BMW Group opens a biggest New Regional Parts Distribution Center in Korea outward Germany

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On May 30, BMW Group Korea (CEO: Dr. H.J. Kim) non-stop a new BMW
Regional Distribution Center (RDC) in Anseong, Gyeonggi-do. This is
a largest among all of BMW Group’s tellurian inhabitant sales companies.


KRW 130 billion invested in Korea – formulating BMW Group’s
largest logistics hub

Opened usually 14 months after a groundbreaking rite in March
2016, a new BMW RDC, with KRW 130 billion invested, covers a total
area of about 57,000m2 on a site totaling
211,500m2 in Joil-ri, Yangseong-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do.


Approximately 3 times a distance of existent placement core and 30
times incomparable than a football field, a BMW RDC in Korea is now the
largest among all of BMW’s tellurian RDCs with a difference of the
domicile in Munich, Germany. Comprised of a sum of 6 buildings
including categorical warehouse, 2 storage areas for dangerous goods, storage
for pallets, a acquire residence and a confidence building, a BMW RDC has
a vast parking lot and an synthetic mire together with convenience
comforts for a employees, such as a park, cafeteria, a walking
track and a acquire center.


The BMW RDC is located in a southwestern partial of a larger Seoul
civil area. It is within a one-hour expostulate from Incheon
International Airport and Pyeongtaek Port and has quick connections
with 4 vital expressways—the Jungbu, Pyeongtaek–Jecheon, Seohaean,
and Yeongdong.


In addition, when a Eurasian railway line starts a operation in
2019, railway track will be combined to a existent atmosphere and maritime
travel links. Accordingly, a speed and fortitude of parts
supply is approaching to increase. The BMW RDC has also set adult a strategy
to strengthen team-work with a series of countries including China,
Japan and Malaysia where BMW Group inhabitant sales companies are also
located, and so urge a standing as a pivotal logistics heart in the
Asia–Pacific region.

Faster tools supply to lead to reduced correct times for the
advantage of business

The series of tools in storage during a new BMW RDC is approximately
75,000. This is some-more than double a volume in existent RDC, counting
approximately 35,000. In addition, compared to a existing
placement core in Icheon, a tools loading rate has been
optimized from 95% to 75%, ensuring fit doing of a large
volume of parts. As a influence rate improves, a BMW RDC will
supply tools quickly to any dealership.


This new operation is approaching to furnish approach and indirect
advantages for customers. With a partial forms in storage further
diversified and some-more fit logistics complement implemented,
lead-times to any dealership will be minimized and tools delivery
times will be shortened. This is naturally approaching to revoke overall
correct times for customers. In addition, a puncture and same-day
smoothness services, that are already supposing to any dealership, will
be expanded.


At a BMW RDC opening ceremony, Wolfgang Baumann, clamp boss of
Parts Logistics Management during a BMW Group, said, “BMW has
determined 40 large-scaled placement centers opposite a world
where over 400,000 tools are accessible for supply to safeguard effective
response to patron needs.” Mr. Baumann emphasized, “With a opening
of a new RDC, we have cumulative an stretched logistics complement to
successfully supply twin million tools a year to a dealers and customers.”


Eco-friendly and ergonomic pattern for workers’ health and

In line with a stretched scale, a tools estimate ability of the
new BMW Group Korea RDC has been softened by some-more than 3 times
compared to a prior RDC by 12 docks any for both inbound and
outbound operations of a room along with 4 prolongation docks.
As for tools storage, approximately 86,000 shelves have been installed
to secure a sufficient loading area. In addition, for a ultimate
information insurance opposite astonishing accidents, a IT complement has been
fortified with surplus wiring and backup appetite supply for all
electric systems via a buildings, while a state-of-the-art
RF scanner improves a complement even further.


Moreover, ergonomic designs have been extensively incorporated to
strengthen a health of employees operative during a site. The floors meet
tough AR1 mandate for aspect erosion insurgency (British
Standards 8204) and guarantees a lifespan of some-more than 30 years. In
care of a health of workers, dust-free materials were used
to emanate a pleasing operative environment.


Significantly, all lighting in a comforts is versed with motion
sensors that automatically spin on or off as people travel by. This
underline alone is approaching to reduce appetite expenditure by approximately
40%. At a same time, a twin heating complement will minimize
heat differences between a floors and high ceilings to
say an optimal heat all year round.


Fire impediment have also been entirely prepared. 13,000 ESFR
(Early Suppression Fast Response) sprinkler heads were installed
via a warehouses for early termination of any fire, and all
structures were built regulating non-flammable vegetable nap panels. In
addition, for all firefighting inclination commissioned via a entire
RDC including glow shutters and screens, usually UL and FM certified
products were used, while 900 tons of H2O is stored subterraneous for
an puncture situation.


In particular, a new RDC boasts an eco-friendly immature zone. With a
rape flower garden, a garden section is packaged with 21,000 trees
including King cherry, birch, Japanese cornel, and emergence redwood.


BMW strengthens investment in a Korean market

The BMW Group, nonetheless a unfamiliar enterprise, is fostering a value
of amicable pity in Korea by compelling corner enlargement with local
communities by mercantile and informative infrastructure investments.
In serve to amicable grant to Anseong, a new RDC is expected
to beget approach and surreptitious advantages by formulating approximately 600
jobs. Following execution of a warehouse, a site enlargement to a
scale of 31,000m2 in sum area is scheduled.


“The BMW RDC in Anseong is an outcome of a BMW Group’s full support
to and endless investments in Korea,” pronounced Dr. H.J. Kim, a BMW
Group Korea CEO. “The new RDC will capacitate us to yield premium
patron use as it reserve tools quickly and effectively not only
in a collateral region, though also opposite a country. It will soon
allege to be a new tellurian logistics hub.”


Meanwhile, a BMW Group is focusing on infrastructure investment in
Korea for Korean multitude and consumers, such as building a BMW
Driving Center, a usually extensive automotive informative formidable in
a world, a world’s fifth RD Center, and a largest RDC in Asia.


BMW Regional Distribution Center (RDC)

Address: 1842, Nambuk-daero, Yangseong-myeon, Anseong-si,
Gyeonggi-do, Korea (210-1, Joil-ri)

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