BMW Group introduces self-driving robots in Supply Logistics

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Autonomous robots ride automobile tools in Logistics

Innovation assists staff in Materials Procurement

Recycled BMW i3 batteries to appetite destiny robots


Munich/Wackersdorf. Plant Wackersdorf reserve the
BMW Group’s general public and prolongation sites with car
parts. In a gymnasium of Supply Logistics, a self-driving drudge maneuvers
itself underneath a drum enclosure with parts. Silently and with
flashing lights, it picks adult a enclosure and starts to pierce through
a logistics hall. The complement is difficult and extensive; nobody
can find their approach around but a good clarity of direction. But this
is no problem for a ride robot, that is about a stretch of a
suitcase. Flanked by radio transmitters and versed with a digital
map, it drives exclusively to a end of a goods. When
tugger sight cranky a path, a propitious sensor identifies a obstacle
and stops a self-driving drudge with automobile tools installed weighing adult to
half a ton.

Digitization is essential for prolongation

In terms of intelligent logistics, a BMW Group is compelling innovative
and trend-setting logistics systems: “The growth of a Smart
Transport Robot is an vicious miracle for a BMW Group when it
comes to digitization and autonomization in prolongation logistics. This
creation plan creates an vicious grant to a lively of
a supply sequence in Logistics and Production. It enables a supply
sequence to adjust to changing outmost conditions fast and flexibly,”
comments Dr. Dirk Dreher, Vice President of Foreign Supply during a BMW Group.

Autonomous navigation in Supply Logistics

Measuring a stretch to 3 radio transmitters allows a robot
to calculate a accurate position and route. With a assistance of sensors,
it identifies vicious situations and can respond accordingly, sharing
a track with people and other vehicles. At a after indicate when the
creation is being implemented in array operation, a 3D camera
complement will make navigation even some-more accurate.
The transport
drudge will be means to duty but a floor-mounted induction
loops for navigation and will pierce openly within a space. The
battery-powered radio transmitters mounted to a walls of a hall
can be stretched to serve areas in logistics flexibly but major
bid and during low costs.

Utilization of recycled BMW i3 batteries

For a BMW Group, a self-driving drudge tailored to accommodate a demands
of a company’s supply logistics and prolongation supply is a top
priority. Besides custom-fit measurements for a containers to be
transported, a car also has sufficient battery ability as the
developers have drawn on a knowledge gained with BMW i: batteries
formerly propitious in BMW i3 vehicles are being sustainably reused.
This BMW i3 battery procedure will yield 8 hours’ value of energy,
covering a full shift.

Pilot plan is being eliminated to array operations this year

The BMW Group has partnered with a Fraunhofer Institute for this
project. The partnership underneath a tag of a BMW Enterprise Lab
for Flexible Logistics was determined in Sep 2015. It aims to
try destiny solutions for logistics areas. Initial commentary will be
presented during a trade satisfactory LogiMAT 2016 in Stuttgart from Mar 8 to
10, 2016, during a mount of a Fraunhofer IML as good as in a forum
“New ride robots – agile, strong, versatile”. In a future, the
Smart Transport Robot can be deployed in both make-up areas and in
public logistics. This step in a automation simplifies the
materials buying routine for workers in make-up departments and
reduces a supply space in a supermarket. The self-driving drudge is
being grown and tested during a BMW Group’s Innovation Park in
Wackersdorf. This core is a logistics heart for element management
and just-in-sequence supply to BMW Group sites in 10 different
countries. Wackersdorf is also home to a cockpit prolongation for
several plants.


Additional information

The display of a Smart Transport Robot in a forum “New
ride robots – agile, strong, versatile” takes place on Tuesday,
Mar 9, 2016, between 2:30 and 4:00 p.m. in Forum A, Hall 1. The fair
mount of a Fraunhofer IML is located in Hall 1, Stand 1K61.

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