BMW Group becomes a initial general automobile builder to obtain an unconstrained pushing highway exam permit in China. Important step on BMW Group´s trail to Autonomous Driving.

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Shanghai. On May 14th 2018, BMW Group
strictly performed a Shanghai Intelligent Connected Autonomous
Driving Test License, released by a Intelligent Connected Vehicle Road
Test Promotion Team – consisting of Shanghai Municipal Commission of
Economy and Informatization, Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau
and Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission.

Thus, a BMW Group has turn a initial general
auto maker
to obtain a Autonomous Driving highway exam permit in
, imprinting a large step on a trail to Autonomous Driving.
This feat underlines BMW Group’s heading purpose in the
growth of unconstrained pushing in a Chinese automotive industry.

BMW Group implements a Strategy NUMBER ONE
worldwide, and continues to lift out a blueprint in
“A.C.E.S.”, namely, Autonomous Driving, Connectivity,
E-Mobility and Shared services, to emanate sparkling solutions and
innovative mobility practice for business – and by doing so –
speeding adult a mutation into a record company. Autonomous
Driving, an critical partial of a “A.C.E.S.” layout, will
change a destiny of particular mobility in a insubordinate way,
significantly improving a reserve and preference of premium
particular mobility.

China is compelling Autonomous Driving as a partial of boosting
intelligent connected vehicles (ICVs) and a new “smart city,
intelligent China” initiative, giving China a critical purpose in BMW Group´s
Autonomous Driving growth program. BMW expected this
growth – and was initial to denote and tell L3 highly
Autonomous Driving on a designated highway underneath government
organisation in Chengdu as early as 2016.

To lift out highway tests for a credentials of L4 Autonomous Driving
RD in China, Shanghai is an attractive, innovative city, matching
ideally with BMW Group’s prophesy of destiny mobility. The BMW Group
has set adult a clever internal group in Shanghai, including over 60 experts
in Autonomous Driving.

Using a license, a RD group will accumulate several Petabyte of
information formed on tangible traffic, covering a full complexity. This data
will be used to sight appurtenance training algorithms behaving adequate
L4 Autonomous Driving behaviour.

The exam sites in Shanghai now cover a sum length of about
5.6 kilometers designed to grow fast over time. The exam swift is
formed on a latest BMW 7 Series models, starting with dual operating
vehicles in May and adding adult to 7 vehicles by Dec in China.
“Safety first” is a primary grounds for a growth of
Autonomous Driving during BMW Group. Until now, a amassed mileage
reaches scarcely 30,000 kilometers of highway exam in China, and some-more than
200,000 kilometers of mechanism simulation.

Dr. Martin Sautter, Senior Vice President, RD Center BMW Group,
BMW China Services Ltd., said:  “The BMW Group has always followed its
RD plan ‘In China, For China’. We have grown a complete,
customer-oriented and impending RD system, by a RD
blueprint in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenyang.  Now, it is a good honour
to be a initial general car manufacturer to obtain an
unconstrained highway exam permit in China. With a top safety
standards, we will rigorously foster a internal growth of
Autonomous Driving and essay to grasp a safer, some-more fit and
some-more available travel system.”

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