BMW Group R&D Center opens in Beijing. Comprehensive R&D Network enhances localized Innovation

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Beijing. On May 15th 2018, a BMW China
RD Center strictly non-stop in Beijing’s Shunyi District. As a
partial of BMW Group Strategy NUMBER ONE NEXT, the
core is a poignant step in expanding internal innovation, and taking
a Group’s “In China, for China and a world” localization strategy
one step further.

“For us, China is a pushing force of innovation, a place of
impulse quite in a margin of foundation and
digitalization – we consider China is a lead marketplace in these fields
already today. This is because we began 5 years ago to set adult a
extensive RD network in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenyang. And,
we pattern that a boost of a Chinese RD activities and the
partnership with some-more and some-more tip category Chinese tech companies will
make a clever grant to a tellurian RD outcome, especially
in areas such as electro mobility and digitalization.” – settled Klaus
Fröhlich, Member of a Board of Management BMW AG, Development, at
a opening ceremony.

Located conveniently only outward Beijing’s fifth ring highway and
covering an area of 17,000m2, this new trickery has an open
bureau and innovative design, improving communication between RD
teams and providing impulse for their artistic work. Focussing
among other tasks on requirement management, contrast and validation
as good as growth of services and systems, a new space gives
home for some-more than 200 employees – adding adult to a sum of some-more than
1,100 staff in a Chinese RD network.

Covering a sum area of 70,000 m2 opposite a three
locations, a centers favour internal talent, with a result, that
some-more than dual thirds of a RD professionals are Chinese. While
any RD core has opposite functions, they element each
other and form a extensive creation network.

In 2018, BMW’s new RD Center in Beijing will run some-more than 70
exam vehicles opposite China, a contrast mileage is designed for a
chronological high of 5 million kilometres.

The BMW Group is enhancing a systematic RD capabilities on a
tellurian level. It is building a customer-centric RD complement as
good as future-oriented RD concepts, that will yield the
Chinese and tellurian marketplace with enhanced, and some-more innovative products
and services . For a BMW Group, China is a pushing force of
innovation, and plays an critical purpose in a mutation into a
customer-centric record company. 

China has been in 2017 a largest marketplace for a BMW Group globally.
With a investiture of RD centers in Beijing, Shanghai and
Shenyang, a Chinese RD network is singular and by distant a biggest
participation of BMW RD outward Germany.

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