BMW Group flies a dwindle for diversity

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Munich. The BMW Group continues to allege a cause
of diversity. To symbol a seventh German Diversity Day on 28 May 2019,
a association is organising a whole week of activities focused on the
subject of individuality and diversity: Staff during some-more than 20
general BMW Group locations are holding partial in information
events and projects associated to diversity.


“Diversity is a critical component of a BMW Group’s future. Diversity
and individuality make us clever and innovative,” explains Milagros
Caiña-Andree, member of a Board of Management of BMW Group,
obliged for Human Resources.


Apprentices launch mentoring project


Diversity mentoring is only one of many projects presented: A group of
BMW Group apprentices has determined a mentoring programme for young
refugees, travelling generations and cultures.


Since Jan 2019, 6 apprentices and dual late employees have
been mentoring 18 immature group from Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iran and
Somalia during their eight-month unsentimental work knowledge during a BMW
Group. The refugees are earning a required professional
education and denunciation skills for an tutelage during a BMW
Group as partial of a rudimentary training sequence (EQ) initiative
launched by a German Federal Labour Office.


Mentors assistance a refugees find their approach around a association and help
them feel during home in Germany by group events and training
sessions. Through their interactions, refugees, youth and senior
mentors are means to overcome informative differences and language
barriers, and form holds between opposite age groups.


Many other Diversity Week projects concentration on a advantages of
diversity: Employees with really opposite personal and professional
backgrounds come together to discuss during Diversity Lunches, while visitors
to a Diversity Adventure Room combine in teams to solve tasks
and puzzles by operative closely together.


During a plan week, consultant talks will prominence a various
aspects of farrago and uncover how people with opposite cultures,
gender, ages, passionate course and nationalities expostulate creation at
a BMW Group.


The BMW Group participated in a initial German Diversity Day in 2013
and has been a signatory and active member of a Diversity Charter
and Association, an employer beginning designed to foster diversity
in companies and institutions underneath a clientele of German Chancellor
Angela Merkel, given 2011. The Diversity Charter and Association
encourages honour for and appreciation of farrago and organises
projects like a German Diversity Day to confederate farrago into
German corporate culture.



If we have any questions, greatfully contact:


Corporate Communications


Martina Hatzel, Corporate Communications, Human Resources
, Telephone: +49 89 382 11966


Mathias Schmidt, Head of Corporate and Culture Communications,,
Telephone: +49 89 382 24544


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The BMW Group

With a 4 brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, a BMW
Group is a world’s heading reward manufacturer of automobiles and
motorcycles and also provides reward financial and mobility services.
The BMW Group prolongation network comprises 30 prolongation and assembly
comforts in 14 countries; a association has a tellurian sales network in
some-more than 140 countries.

In 2018, a BMW Group sole over 2,490,000 newcomer vehicles and
some-more than 165,000 motorcycles worldwide. The distinction before taxation in the
financial year 2018 was € 9.815 billion on revenues amounting to
€ 97.480 billion. As of 31 Dec 2018, a BMW Group had a
workforce of 134,682 employees.

The success of a BMW Group has always been formed on long-term
meditative and obliged action. The association has therefore established
ecological and amicable sustainability via a value chain,
extensive product shortcoming and a transparent joining to
conserving resources as an constituent partial of a strategy.







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