BMW Group and Codelco determine on team-work to settle a Responsible Copper Initiative.

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The BMW Group and a Chilean copper mining association Codelco have
sealed an agreement to concur on a tolerable and transparent
supply of copper. From a mining of a steel to designation in the
automobile, Codelco and a BMW Group will form a start and end
indicate in a copper supply sequence and so emanate a preconditions for
new standards in tolerable copper processing.


“Copper is and stays a really critical tender element in the
automotive industry. Therefore, we are really gratified to have the
event together with Codelco to be means to disciple sustainable
standards in a copper supply chain. From a BMW Group’s viewpoint,
this is a serve poignant miracle in a plan for
sustainability in a supply chain,” says Thomas Thym, conduct of BMW
Group Strategy, Purchasing and Supplier Network.

“We conclude a significance of operative together with BMW
Group’s value sequence and trust that this agreement will be a powerful
motorist for Codelco and a mining attention to continue to strengthen
a amicable permit to operate. It is an impulse to allege towards
a destiny in that a products will be valued not usually for their
unique vegetable qualities, though also for a prolongation routine that
promotes environmental protection, gender equality, a era of
common value, reliable business practices, transparency, integrity and
internal pursuit creation, among others”, says Patricio Chávez, Codelco Vice
President of Corporate Affairs Sustainability.


The aim of a Responsible Copper Initiative is to grasp a
joining to ecological and amicable shortcoming in a copper
industry. Further objectives of a team-work are a growth of
core indicators, that magnitude advancements in sustainability
activities, as good as a prolific partnership with stakeholders –
including NGOs and controlling authorities. In this way, faith in our
copper products is to be strengthened.


In a agreement, Codelco confirms a care in a introduction
of a Responsible Copper Initiative according to ISEAL guidelines.
This includes a graduation and coordination of a tellurian copper
attention (from mining to make and processing) as good as other
stakeholders such as associations, NGOs, producers and finish users in
a Responsible Copper Initiative. Within a horizon of the
Responsible Copper Initiative, Codelco will safeguard that a developed
standards and collection accommodate a final of finish users and a BMW Group.


In 2017, a BMW Group purchased 42,000 tons of copper with a value
of some-more than 200 million Euros. As one of a world’s leading
manufacturers of electric vehicles a BMW Group will be charity 25
electrified models in 2025. The company’s copper direct will have
increasing by 20,000 additional tons by this time. This shows that
copper will play an even larger purpose in a future. Therefore, it is
of essential significance that a BMW Group secure a tolerable supply
sequence for electric mobility, including tender materials.


For a BMW Group, a investiture of a “Responsible Copper
Initiative” is a serve step towards clarity in a supply
chain: The BMW Group is a first member of a Aluminium Stewardship
Initiative, believer of a Responsible Steel Initiative and a member
of a Responsible Cobalt Initiative.

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