BMW Group celebrates ground-breaking for new plant in Mexico

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Milestone for enlargement in NAFTA free-trade section

Production of BMW 3 Series Sedan from 2019

Investment of one billion US dollars

BMW Group Plant San Luis Potosí sets new sustainability


San Luis Potosí / Munich.

Today’s ground-breaking signals a start of construction of the
new BMW Group plant in Mexico. Guests attending a official
rite in San Luis Potosí enclosed Rogelio Garza Garza,
Undersecretary of Industry and Commerce during a Mexican Ministry of
Economics; Dr. Juan Manuel Carreras López, Governor of a state of
San Luis Potosí; Oliver Zipse, member of a Board of Management of
BMW AG, obliged for Production and Milagros Caiña-Andree, member
of a Board of Management of BMW AG, obliged for Human
Resources and Labour Relations.


Newest BMW Group plant with cutting-edge technologies

Board of Management member for Production Oliver Zipse believes
a new plant in San Luis Potosí will be a special location: “All of
a BMW Group’s believe and capabilities will be on uncover during our
new plcae in Mexico. The prolongation complement being established
there will be a personality in capability and sustainability, interjection to
a use of innovative technologies. we am gay to launch this
ground-breaking BMW Group plant on a way.” Board of Management
member for Human Resources Milagros Caiña-Andree underlined a BMW
Group’s purpose as an employer: “Our success depends above all on the
people who work for us. Their capabilities emanate a products. They
form a clever substructure of a new BMW Plant San Luis Potosí. For
this reason, it is also critical for us to be an attractive
employer here, to enthuse passion for a BMW Group among employees,
to inspire their aspiration and rise their talents.” Governor
Juan Manuel Carreras López commented: “The BMW Group is an important
partner for a state and will assistance to offer rise a industry
in a region. San Luis Potosi is an appealing state for the
automotive attention with learned workers, a logistically interesting
plcae and a required infrastructure for a enlargement of
this kind of projects. In San Luis Potosi, we are prepared to support
a industry.”


Start of prolongation for BMW 3 Series Sedan designed for 2019

San Luis Potosí will build a BMW brand’s best-selling model
series, a BMW 3 Series Sedan. For some-more than a 40 of the
company’s 100 years, a iconic BMW 3 Series has been a heart of
a code and set a benchmark for energetic performance, efficiency
and design.

The plant in San Luis Potosí will also change out production
ability during BMW Group Plant Rosslyn in South Africa, that will
build a new BMW X3 instead of a BMW 3 Series in a future.

Start of prolongation is scheduled for 2019, with an annual
prolongation ability of adult to 150,000 units. The BMW Group is
investing around a billion US dollars in a new plant and creating
during slightest 1,500 new jobs. The preference to locate in San Luis Potosí
was formed on criteria such as a extended
supplier network and
competent internal workforce, as good as a technical and amicable infrastructure.


Mexican plant to set new standards

The BMW Group Plant San Luis Potosí will be a full plant,
comprising physique shop, paint emporium and assembly, characterised by an
innovative prolongation complement and extensive sustainability
standards. From a initial full year of production, a plant will be
a BMW Group’s many resource-efficient prolongation location


For example, a use of renewable appetite sources ensures that
a plant is granted with 100% CO2-free electricity. Most of the
electricity comes from a solar complement on a plant’s grounds.

Responsible use of H2O resources is a particular
sustainability idea in San Luis Potosí. The trickery will have the
lowest H2O expenditure per car constructed in a production
network. This will be a BMW Group’s initial paint emporium to produce
0 routine wastewater. The H2O indispensable for a portrayal process
is reconditioned and recycled.


The BMW Group is relying exclusively on digital 3D skeleton for
both building construction and apparatus designation during a plant.
During each proviso of construction, architects enter specific
information, such as location, measure or execution date into
digital models. Digital 3D-scan record is being used for the
initial time during a set-up phase. The multiple of these two
technologies enables real-time research of construction swell and
cost-efficient modifications, and provides a BMW Group with
consistent formulation reliability.


Plant will advantage from knowledge within a prolongation network

Everything is in place for a start of production: 25 young
mechatronics engineers began their training in Sep 2015. This
year will see a launch in team-work with internal technical
colleges of identical programmes for prolongation mechanics and
automotive mechatronics experts. Mexico has a work-linked training
judgment formed on a German model.


The plant in San Luis Potosí will advantage from knowledge within
a BMW Group prolongation network. Plants Munich and Spartanburg are
demonstrating their strengths by assisting set adult a Mexican
facility. The Munich plant will offer as a lead plant for set-up
and training, and will sight some-more than 500 Mexican employees by
2019. “The training programme for destiny employees is an important
cornerstone for us. The new plant will set general standards
with innovative technologies and resource-saving production,”
explained Hermann Bohrer, conduct of a BMW Group Plant San Luis Potosí.


BMW Group sets a march for continued enlargement in a NAFTA region

The BMW Group prolongation network comprises 31 locations in 14
countries on 4 continents. The enlargement of a international
prolongation network has always followed enlargement in markets around the
world. In this way, a BMW Group ensures itself a highly-efficient
and stretchable general prolongation network with a balanced
placement of value origination between Europe, Asia and the
Americas. With this in mind, Mexico is another building retard in the
BMW Group’s enlargement strategy. The nation is a member of a NAFTA
free-trade section with Canada and a US, and has resolved free-trade
agreements with a European Union and MERCOSUR countries, creation it
easier to trade automobiles and import retailer parts.


North America is one of a many critical enlargement markets for
a BMW Group.

The association will deposit a sum of one billion US dollars in the
enlargement of a American plant in Spartanburg by a finish of 2016 to
grasp a prolongation ability of 450,000 units. The plant, which
specialises in BMW X models, became a largest in a BMW Group
prolongation network in 2015. This enlargement is in response to strong
tellurian direct for X models. The new BMW X7 will be constructed in
Spartanburg in a future. With Spartanburg and San Luis Potosí, the
BMW Group will have full prolongation capacities during pivotal locations in
North America.


The BMW Group in Mexico

The BMW Group has operated a internal sales association in Mexico since
1994, and in 2015, sole a sum of 17,475 vehicles (12,170 BMW, 5,305
MINI) – an boost of some-more than 17% over a prior year.
Motorcycle sales for a same duration reached 2,615 units (+15.2% YOY).


The BMW Group non-stop a Purchasing and Supplier Network Mexico in
2008. From here, a BMW Group maintains tighten relationships
with a suppliers in Mexico and North and Central America. Last
year, a BMW Group purchased products value some-more than 2.5 billion
US dollars from Mexican suppliers. This represents an boost of
about 18% compared with a prior year.
Over a long
term, a Purchasing and Supplier Network Mexico will be managed out
of in San Luis Potosí.

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