BMW Group Press Conference Paris Mondial Motor Show 2016

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Welcome to a BMW Group! You design to see a latest models during a
engine show, of march – though a BMW Group is endangered with so much
some-more than that. It seeks to yield answers to a hurdles of
today. I’m really gratified to contend that Dr Ian Robertson, Member of the
Board for Sales and Marketing BMW is here to tell we some-more about that
and, with a perspective on a subsequent 100 years, he’ll also speak about the
company’s prophesy for destiny civic mobility. So now, ladies and
gentlemen, greatfully acquire Dr Ian Robertson!


Dr. Ian Robertson


Bonjour Mesdames et Messieurs!

It’s good to be behind in Paris!


This is a 100th anniversary of a BMW Group and we combined some
really special cars to symbol this milestone. Some of we might have been
with us in Munich or London for a display of a “NEXT 100”
Vision cars… Allow me to give we some brief impressions of how we see
a destiny for a 3 brands:


At BMW: “sheer pushing pleasure” will be extended by digital
comprehension and permanent connectivity, formulating “the ultimate driver”.


And MINI: The automobile of choice for a civic fashionable will always be
on a pierce as partial of a sharing, connected community, loyal to the
sign “Every MINI is my MINI”.


You’ve only seen a initial driverless Rolls-Royce – a apex of
giveaway super-luxury mobility. The destiny Rolls-Royce will be the
ultimate oppulance shelter – a “Grand Sanctuary”.

Next month in Los Angeles, we’ll benefaction a prophesy for BMW Motorrad
– this will finish a BMW Group’s “Next 100” universe tour.


In a centenary year, a concentration is resolutely on a future. Our vision
is of tolerable and seamless mobility – opposite a whole portfolio –
from two-wheelers, right adult to a “pinnacle of luxury”.


Future mobility will be: Autonomous, Connected, Emission-free and
Shared – and it will be geared to assembly a particular needs of each
and each singular customer.


More than half of a world’s race now lives in towns and
cities, and this series is approaching to arise to 70% by 2050.
Urbanization is one of a many critical issues of currently and the
future. Here we are in Paris – one of a world’s megacities and one
of a many populous civic areas in Europe. It’s a ideal place to
speak about new solutions for sustainable, civic mobility.


The BMW i3 and i8 were designed accurately with those mandate in
mind – and now we’re already introducing a second i3 variant. For the
initial time during a show, here is a new BMW i3 with 50% increased
battery ability and therefore significantly some-more range.


I am also gay to acquire someone who is no foreigner to Paris
and has large skeleton for this city… he understands a significance of
emission-free mobility. Tony Estanguet has won 3 Gold Medals in
Slalom Canoeing – and is now a Co-president of Paris’s bid for the
2024 Summer Olympics – he’s also lustful of pushing a i3, we hear….


(Dialogue Ian Robertson and Tony Estanguet)



Dr. Ian Robertson


We are expanding a BMW i portfolio to fit a customers’ requirements:

  • Orders for a new BMW i3 have been really positive.
  • In 2018, we will supplement a serve i indication – a BMW i8 “Roadster”.


“Sheer pushing pleasure” and “sustainability” are really concordant –
we have proven that. As we announced a integrate of days ago in a new
tellurian Motorsport plan – we are really many looking brazen to our
team-work with Andretti Formula E in a FIA Formula E Championship.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


As we mentioned progressing – alongside glimmer giveaway mobility, other
elements will play a vital purpose in destiny mobility. We see the
unconditional changes combined by digitalization as an glorious opportunity
to make mobility simpler, safer and some-more convenient. Digitalization is
an enabler for new levels of connectivity and for unconstrained driving.


Recently we’ve taken some large stairs towards wholly unconstrained driving:

At a finish of final year we acquired a mapping use HERE,
together with other German reward automobile companies. HERE has just
denounced a subsequent epoch real-time information services: They are the
world’s initial services to be combined from real-time sensor information from
competing automobile brands – and they are a initial outcome of this cooperation.


A vital serve step was a announced partnership with Intel and
Mobileye progressing this year. We will move wholly unconstrained pushing to
a roads with a launch of a BMW iNEXT in 2021 – this will set the
benchmark in unconstrained pushing technology.


In a digital world, business design seamless connectivity between
vehicles and their bland lives. That’s because we’ve been developing
wholly new services and applications for a customers:


  • Look during a car-sharing services, DriveNow and ReachNow
  • Our ChargeNow and ParkNow networks and apps
  • And a new digital mobility messenger BMW Connected


BMW Connected links your diary to your navigation element –
simplifying your life and creation certain we arrive on time. If the
trade on your designed lane becomes heavy, a “time to leave
notification” will tell we to leave earlier. It will also tell you
when your electric automobile is wholly charged.


Connectivity and e-mobility naturally element and support one
another. For example, already 20 per cent of a DriveNow car-sharing
swift is electric.


With BMW i we have we have demonstrated that we consider long-term and
holistic. For example, did we know that travel lights can double as
charging stations for electric vehicles? With a “Light and Charge”
plan in Europe and a US we are operative on a intelligent
formation of charging points within city infrastructure.


One thing is clear: We intend to figure a destiny of premium
particular mobility.

Our innovative eDrive record in BMW i underscores a leading
purpose in powertrain electrification. And we are regulating that technology
to evenly electrify other vehicles in a BMW Group portfolio.


We now offer 4 BMW iPerformance vehicles: Customer direct for
these vehicles is even aloft than we approaching and we have increased
prolongation of these models accordingly.


BMW is a world’s many successful provider of plug-in hybrid
vehicles in a reward shred – both in terms of sales and in the
operation of vehicles available.

This shows that a plan is a right one – and some-more models will
follow, including a MINI PHEV.


We’re always operative to allege a core technologies of e-mobility.

With electric vehicles, a subsequent judicious step is to grasp greater
operation by improved battery technology. This will make emission-free
mobility some-more appealing for incomparable groups of customers. Many
business – generally in a bustling civic sourroundings such as Paris –
find dual wheels some-more accessible than four.

 Two-wheeler fans will be gay to hear that we will also utilize
BMW i record – a battery cells with 94 Ah – for BMW Motorrad.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


I would now like to deliver a World Premiere of a new BMW C
expansion with some-more range. The President of BMW Motorrad, Stephan
Schaller, will tell we more…


Stephan Schaller, President of BMW Motorrad


Bonjour, Mesdames et Messieurs,


It is my good pleasure to benefaction a new C expansion electric
maxi-scooter. When it comes to motorcycles, a same order applies:
Improved battery record – and therefore longer operation – is a key
to success for electro-mobility.


The new BMW C expansion facilities a subsequent epoch of battery cells
as used in a BMW i3. This gives a long-range chronicle a operation of up
to 160 km, with improved continual outlay and a aloft tip speed.

But, many some-more critical than that is a fun cause during each traffic
light. No-one is going to kick a BMW C expansion – we’re articulate 0
to 50 in only 2.8 seconds.

The C expansion comes with new graphics and colour schemes and we’ve
responded to patron wishes with a many thinner and some-more flexible
charging cable. There are also new accessories, like a smartphone
cradle and many options for individualization.


I am gay that a French are such large fans of a C expansion –
it is a biggest market. And soon, in serve to Europe and China,
we will offer a new BMW C expansion also in a US, Japan, South
Korea and Russia. We see these as serve pivotal markets for this vehicle.


The civic sourroundings offers ideal conditions for a maxi-scooters
and electro-mobility. we resolutely trust that a electric expostulate train
is also a clever partial of a destiny for BMW Motorrad.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


BMW Motorrad has already delivered some-more than 100,000 motorcycles and
maxi-scooters to business given a start of a year. We’re
generally gay by a really certain expansion we see here in
France and in China with a motorcycles. We are good on lane to make
2016 a sixth uninterrupted record year. Our idea of offered some-more than
200,000 two-wheelers in 2020 appears good within reach.


Today, with a new BMW C evolution, we presented a resolution for
purify particular mobility. It is ideal for a city, ideal for
Paris. But if it positively has to be a car, afterwards we could substantially be
swayed to give this one a try…


(World Premiere of MINI Clubman John Cooper Works: Dialogue
Sebastian Mackensen and Presenter)


Sebastian Mackensen, Senior Vice President MINI


MINI is a ideal fit for a civic environment. Take a Clubman,
it combines pushing comfort and energetic opening with everyday
driveability. It also provides a startling volume of non-static space.


For a success of a MINI brand, we have to be in balance with the
times some-more than any other brand. These days, people are focusing on
a “essential”. It’s some-more about a purpose of things, about
relevance. We can tell we are on a right lane – this year has been
MINI’s strongest ever, in terms of sales. We have already sole well
over 220,000 MINIs this year – that’s 5.7 per cent some-more than last
year. The MINI Clubman is a categorical expansion driver, alongside a new
MINI Convertible.


Dr. Ian Robertson


Ladies and Gentlemen,


As Sebastian’s only shown us (with a MINI Clubman John Cooper
Works), energetic pushing is in a blood during a BMW Group and nowhere
some-more so than with a BMW brand. At a BMW M mount here in Paris,
you’ll see some truly pretentious vehicles, from a M2 right adult to
a X6 M. At BMW, a whole operation advantages from a innovative and
groundbreaking technologies we rise during a dual bookends “BMW i” and
“BMW M” – with “sheer pushing pleasure” always in focus.


We are constantly elaborating a brand’s charity to fit a changing
mandate of a customers. We’ve successfully stretched a range
in a compress segment. With fascinating products, we’ve captivated many
new business to a brand.

This has been complemented by a new models in a fast-growing SUV
segment. Our BMW X indication operation is apropos some-more and some-more renouned with
business all over a world. X vehicles now make adult some-more than 30% of
BMW’s portfolio. Customer direct is flourishing in both a Compact and
a SUV segments – that’s because we’ve motionless to deliver a new X Model
to prove both.


And now, we are gay to give we a glance of a destiny with
a World Premiere of a BMW Concept X2!


World premiere of a BMW Concept X2


What a illusory vehicle! Extroverted, energetic and jaunty – the
Concept X2 has a possess graphic impression within a BMW X family. It
is a initial Sports Activity Coupé in a Compact Class – underlining
BMW’s heading position as a creator of a Sports Activity Vehicle.


It is a automobile clearly done for “urban adventure” and we am delighted
to announce that a X2 will come in 2018. Now I’d like to palm over
to BMW’s Head of Design, Karim Habib, to tell we some-more about a BMW
Concept X2…


Design Presentation, Karim Habib.


Dr. Ian Robertson


I am really assured that a X2 will be a large success when it hits
a marketplace in spring, 2018.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Mobility as we know it is set to change some-more in a subsequent decade, than
in a past 100 years. This is not a “cliché” – it is a fact.

Over a past 100 years, creation has consistently been one of the
categorical success factors of a BMW Group. As we enter a new and exciting
era, we are vigilant on moulding a destiny of premium, individual
mobility and services.


How do we see destiny civic mobility during a BMW Group? Quite simple:
Tailored to particular customers’ needs – from dual wheelers right up
to a oppulance category – mobility will sojourn an romantic and beguiling experience.    


Thank we for fasten us today.

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