BMW Group Press Conference, North American International Auto Show, NAIAS Detroit 2018

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  • And we pattern some-more than 20% of US 5 Series sales in 2018 will be
    Plug-in-Electric Hybrids


    With increasing patron direct for a electrified models, a US
    plays a critical purpose in a tellurian foundation strategy. To keep
    a movement going, a new and updated 2018 BMW i8 Coupe here on
    theatre creates a World Premiere. 


    This new BMW i8 Coupe features: More power, some-more range, and some-more refinements.


    Success during a BMW Group is driven by “innovations” both in our
    cars and a business. With this in mind, I’d like to prominence a
    module where a innovations are creation a difference!


    The BMW Group Service Technician Education Program (STEP) is a 16
    week module that provides deep, hands-on training for future
    technicians to use a scarcely 5 million BMW Group vehicles on
    a highway in a US. Following a program, we assistance place graduates
    during one of a 624 BMW, MINI, and Motorrad dealers nationwide!
    We’re now holding this to a subsequent turn by drumming into a organisation of
    possibilities who entirely know what it means to offer – a men
    and women of a US Military.  We’re gratified to announce a new
    special Military STEP Education module (MSTEP) that launches with
    a initial commander organisation this February.


    The US Military provides a source of rarely lerned group and women
    who are gifted on some of a world’s many sophisticated
    technologies. They are rarely focused and idea oriented, and this
    is a accurate mindset and skills that a BMW Group and a dealers
    are looking for. What creates a Military STEP module truly unique
    is that a BMW Group will set adult special training workshops on
    name US troops bases.  The initial one of a kind will open at
    Camp Pendleton in California.


    The BMW Group is a initial oppulance OEM to broach technical
    training on-base to support veterans to transition from the
    troops to a municipal automotive career. 

    We trust that employing veterans creates good business sense.  The
    knowledge and impression they move is useful to us and our
    customers, and we are respected for a event to work with
    them. And it’s only another instance of how a BMW Group is
    expanding a joining in, and to America. 


    Now to tell we more, greatfully acquire Dr. Nicolas Peter, Member of
    a Board of BMW AG, obliged for Finance.


    Dr. Nicolas Peter:


    Good morning!

    It’s good to be behind in Detroit.

    The film only showed a extended footprint – including a strong
    play network – that extends to all 4 corners of a US.


    The new BMW X3 was launched in Nov and patron response has
    been excellent. We are now looking brazen to a full year of sales
    of this unequivocally renouned vehicle. In America, a success is not only
    driven by building moving vehicles like this – it’s driven by
    a clever joining to this country. And a low ties.

    This nation has shabby a tellurian meditative in terms of:

    – Strategy,

    – Production,

    – Design and Technology,

    – And a prophesy of destiny mobility.


    We are unapproachable to call a United States a second home and to be
    obliged for some-more than 70,000 jobs in this good country. It is
    also home to a largest prolongation site in a world: To date we
    have invested tighten to 9 billion USD in Plant Spartanburg. We now
    build 1,400 vehicles there each day. Our joining to Plant
    Spartanburg in a good state of South Carolina continues.


    By 2021, we will deposit a serve 600 million USD, and 200
    million in training and education, as good as emanate 1000 more
    jobs. We’re unapproachable that 70 percent of what we furnish in a US is
    exported. That creates BMW a many essential exporter of
    American-made vehicles.


    The success story of a X vehicles began scarcely dual decades ago
    right here in a US. With a BMW X5, we combined a unequivocally first
    Sports Activity Vehicle.

    Now, a X vehicles comment for some-more than a third of BMW sales worldwide.


    2018 will be a year of “X”!

    This year we will launch a new BMW X4 and extend a choice of
    a X range, starting with a impossibly cold X2 in spring. This
    year, a hotly expected BMW X7 will go into prolongation at
    Plant Spartanburg. The X7 underlines BMW’s stronger concentration on the
    oppulance shred – that is partial of a Strategy NUMBER ONE
    NEXT. The arriving i8 Roadster, 8 Series Coupé and M8 will add
    serve weight to a “luxury offering”. These new models are an
    critical partial of a boldest indication descent in a company’s
    history. Because, with new models we strengthen a financial
    basis. At a same time, we are investing in a future. Our clear
    vital concentration is on unconstrained pushing and, of course,
    electrification. We are a leaders when it comes to premium
    electric mobility.


    By a finish of 2019, we aim to have a sum of some-more than half a
    million electrified vehicles on a highway worldwide. In 2021, we
    will launch a BMW iNEXT with rarely programmed pushing and a
    operation of adult to 435 miles.


    As always, we broach on a promises. Just take a demeanour during 2017!
    Last year was a BMW Group’s many successful year ever in sales.
    We are a world’s series one reward automobile company. In 2018, we are
    aiming to grasp a eighth uninterrupted year of record sales
    formed on a unequivocally sparkling product portfolio.

    As always, we sojourn focused on essential growth. We are also
    a world’s heading manufacturer of reward motorcycles and maxi
    scooters. In 2018 business can demeanour brazen to many new thrilling
    models! Please acquire Michael Peyton to tell we some-more about that.


    Michael Peyton:

    Our motorcycles continue to attract a flourishing series of
    fans worldwide, generally here in a US. BMW Motorrad is
    investing in new products that make a code permitted to more
    consumers, while enhancing a participation in pivotal segments in the
    market. This is pushing expansion and it’s because we are expecting
    clever sales once again this year. We offer a full operation of
    products that seductiveness to a tastes and needs of roughly each kind
    of rider, from a HP4 Race, BMW’s disdainful superbike for those
    who pattern a top opening on dual wheels, to a entry
    turn G 310 R. And we’re expanding a G 310 operation with the
    all-new G 310 GS, a bike for those with a enterprise to enter the
    universe of Adventure riding. As a latest GS to join a model
    range, a 310 GS will be accessible to consumers in early 2018.


    When we speak about civic mobility, BMW Motorrad plays a pivotal role
    for a BMW Group.  And that includes electrified and
    emission-free riding. Globally, we offer civic riders a scooter
    that is emission-free, and we are now gratified to make this model
    accessible in a US. Here is a C expansion scooter from BMW
    Motorrad! Since we launched a C Evolution with some-more energy and an
    increasing operation of 100 miles, tellurian direct has soared.


    We’ve begun to deliver a C Evolution to a US in pivotal markets
    starting with California. And no warn that it’s generated
    poignant interest, here.  Anyone who has ridden this scooter
    knows that electric mobility delivers limit roving enjoyment. In
    a subsequent years, foundation will enhance even serve within
    a BMW Motorrad portfolio.


    For riders who cite to a leisure of roving on a open road,
    we combined a K 1600 Grand America.


    This bike is tailor-made for American business who enjoy
    long-distance roving adventures and unconstrained highways, with its
    classical nonetheless complicated design, a loose roving position, and
    considerable power.


    From electrified civic riding, to a racetrack, from enduro
    roving to cruising on a open road, BMW Motorrad offers a ride
    for a far-reaching operation of patron tastes.

    What easier approach to Make Life a Ride than on a BMW Motorcycle!


    Now from dual wheels to four, we entice Thomas Felbermair, Vice
    President of MINI USA to tell we a latest from MINI!


    Thomas Felbermair:


    MINI is a heart of civic mobility for currently and tomorrow.

    We already have clever direct for a initial ever plug-in hybrid,
    a MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4. Recently in Los Angeles, we
    showed a new MINI Electric Concept, giving a glance of the
    destiny with zero-emission driving. We are certain business will love
    a all-new, all-electric MINI when it comes in 2019.

    Excitement is what it’s all about during MINI. Whether it’s
    all-electric, plug-in hybrid or gasoline powered, each MINI
    shares this DNA:

    – They are fun to drive.

    – With iconic design.

    – And a rarely customized experience.


    From confidant colors to eye-catching patterns, we can make your MINI
    unequivocally YOURS. Most of a Hardtops are one-of-a-kind builds.
    Factors like these build MINI passion. And we have some of the
    many ardent business anywhere.

    While knowledge is during a core of a MINI brand, a product is
    what drives us forward. Today we are vehement to benefaction new
    versions of a strange MINI Hardtop and MNI Convertible.


    These new models give a business MORE OF WHAT MATTERS to them:

    – More romantic pattern joined with good pushing dynamics.

    – More chances to personalize.

    – More ways to stay connected.

    We have a new LED headlight pattern and LED taillights
    featuring a Union Jack. And several new extraneous paints and
    interior options. Our new MINI Yours Customised products offer
    even some-more ways for business to personalize their MINI, including
    conceptualizing their possess parts. MINI is a initial automobile manufacturer in
    a US to offer customized tools that are constructed regulating High-Tec
    methods such as 3D copy and laser lettering. We’ve further
    extended a in-car record options with a new 8.8-inch
    touchscreen navigation complement with Apple CarPlay.


    With all these new features, MINI stays a many romantic car
    in a segment.

    And now it’s behind to BMW.


    Bernhard Kuhnt:


    The first-ever BMW X2 is a newest further to a BMW X family
    in a whole new shred for a brand. As we can see, a X2
    facilities a confidant pattern with sporty, compress measure with an
    coming singular from a other X models. The BMW X2 combines the
    fast-moving forms of a coupe with a strong proportions of an X
    model. And in a special curtsy to a heritage, a X2 facilities the
    BMW Roundel on a C-pillar like a iconic BMW 3.0 CS of a 70s.
    The vehicle’s sport-tuned framework dynamics and xDrive,
    all-wheel-drive system, guarantee pristine pushing fun in all-weather
    conditions. And in a US a BMW X2’s TwinPower Turbo engine,
    strikes a ideal change between sporting energetic and exceptional
    efficiency. With 228 HP (technical specifications tbc after market
    launch) a BMW X2 xDrive 28i is produced for a US market. This
    Sports Activity Coupe goes from 0-60 mph in only 6.3 seconds!
    Customers can demeanour brazen to a first-ever BMW X2 in open this year.


    These vehicles and a finish portfolio designate a BMW
    Group’s expansion strategy, from BMW X to BMW i and from MINI to
    Motorrad. And many importantly we are going for a lead in
    moulding a destiny of reward mobility opposite all a brands!
    Thank we unequivocally much.

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