BMW Group Digital Day 2018.

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Digitalisation is a widespread component in a radical ongoing
mutation of personal mobility. It paves a proceed to a new driving
experience, expands a possibilities for enhancing reserve and comfort
out on a road, and opens adult new opportunities for fit yet
customer-focused growth and make of vehicles. The BMW
Group is evenly forging brazen with digitalisation opposite all
areas. Thanks to a ability for innovation, not usually does it develop
cars and motorcycles for a reward shred that stir a emotions,
it also devises customer-centric services that optimise a mobility
knowledge as a whole. As partial of a Digital Day 2018 event, a BMW
Group is charity an discernment into stream product developments,
technological concepts, innovations and prolongation processes that
will capacitate it to figure a destiny of mobility.

Today, a BMW Group is already blazing a route for intelligent
automobile connectivity and a formation of digital mobility services.
It is exploiting a intensity of digitalisation to serve strengthen
a standing as a heading provider of personal mobility during premium
level. The BMW Group has tangible a pivotal areas that will form the
stepping stones to digitalised and emission-free mobility in the
destiny with a corporate plan NUMBER ONE NEXT. In the
process, it is pushing brazen a D-ACES themes (Design, Autonomous,
Connected, Electrified and Services) with sold effect through
substantial investment in investigate and development. The innovations
and initiatives presented during Digital Day 2018 reflect a company’s
mutation into a mobility tech company.

5G mobile standard: BMW Group is prepared to welcome the
high-speed information highway.

With softened send rates and minimised latency, a destiny 5G
mobile customary offers significantly softened technical possibilities
when it comes to information send – developments that can also be used
to raise automobile connectivity. The BMW Group is already operative on
technologies that will assistance to utilize a full intensity of 5G here.
The aim is to be means to offer systems and functions formed on 5G as
shortly as it becomes commercially accessible in series-produced vehicles
in several years’ time.

At Digital Day 2018, a BMW Group is showcasing a advantages of an
innovative underline of 5G mobile networks famous as network slicing.
This record involves creation tools of a network infrastructure
accessible on proceed in a proceed that suits specific applications and
their sold requirements. The patron has entrance to a virtual
network done adult of sold slices, that can be used to refurbish HD
navigation maps, for example, capacitate a proceed sell of data
between vehicles and concede videos to be streamed in HD quality.

Artificial comprehension enhances safety.

Artificial comprehension plays a pivotal purpose in a growth of
algorithms, that arrange by and weigh vast quantities of data
and incorporate it into decision-making on how vehicles should behave.
The BMW Group is regulating synthetic comprehension in a growth of
systems for programmed pushing that can understanding with even extremely
formidable trade situations in city centres. Autonomous pushing in
that synthetic comprehension helps to safeguard protected and comfortable
mobility for all is another BMW Group growth goal.

The advantages of systems versed with synthetic comprehension include
their eternal ability for work. Unlike humans, an intelligent
complement can say consistent opening levels. It doesn’t get tired
or distracted, and maintains full thoroughness even in treacherous situations.

Mixed existence assists a growth process.

Mixed existence describes a multiple of real-life prototypes and
practical make-believe that can be used to accelerate and optimise vehicle
development. The BMW Group leads a proceed in a use of such methods
and employs technologies from a consumer wiring and computer
gaming sectors and a new era of information eyeglasses that capacitate users
to visualize a flourishing series of components and automobile functions
intensely realistically. In this way, a impressions sum by
earthy components can be extended with digitally generated experiences.

One area in that a BMW Group uses churned existence is a development
of automobile interiors. Here, computer-generated simulations are
sum with an interior indication (a mock-up). This allows an
all-encompassing picture of a pushing knowledge inside a future
series-produced indication to be sum during an early theatre of development.

BMW Operating System 7.0: a arrangement and control judgment of
a future.

Dubbed BMW Operating System 7.0, a subsequent era of BMW’s display
and control complement is wholly digital and rarely worldly in
nature, and is designed around a user’s sold mandate more
closely than ever. Thanks to a transparent blueprint and structuring,
discerning operation, and customisable and personalised displays, it
has been designed to always yield a motorist with a right
information during a right time.

The redesigned all-digital instrument cluster has space to arrangement a
territory of a navigation map as good as further, individually
selectable content. At a same time, it forms a seamless, uniformly
designed arrangement cluster with a Control Display in a centre
console, that has been serve optimised to broach discerning touch
operation and visualises calm in genuine time on adult to 10 freely
configurable categorical menu pages, any containing between dual and four
pads. The prosaic menu structure also enables quick entrance to all settings
and functions. Multimodal communication between a motorist and vehicle
has serve been serve softened with BMW Operating System 7.0. The
patron has a choice of iDrive Controller, hold control, voice
control and gesticulate control.

Real-time jeopardy warning complement prevents accidents.

By promulgation out internal jeopardy warnings to a cleverly connected
vehicles, a BMW Group is augmenting reserve out on a road. To do
this, a information purebred by a automobile sensors is collected in
anonymised form and processed mainly so information indicating
jeopardy situations can be subsequent from it. This allows warnings of
collision sites or impassioned internal continue conditions to be relayed
privately to vehicles in a closeness of those situations.

Warnings of both weather-related hazards, such as fog, black ice,
complicated sleet and aquaplaning, and shabby vehicles have been
transmitted to BMW vehicles with a claim connectivity technology
given Nov 2016. This record still offers a good understanding of
untapped potential, though. Over a march of 2018, real-time traffic
jam reports are set to turn even some-more specific by regulating instances of
puncture braking, while requests from a military to keep a corridor
giveaway for puncture vehicles will also be transmitted. The quick and
accurate relaying of information on highway conditions and traffic
situations also provides an critical basement for optimising the
operation of programmed pushing systems.

The BMW Group’s secure IT backend provides connected vehicles
with live information and digital services.

Connected vehicles are now means to accept live information and
broadcast information to a BMW Group’s henceforth accessible IT backend via
a secure mobile tie in a sum of 46 markets. Besides real-time
jeopardy warnings, navigation map updates can also be delivered over the
atmosphere in this way.

In future, a secure IT backend will yield a height for other
data-based applications. The BMW Group employs technologies from the
fields of cloud computing and synthetic comprehension to both optimise
existent functions and rise new services. Data insurance and data
confidence take tip priority here. Security and accessibility are
guaranteed interjection to a concurrent communication between specialised
systems tranquil by a BMW Group. This proceed also enables
regulated opening of a backend to confederate services from external
partners, permitting a internet’s quick gait of creation to be used
to a advantage of customers. Specialised systems embody a Open
Mobility Cloud, that is used for providing personalised services from
BMW Connected, and a Location Platform for transmitting hazard
warnings in genuine time. 

Digital processes speed adult growth and manufacturing.

Digitalisation is opening adult new opportunities on a prolongation side
as well. The addition prolongation techniques collectively famous as
3D copy mount out in sold for their success in delivering
fast, stretchable und customisable processes. Classic examples of
addition prolongation applications can be found in areas where
custom-made and infrequently rarely formidable components are indispensable in
tiny numbers. This is a box generally in antecedent development,
automobile validation and automobile highway testing.

An additively done H2O siphon circle was propitious in DTM racing
cars for a initial time behind in 2010. And a new BMW i8 Roadster
facilities a soft-top cover with an aluminium joint done regulating metal
powder laser melting, a cutting-edge technique that has never been
used before in automobile manufacture. Meanwhile, a new MINI Yours
Customised product line enables business to personalise a pattern of
comparison components and afterwards have them constructed around 3D printing. On
tip of all this, a Additive Manufacturing Center during a BMW Group
Research and Innovation Centre (FIZ) in Munich now reserve around
140,000 antecedent tools a year to a company’s several growth departments.

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