BMW Films earnings with “The Escape”. Tribute film with Clive Owen and Dakota Fanning premieres on on 23 October.

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Munich / Woodcliff Lake. The new brief film “The
Escape”, featuring Clive Owen, Dakota Fanning, Jon Bernthal and Vera
Farmiga, will premiere on on 23 October. The film
continues in a tradition of “The Hire”, a array of singular short
films expelled between 2001 and 2002 that combined a stir on the
general selling stage and beyond: The 8 films, aired in
dual seasons, realised a totally new approach.


David Fincher, who was already obvious as a executive of films
such as “The Game” with Michael Douglas and “Fight Club” with Brad
Pitt, executive constructed a initial series. Renowned authors, directors
and actors brought retaining stories to life. In any film, British
actor Clive Owen played a lead purpose alongside a BMW. The supposedly
many renouned film of a initial deteriorate patrician “Star” featured Madonna
as Clive Owen’s “passenger” in a BMW M5. The second series, that was
expelled in 2002, was executive constructed by cult Hollywood producers
Ridley and Tony Scott.


15 years on, earnings with a reverence film, once again
featuring Clive Owen behind a circle and also starring Dakota Fanning
(“War of a Worlds,” “I am Sam”), Jon Bernthal (“The Punisher,”
“Daredevil”) and Vera Farmiga (“The Departed,” “Up in a Air”). The
film was destined by South African executive and Academy Award®
nominee Neill Blomkamp (“District 9”, “Elysium”) and realised
for BMW North America by Geisel Productions, New York.


“The Escape” will premiere on Sunday, 23 Oct 2016, during 12.00 CET


“I resolutely trust that ‘Sheer Driving Pleasure’ can be communicated
effectively by romantic stories and that, by this, we can
strengthen a BMW brand’s core values. With a Hollywood-quality
realisation, tellurian stars, an Academy Award®
nominated executive and a unchanging ‘online first’ approach,
we are once again environment new standards for calm marketing,”
explained Hildegard Wortmann, Senior Vice President Brand BMW. “The
new brief film ‘The Escape’ is designed as an loyalty to a 15th
anniversary of ‘The Hire’. Clive Owen was penetrating from a start when he
listened of a plans. We are gay to have Clive on house again –
with his character and poise he is ideal for a role.”


“The Hire” – a strange BMW short-film array with eight
singular episodes

Season 1 of “The Hire” premiered on on 26 Apr 2001
with John Frankenheimer’s “Ambush,” followed by “Chosen” from Ang Lee,
who would go on to win Academy Awards® for “Brokeback Mountain” and
“Life of Pi.”  The third film in a series, “The Follow,” was
destined by Wong Kar-wai and featured Forest Whitaker, Adriana Lima
and Mickey Rourke. Completing Season 1 was Guy Ritchie’s “Star,”
featuring cocktail idol Madonna, and “Powder Keg,” starring Stellan
Skarsgård and destined by afterwards up-and-comer and stream multiple
Academy Award® leader Alejandro G. Iñárritu. Season 1 was executive
constructed by David Fincher (“The Social Network,” “The Girl with the
Dragon Tattoo”) and was noticed over 11 million times in 4 months.


Season 2 of “The Hire” was executive constructed by Tony and Ridley
Scott and debuted in Oct 2002 with Tony Scott’s “Beat a Devil”,
starring essence fable James Brown, with Gary Oldman as a devil. John
Woo’s “Hostage” featuring Maury Chaykin, and Joe Carnahan’s “The
Ticker”, with Don Cheadle, finished a series.


Acclaim for “The Hire” series

“The Hire” was expelled exclusively online during and
perceived some-more than 100 million views before to a proliferation of
high-speed internet connectivity and introduction of YouTube.


After a initial dual films in “The Hire” array premiered online, Wong
Kar-wai’s third film, “The Follow,” done a entrance during a Cannes Film
Festival in May 2001 to vicious acclaim. The media also praised “The
Hire”. The New York Times wrote that a films “tingle with zest”,
while Time repository combined that it “deserves a courtesy of
perceptive film watchers”.


“The Hire” desirous a Cannes International Advertising Festival to
emanate a Titanium Lion in 2003, to respect artistic ideas that point
to a new instruction for a attention and redefine a creative
landscape. Besides holding home a initial Titanium Lion, a films
went on to win a tip honour in probably each artistic competition.
They were named “The Best of a Digital Decade” by The One Show in
2011 and supposed into a Clios Hall of Fame in 2009. “The Hire“
array was inducted into a permanent collection of a Museum of
Modern Art (MOMA) in 2003. online

“The Escape” will premiere on Sunday, 23 Oct 2016, during 12.00 CET
on Already today, we can see a hide look on


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and also provides reward financial and mobility services. As a global
company, a BMW Group operates 31 prolongation and public facilities
in 14 countries and has a tellurian sales network in some-more than 140 countries.


In 2015, a BMW Group sole approximately 2.247 million cars and
scarcely 137,000 motorcycles worldwide. The distinction before taxation for the
financial year 2015 was approximately € 9.22 billion on revenues
amounting to € 92.18 billion. As of 31 Dec 2015, a BMW Group
had a workforce of 122,244 employees.


The success of a BMW Group has always been formed on long-term
meditative and obliged action. The association has therefore established
ecological and amicable sustainability via a value chain,
extensive product shortcoming and a transparent joining to
conserving resources as an constituent partial of a strategy.






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