity vehicle
segment. Now a new indication era is celebrating a premiere as a
glow use authority automobile uncover automobile during a BMW Group mount in gymnasium 2
during RETTmobil 2016. The extraneous facilities of a authority automobile show
automobile embody special foiling in a glow use pattern unsentimental to the
physique paintwork in Alpine white, a prosaic roof bar special signalling
complement as good as blue front and behind flashers. In a interior, the
new BMW X1 glow use authority automobile has been prepared for an
analogue Teledux-9 radio system.

Advanced, intelligent drive.

The BMW X1 xDrive20d is powered by a four-cylinder turbo diesel
delivering 140 kW/190 hp and a limit torque of 400 Nm. The
expenditure of a indication with a discretionary 8-speed Steptronic sports
delivery is a sum 5.1 litres* of diesel per 100 kilometres.
This corresponds to CO2 emissions of usually 133 g/km* and highlights the
superb potency of a drive. Equipped in this way, a BMW X1
reaches 100 km/h after 7.6 seconds from a station start and has a top
speed of 220 km/h. The pushing force is channelled to all 4 wheels
by BMW xDrive. This intelligent all-wheel expostulate complement expands
a energetic intensity of a automobile even serve by distributing the
pushing force within fractions of a second to any circle individually,
depending on highway conditions and a adhesion between a tyre and the
highway surface.

A sum of 6 engines are accessible for a new BMW X1: three
petrol-driven and 3 diesels. They cover a energy operation from
100 kW/136 hp to 170 kW/231 hp (combined fuel consumption: 6.6 to
4.1 l/100 km, sum CO2 emissions 152–109 g/km)*. In serve to
a versions versed with a BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel
expostulate system, a models BMW X1 sDrive18i and BMW X1 sDrive18d are
accessible propitious with energetic front-wheel drive.


BMW 220d xDrive Gran Tourer: The automobile for puncture physicians.

With a BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer, BMW has grown a singular series
mixing an glorious use of space with a energetic driving
knowledge that is so evil of BMW. The BMW 2 Series Gran
Tourer on arrangement has been designed as a automobile for emergency
physicians. The suitable foiling indicates a specific purpose of
a vehicle. The dual blue LED front flashers behind a radiator
grille and a dual blue LED flashers in a tailgate can be activated
when on a outing lonesome by special rights for rescue operations. The
multi-purpose roof receiver (4 m), that can be used to accept GPS
(Global Positioning System) signals as good as for a TETRA digital
trunked radio, is connected to a preparations for installing the
AEG TX9 complement and Sepura digital radio. An additional battery with a
ability of 70 ampere-hours (Ah) ensures a stability functional
accessibility of all onboard electrical and electronic apparatus in the
field, even when a engine is switched off. Chargers for both vehicle
batteries assign a energy storage complement behind adult again comfortably
during operational deployment. In serve to an collision data
recorder, an additional LED light in a luggage cell and a
steel assign grille behind a behind seats finish a list of
apparatus propitious to this BMW puncture medicine vehicle.

Powerful diesel sum with a intelligent all-wheel expostulate system.

The BMW 220d xDrive Gran Tourer is powered by a four-cylinder
turbo diesel engine delivering 140 kW/190 hp during a limit torque of
400 Nm. The expenditure of a indication with a 8-speed Steptronic
delivery is a sum 5.1–4.9 litres* of diesel per 100
kilometres. This corresponds to CO2 emissions of usually 134–128 g/km*
and delivers – deliberation a energy of a engine – exceptionally
good mercantile efficiency. With this energy unit, the
BMW 220d xDrive Gran Tourer accelerates in 7.6 seconds to 100 km/h
from a station start and clocks a tip speed of 218 km/h. The BMW
xDrive intelligent all-wheel expostulate complement distributes a driving
force variably to any of a 4 wheels, holding into comment the
traction of any sold wheel.

In many markets a sum of 7 engines are accessible for a BMW 2
Series Gran Tourer, in others 6 engines: 3 petrol-driven and
3 or 4 diesels. They cover a energy operation from 70 kW/95 hp to
141 kW/192 hp (combined fuel consumption: 6.2 – 3.9 l/100 km, CO2
emissions 144–104 g/km)*.


BMW X3 xDrive20d: The all-round authority vehicle.

With a BMW X3 xDrive20d, BMW demonstrates how gentle and
functional, though also how quick and romantic a complicated authority vehicle
can be. The BMW X3 shown during RETTmobil is versed with a dynamic
M Sport package and 20-inch M light amalgamate wheels, double-spoke 310 M,
with churned tyres. These, together with a heavier stain of a rear
side windows and a behind window, lend additional significance to the
energetic impression of a BMW X3. On a exterior, a specially
designed BMW foiling and a DBS 4000 roof bar signalling complement with
alley lights, worklights, energy flash, auxiliary flash, ASG full
pattern front and rear, as good as vigour cover loudspeakers
certainly brand this glow use authority automobile during first
glance. Two blue LED front flashers propitious behind a radiator grille
and a serve dual blue LED flashers commissioned in a tailgate complete
a light signals tranquil by a roof bar system. The complement is
operated around a user-friendly HBE 300 palm control unit, with an
integrated microphone.

Everything is prepared for a designation of a radio system.

The authority automobile has also been prepared for a installation
of an AEG TX9 with a control handset and Sepura digital radio. Instead
of a fin antennas propitious with a BMW Professional navigation
system, a glow use authority automobile has a multiple receiver (2
m/4 m) of 600 mm receiver length, that is suitable for analogue radio
as good as for a TETRA digital trunked radio. An auxiliary battery,
12 V/60 Ah, partial of a simple apparatus in vehicles designed for the
puncture services, provides a secure supply of energy to the
electrical and electronic extra apparatus in a BMW X3
authority vehicle, that also includes an collision information recorder. The
steel assign grille propitious behind a backrests ensures that any
apparatus commissioned is always distant from a passengers. An
additional LED luggage cell light helps a user to find pieces
of apparatus quickly, even in bad lighting conditions.

The energy section combines energetic with efficiency.

The absolute two-litre, four-cylinder turbo diesel, delivering
140 kW/190 hp during a limit torque of 400 Nm, ensures that a vehicle
is propelled by a energetic though fit pushing force. The consumption
of a BMW X3 xDrive20d with discretionary 8-speed Steptronic transmission
is a sum 5.3–4.9* litres per 100 kilometres, while the
analogous CO2 emissions of 139–129 g/km* are a really best found
in this automobile segment. The 8-speed Steptronic delivery operates
possibly automatically or manually around change paddles on a steering
wheel. The BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel expostulate complement channels the
expostulate energy to all 4 wheels. It enhances both traction on difficult
surfaces as good as pushing reserve and heightens a energetic potential
of a automobile even serve by distributing a pushing force within
fractions of a second to any circle individually, depending on road
conditions and traction between a tyre and a highway surface. From a
station start, a BMW X3 xDrive20d accelerates in 8.1 seconds to
100 km/h and a tip speed is 210 km/h.

In serve to a models propitious with a BMW xDrive intelligent
all-wheel expostulate complement a BMW X3 sDrive18d is accessible with
rear-wheel drive. A preference of 7 engines are accessible for the
BMW X3 – 3 petrol-driven and 4 diesels – with engine outputs
trimming from 110 kW/150 hp adult to 225 kW/313 hp (combined fuel
consumption: 8.3–4.7 l/100 km; sum CO2 emissions: 193–123 g/km)*.


BMW R 1200 RT: The motorcycle for a puncture physician.

The volume of time left by between an collision occurring and first
assist being administered mostly decides a success of rescuing or
reviving an harmed person. Therefore nearing during a theatre as shortly as
probable is of pinnacle significance to an puncture medicine This can be
a problem in civil areas in sold due to high traffic
volumes and densely built neighborhoods. In situations such as these,
a strengths of motorcycles can be entirely exploited as vehicles for
a puncture services.

Best education as an puncture services motorcycle.

Even a customary BMW R 1200 RT prolongation indication possesses the
best education for use as an puncture medicine motorcycle.
Thanks to a ultra-modern support with dual selectable roving modes and
Automatic Stability Control (ASC) propitious as customary equipment, the
BMW R 1200 RT can be blending to highway conditions, so additionally
improving roving safety. The BMW R 1200 RT excels by refined
ergonomics for softened belligerent accessibility, that advantages riders of
all statures when manoeuvring and when removing on and off a machine.
The best probable insurance from breeze and continue is supposing by the
optimized windshield, so ensuring limit roving comfort.

Practical apparatus features.

The BMW R 1200 RT shown during RETTmobil in Fulda is propitious with
several pieces of customized special apparatus that have been
privately designed for an puncture physician’s motorcycle. The
coming of a motorcycle is noted by a puncture physician
foiling in fluorescent red, resisting with a bottom paint in Glacier
silver. Blue LED flashing beacons during a front and a blue LED rotating
vigilance guide on a telescopic stick in and with a electronic
heard signalling complement prove to other highway users during an early
theatre a sold coercion of a tour when roving to an incident
lonesome by a special rights for puncture services. A open address
complement allows a puncture medicine to give clearly audible
instructions to bystanders or other puncture personnel. The technical
preparations for a designation of a digital radio are during a rear
of a motorcycle. The BMW R 1200 RT is versed with dual side-mounted
panniers labelled “Emergency Physician” with a sum volume of
56 litres for a secure travel and storage of a emergency
physician’s medical equipment. Protection rails around a panniers
and subsequent a front of a fairing strengthen a motorcycle from damage.
An auxiliary battery guarantees prolonged durations of operation, even if all
of a electrical and electronic apparatus used to secure a theatre of
an collision is activated while still or if an outmost bucket is
connected to a electrical opening of a motorcycle.

Convincing opening and efficiency.

In sequence to fast strech a theatre of an incident, a 274 kg
(DIN quell weight) BMW R 1200 RT is propitious with a powerful
air/water-cooled two-cylinder fighter engine with 1,170 cc capacity,
delivering 92 kW/125 hp during 7,750 rpm and a limit torque of 125 Nm at
6,500 rpm. Simultaneously a expostulate section is certain to stir with an
intensely careful normal fuel expenditure (according to ISO 7118)
of 3.9 litres per 100 km during 90 km/h, 5.3 l/100 km during 120 km/h. On the
road, a BMW R 1200 RT delivers an intensely energetic riding
performance, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds and
achieving a tip speed of over 200 km/h.


* Consumption total were dynamic on a basement of a ECE test
cycle, contingent on a tyre format.


BMW special vehicles deployed worldwide in some-more than 15 countries.

With decades of knowledge and dilettante imagination in the
construction of puncture vehicles, BMW also enjoys an excellent
general reputation. It is no consternation that BMW automobiles are
deployed with military forces, glow services and rescue organizations
around a globe. In Europe, a United Kingdom, Italy and Switzerland
have a largest fleets of BMW puncture vehicles. Beyond Europe’s
borders, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Dubai, Hong Kong, Qatar, a Democratic
Republic of Congo and Taiwan also rest on puncture vehicles supplied
by BMW.

The many renouned BMW puncture automobile worldwide: a BMW 3 Series.

Internationally, a BMW 3 Series enjoys a biggest popularity
as a basement for BMW puncture vehicles, with somewhat some-more touring
models in this array carrying been put into service. Most of the
puncture vehicles formed on a BMW 3 Series are now in service
in Italy, a United Kingdom and Azerbaijan.

Tried and tested: a renouned BMW 5 Series.

There is stability clever direct for a successful BMW 5
Series; a sedan indication is in use in Dubai and Taiwan, in addition
to serve locations. Norway, Switzerland and a United Kingdom also
rest on sedan and furloughed models from a BMW reward class. Since its
marketplace launch in 2010, a sixth era of a BMW 5 Series has
been a personality in a category of vehicles in terms of design, driving
dynamics and efficiency. It has so became a many successful BMW 5
Series era to date; furthermore, for a final 6 years it has
ordered a tip of a sales personality play in a shred worldwide
by a poignant margin.

A accumulation of applications: a BMW X models.

The fact that internationally, a BMW X5 is a third most
renouned BMW series as an puncture automobile might seem startling at
initial glance, though given a extended spectrum of applications together
with a appealing operation of engines, a recognition of a BMW X5
with rescue workers and military authorities creates ideal sense. In
serve to a United Kingdom and Switzerland, Qatar and Norway also
muster a BMW X5 on central duties. In serve to a BMW X5, the
BMW X3 and BMW X1 are also accessible as puncture vehicles.

Variable space judgment in action: a BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer.

The military authorities in Switzerland and a United Kingdom are
already deploying a latest automobile judgment of an puncture vehicle
from a BMW operation in a form of a BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer and are
benefiting from a quite versatile interior.

The subsequent era of puncture vehicles: a BMW i3 and BMW i8.

Not usually a Bavarian military are now training that
sustainability and locally emission-free pushing can also harmonize
with a bland duties of an puncture vehicle, in a truest sense
of a word. Also authorities in Italy, a United States and the
United Kingdom are deploying a initial puncture vehicles formed on the
electrically driven BMW i3. Its high grade of lively and
manoeuvrability and a extensive functionality come into their
own, generally in civic areas. In contrast, a quite dynamic
characteristics of a modernized plug-in hybrid BMW i8 sports car, in
serve to a superb efficiency, pronounce for a deployment. Both
of these attributes tender a military authorities in a USA and in
Dubai – they use a innovative sports automobile as an puncture vehicle, too.


Comprehensive systems with a long-standing tradition.
Outstanding peculiarity and unsentimental skills.

For roughly 60 years, BMW has been building state of a art
puncture vehicles of superb peculiarity in partnership with both
inhabitant and general authorities. Adapted to a respective
internal regulations and directives, BMW special vehicles accommodate a same
high standards as a bottom automobile itself in terms of quality,
functionality and reserve and combine limit reserve with
cost-effectiveness and innovative technology.

The story of BMW as a manufacturer of puncture vehicles dates back
to a 1950s. At that time, a Munich military authorities put new BMW
501 and BMW 502 unit cars into service. These models, propitious with
absolute six-cylinder and eight-cylinder engines became known
via a nation interjection to a German TV array “Funkstreife
Isar 12” and even behind afterwards a “Baroque Angels” as a sedans were
affectionately nicknamed set standards in terms of trustworthiness and serviceability.

The formation of destiny users into a growth process.

Since that time, BMW towering a growth and make of
puncture vehicles to a new turn of professionalism. This also
includes involving a destiny users of a puncture vehicles in the
growth phase. Representatives of a glow services, rescue
services and other institutions minister their unsentimental experience
and combine closely with BMW engineers to conclude a requirements
of a new puncture automobile fit for unsentimental deployment. These are
afterwards compared with a specifications of a bottom indication and
implemented by eminent dilettante companies, integrating a latest
technical developments. This routine formula in extensive vehicle
concepts that combine a specific needs of a business with a high
peculiarity standards of BMW.

The puncture vehicles designed regulating this procession are built in an
integrated prolongation process, that in terms of quality,
functionality and reserve achieves a turn that can't be reached by
a some-more common retrofitting of sold components. Thus, the
designation of measuring, radio and vigilance control record in all
indication array is integrated into a array prolongation process.
Emergency vehicles formed on models in a BMW 3 Series and BMW 5
Series are entirely fabricated on a same prolongation lines as a series
prolongation models themselves.

Full manufacturer’s guaranty on a whole puncture vehicle.

In sequence to say a high turn of BMW standards, the
puncture vehicles including all fittings, installations and
additions, are compulsory to pass a array of severe tests, the
mandate of that surpass a final of stream exam standards.
This is how BMW guarantees that a patron will accept a customized
puncture automobile of a superb peculiarity for that BMW is known.
All components are ideally matched and work safely and reliably as
constituent tools of an altogether concept. Accordingly, BMW grants all
components of any special apparatus commissioned during a bureau a full
BMW manufacturer’s warranty.

This is formed on scarcely 60 years of knowledge in a construction of
special vehicles for a police, glow and rescue services. The
expertise, creation and peculiarity of a ongoing growth of BMW
puncture vehicles are built on this plain foundation.

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