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The BMW Group’s perspective of a future.

The BMW Group is celebrating a centenary underneath a sign “THE NEXT
100 YEARS”. Future march and affability have always defined
a BMW Group’s temperament as a company. Ever given it was founded in
1916, a BMW Group has played an critical purpose in moulding a future
of mobility. It has finished so by constantly reinventing itself, evolving
from an aircraft engine manufacturer to a motorcycle writer and then
a carmaker. Today a BMW Group encompasses a BMW, MINI, BMW
Motorrad and Rolls-Royce brands, as good as a vast series of mobility
services and BMW Financial Services.

Throughout a story a association has placed a sights firmly
on a destiny and this has spin embedded in a BMW Group’s DNA. So
for a Centenary it is healthy that a Group is focusing primarily
on looking to a destiny and pity a prophesy of personal mobility
dual or 3 decades from now.

It is both sparkling and severe to suppose how we will live
and pierce around in a future: how will society, a economy, living
conditions – and therefore mobility – change? What possibilities will
new technologies open up? How will digitalisation and connectivity
impact a automotive needs?

To answer these questions, a BMW Group has formulated six
executive hypotheses for sold mobility in a entrance decades,
formed on pivotal megatrends and destiny projections.

  • Mobility is apropos versatile.

    New forms of mobility will open adult vast possibilities for
    people to get where they wish to go. The BMW Group aims to play a
    partial in moulding these destiny forms of mobility.
  • Connectivity is apropos second nature.

    In a future, all will be connected. The BMW Group
    resolutely believes that digitalisation and digital comprehension are
    meant to offer people. That is a usually proceed they will permanently
    raise a peculiarity of life.
  • Mobility is apropos tailor-made.

    Mobility will be increasingly stretchable and tailored to
    sold needs. In a future, customised mobility will
    automatically safeguard that people are means to use a best means of
    ride and take their elite track to their destination. The
    BMW Group will offer delicately concurrent products and services to
    grasp this.
  • Technology is apropos human.

    Technologies are removing smarter. The BMW Group believes that
    innovations are usually profitable to humans if they are elementary and
    user-friendly. In a vision, technologies contingency be means to learn
    from and adjust to people, so that record seems reduction technical
    and some-more tellurian and familiar.
  • Energy is apropos emission-free.

    In a future, appetite will increasingly come from renewable
    sources. The BMW Group has a pure prophesy of
    environmentally-compatible vehicles built regulating renewable energies
    and recycled nonetheless generating emissions. It is operative towards
    apropos a unconditionally tolerable company.
  • Responsibility is apropos diverse.
    In the
    future, it will spin even some-more critical for tellurian companies like
    a BMW Group to take shortcoming for a environment, nonetheless also
    for a people directly or indirectly in a globe of activity. One
    aspect – concerning both a company’s general workforce of
    some-more than 100 opposite nationalities and people connected with its
    several locations – is to foster intercultural sell and improve
    lives. The BMW Group already supports some-more than 200 environmental
    and amicable projects in over 42 countries enchanting in various
    projects involving a associates and internal communities to maximize
    a impact in a future. (To find out some-more about Corporate and
    Intercultural Responsibility during a BMW Group, revisit a PressClub


These 6 concentration areas contain a BMW Group’s perspective of a future.
They also form a basement and impulse for a pattern of a Vision
Vehicles a association is phenomenon to a open to symbol a centenary.

Each BMW Group code interprets a mobility of a destiny in a
proceed that reflects a possess sold values:

The BMW VISION NEXT 100 provides a glance of what “Sheer
Driving Pleasure” could demeanour like in a future.

The MINI VISION NEXT 100 offers a totally individualised,
henceforth accessible form of civic mobility.

The Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 epitomises bespoke automotive luxury.

Future roving pleasure with a BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100
promises vast freedom.





BMW VISION NEXT 100: “Sheer Driving Pleasure” of a destiny –
what will it demeanour like?


In a not-too-distant future, many vehicles will substantially be
totally self-driving – people will get around in robots on wheels.
So, given these developments, how will we pure a existence of
vehicles by BMW, a code for whom a sold and Sheer Driving
Pleasure are a concentration of everything? And how will BMW’s code values
interpret into a future?

In building a BMW VISION NEXT 100, a categorical pattern was to
emanate not an unknown automobile nonetheless one that is rarely personalised
and entirely geared to accommodate a driver’s any need – since a very
romantic tie between a BMW and a motorist is something we want
to retain. For a BMW VISION NEXT 100, a pattern group specifically
took into comment all a trends and technological developments that
will be many applicable to BMW in a decades ahead. But they also took
many of their cues from innovations and designs of a past. The key
cause throughout, however, was something that has always been typical
of a BMW brand: a enterprise to be formidable in a destiny focus
on technologies and patron value.

Adrian outpost Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design: “If, as a
designer, we are means to suppose something, there’s a good possibility it
could one day spin reality. So a pattern with a BMW VISION
NEXT 100 was to arise a destiny unfolding that people would engage
with. Technology is going to make poignant advances, opening up
illusory new possibilities that will concede us to offer a driver
even some-more assistance for an even some-more heated pushing experience. My
personal perspective is that record should be as discerning as probable to
work and knowledge so that destiny interactions between human,
appurtenance and vicinity spin seamless. The BMW VISION NEXT 100
shows how we intend to figure this future.”



Four Proposals underpinning a BMW VISION NEXT 100:


A genuine BMW is always driver-focused.

In new months and years, a biggest stream trend in the
automotive courtesy has spin so widespread that it’s no longer a
doubt of “if” nonetheless “when”: unconstrained driving. The BMW Group also
believes that BMW drivers will be means to let their cars do a work –
nonetheless usually when a motorist wants. The BMW VISION NEXT 100 stays a
genuine BMW, charity an heated knowledge of Sheer Driving Pleasure.


Artificial comprehension and discerning record spin one.

Moving into a future, vehicles will be entirely connected and digital
record will spin so normal that it will interfuse roughly every
area of a lives. Increasing digitisation will lead to a physical
and digital worlds merging some-more and more. Artificial comprehension will
learn from us, expecting many of a wishes and operative in the
credentials to perform a jobs we nominee to it. The proceed humans and
technologies correlate will be transformed: screens and touchscreens
will be transposed by some-more discerning forms of human-machine
communication and interaction. Better yet: record will spin some-more human.


New materials open adult monumental opportunities.

In a future, how will cars be manufactured? At some point, presses
that punch out hundreds of thousands of steel collection competence good become
archaic – a use of CO competence already be a initial denote of the
sea-change that is approaching in a universe of automotive materials and
production. Technologies such as fast prolongation and 4D printing
will furnish not components or objects nonetheless intelligent, networked
materials and could shortly reinstate compulsory collection to open up
unimagined possibilities in pattern and engineering.


Mobility will sojourn an romantic experience.

Vehicles by BMW have never been quite practical or merely a means
of removing from one place to a next. Far more, a BMW is about
looking to a subsequent hook in a road, feeling a energy of a engine
and enjoying a clarity of speed; it’s about a feeling experience,
a adrenaline rush or that insinuate impulse during that a tour begins,
be it for a sole motorist or one travelling with a tighten crony or loved
one. Moving into a future, that’s not set to change – since the
romantic knowledge of mobility is resolutely bound in a collective
corporate memory. By gripping a motorist resolutely in a foreground, the
BMW VISION NEXT 100 will worsen this romantic knowledge in an
rare way.



BMW VISION NEXT 100: A automobile for destiny mobility.

  • From motorist to “Ultimate Driver” – by digital intelligence
  • “Alive Geometry” enables discerning driver-vehicle interaction
  • “Boost” and “Ease” pushing modes capacitate driver- or
    vehicle-controlled operation
  • “Companion”: The intelligent digital partner connects motorist and car
  • Trademark BMW exterior
  • Materials of a future


From motorist to Ultimate Driver – by digital intelligence.

In a future, BMW drivers will still wish to spend many of a time
they are in their automobile during a wheel. In a BMW VISION NEXT 100, the
motorist will sojourn resolutely in a focus, with consistent connectivity,
digital comprehension and state-of-the-art technologies accessible for
support. But that’s not all: a BMW VISION NEXT 100 will spin the
motorist into a Ultimate Driver. So even nonetheless a universe competence good be
changing, Sheer Driving Pleasure is here to stay – and will be more
heated than ever before.

In conceptualizing a BMW VISION NEXT 100, a starting prove was the
interior. In a years ahead, a driver’s wellbeing will become
increasingly critical and rather than merely feeling they are in a
appurtenance that drives itself, they should clarity that they are sitting in
one that was privately designed for them. This thought gave arise to an
pattern in that a interior appears intensely atmospheric given
a altogether distance of a vehicle; a BMW VISION NEXT 100, of course,
retains a now recognizable jaunty conformation of a BMW saloon.

The pattern of a interior permits several modes of operation:
Boost mode, in that a motorist is during a controls, and Ease mode, in
that a motorist can lay behind and let a automobile take over. In Ease,
a automobile becomes a place of shelter with copiousness of space, agreeable
lighting and a gentle atmosphere. In Boost, a motorist takes over
and advantages from a pointed and discerning support charity by the
vehicle. All a time, a automobile is training some-more and some-more about the
chairman during a wheel, interjection to a feeling and digital intelligence
that a BMW Group calls a Companion. The Companion progressively
learns to offer a right kind of support to renovate a motorist into
a Ultimate Driver.

A unequivocally critical component of a Vision Vehicle is another
creation famous as Alive Geometry, a likes of that have never
before been seen in a car. It consists of a kind of three-dimensional
sculpture that works both inside and external a vehicle.


Alive Geometry enables driver-vehicle interaction.

Alive Geometry consists of roughly 800 relocating triangles inside the
cabin that are set into a instrument row and into certain areas
of a side panels. They work in 3 dimensions, communicating very
directly with a motorist by their movements, that are some-more like
gestures than two-dimensional depictions on a display. Even the
smallest marginal transformation is obvious to a driver. In
multiple with a Head-Up display, Alive Geometry singly fuses
a analogue with a digital.

The triangles work in many a same proceed a group of birds in
tranquil flight, their concurrent movements act as signals that are
simply distinct to those inside a car. Combined with the
Head-Up display, they engage a motorist in a form of preconscious
communication, where an discerning vigilance predicts an imminent
real-time event. Various approaches can already be seen now that
seem to endorse a feasibility of this solution. Rapid prototyping
and fast manufacturing, for example, are gaining significance all the
time and are approaching to be hackneyed 30 years from now, meaning
that in a destiny it will spin possibly to furnish distant some-more complex
and stretchable forms. This is because in a context of a BMW VISION NEXT
100, a BMW Group refers to 4D printing, a routine that adds a
fourth spin to components: a organic one. In a years ahead,
printed collection done in this proceed will directly integrate
functions that now have to be designed and constructed separately
before being incorporated into a whole.

At a moment, a digital universe is strongly related to displays;
a subsequent step will be organic LEDs, in other words, displays that can
be done and contoured. However a Vision Vehicle suggests there
will during some prove be no some-more displays during all. Instead a entire
windscreen will offer as a hulk display, directly in front of the
driver. In a destiny a digital and earthy worlds will merge, as
shown with a instance of a Alive Geometry and a communication with
a digital Head-Up arrangement on a windscreen.


Boost and Ease pushing modes for driver- or vehicle-controlled operations.

In Boost and Ease mode alike, a elements and technologies of the
automobile make for a many heated or loose pushing experience,
depending on what is required. Transitioning between modes is
considerable and ideally orchestrated, and Alive Geometry remains
applicable throughout. In Boost, when a motorist is concentrating fully
on a road, Alive Geometry highlights a ideal pushing line or
probable branch prove and warns of approaching vehicles. Rather than
creation a motorist expostulate faster, this kind of support sets out to make
them expostulate noticeably better. In addition, discerning feedback has a
some-more earthy and evident impact than a robotic voice or
instructions on a screen. In Ease mode, on a other hand, Alive
Geometry is some-more watchful in a movements, informing occupants about
a highway brazen and any acceleration and braking manoeuvres that are
about to happen.

In Boost mode, a whole automobile focuses on a driver,
charity intelligent support to maximize a pushing experience. The
chair and steering circle change position, and a centre console moves
to spin some-more strongly oriented toward a driver. As a journey
proceeds, a motorist can correlate with a automobile around gesticulate control.

The hit analogue BMW Head-Up arrangement of a destiny uses the
whole windscreen to promulgate with a driver. In Boost mode, it
focuses exclusively on what unequivocally matters to a driver: information
such as a ideal line, turning-point and speed. In addition, full
connectivity, intelligent sensors and permanent information sell allow
a Head-Up arrangement to beget a digital picture of a vehicle’s
surroundings. In misty conditions, for example, this means a driver
can advantage from information such as vehicles channel ahead, before
they indeed come into sight. In addition, by training some-more and more
about a driver, a complement invariably improves, concentrating on
formulating during all times a many heated and personal pushing knowledge possible.

The transition to Ease mode brings about a finish change of
interior ambience. The steering circle and centre console redress and
a headrests pierce to one side to emanate a loose and welcoming
atmosphere. The seats and doorway panels mix to form a singular unit,
permitting a motorist and passengers to lay during a slight angle. This
creates it easier for them to face any other and lay in a some-more relaxed
position for easier communications. Meanwhile, a Head-Up display
offers occupants personalised calm along with a information and
party they desire.

Depending on a pushing mode, a concentration of a automobile changes,
concentrating on essentials for a motorist in Boost mode, and the
vicinity and atmosphere in Ease mode, highlighting a impressive
landscapes or buildings of seductiveness that a automobile is flitting by, for instance.

Whether a automobile is in Boost or Ease mode is also clearly
apparent to other highway users as a heading kidney grille, double
headlights and L-shaped behind lights act as communication tool. Their
opposite colours of light prove that mode a automobile is
now in.


Companion: The intelligent digital partner connects motorist and car.

The Companion is symbolised by a tiny sculptural component which
represents a driver-vehicle connection. Shaped like a large, cut
gemstone, it is positioned in a centre of a dashboard, just
underneath a windscreen, where it symbolises a intelligence,
connectivity and accessibility of a BMW VISION NEXT 100. It also
represents a consistent sell of data: a some-more it learns about the
owners and their mobility habits, a smarter it becomes. At some stage
it knows a drivers good adequate to automatically perform routine
tasks for them and offer suitable recommendation when needed. Irrespective of
a automobile itself, consistent training creates a Companion increasingly
profitable to a owner.

The Companion also plays an critical purpose in driver-vehicle
communications when a automobile transitions from Boost to Ease mode. While
a motorist concentrates on a highway in Boost mode, a Companion
stays prosaic in a dashboard. But when a BMW VISION NEXT 100 takes
control in Ease, it rises adult to emanate an interface with the
windscreen. A vigilance light tells a motorist that a automobile is prepared for
entirely unconstrained driving. For other highway users, a Companion has a
identical function, signalling by a possess light as good as that of
a automobile that a automobile is handling in programmed mode. In certain
trade situations, a Companion is in manifest hit with other road
users, assisting pedestrians to cranky a highway by means of a green
light slope on a front of a vehicle.


Trademark BMW exterior.

The pattern of a BMW Vision Vehicle is characterised by a brew of
coupé-type sportiness and a energetic magnificence of a sedan. At 4.90
meters prolonged and 1.37 meters high, it has compress extraneous dimensions.
Inside, however, it has a measure of a oppulance BMW sedan.

The vast wheels are positioned during a outdoor edges of a body,
giving a automobile a energetic position that is a heading of BMW. When
it comes to aerodynamics, extraneous Alive Geometry contributes to an
superb effect: when a wheels pivot as a automobile is steered,
a bodywork keeps them lonesome as if it were a stretchable skin,
easy their several positions. The innovative pattern of the
BMW VISION NEXT 100 gives it an intensely low drag fellow of 0.18.

The extraneous of a automobile is copper in colour, designed to
underscore a thought that BMW vehicles of a destiny should appear
technical nonetheless still have a regard about them – as symbolised by the
tighten links between a automobile and a driver.

This attribute starts as shortly as a motorist approaches the
vehicle: intelligent sensor technologies automatically open a wing
doors. To give a motorist some-more space to enter and exit, a steering
circle is flush with a dashboard. Once seated, a full operation of
systems is activated by drumming on a BMW trademark in a center of the
dashboard. The doorway closes, a steering circle comes forward, and the
pushing knowledge begins.


Materials of a future.

The designers of a BMW VISION NEXT 100 essentially used fabrics made
from recycled or renewable materials. The manifest and non-visible
CO components, such as a side panels, are done from residues
from normal CO twine production. In a future, a choice of
materials will spin even some-more critical around a pattern and
prolongation process.

With time, other new materials will also be total into a mix,
permitting opposite automobile shapes to emerge. To save resources and
support some-more tolerable manufacturing, reduction use will be done of wood
and leather while innovative materials and a accompanying new
possibilities in pattern and prolongation gradually come to a fore.
This proceed is already being exemplified by a use of high-quality
textiles and simply recyclable mono-materials and a rejecting of
leather in a interior of a BMW VISION NEXT 100.



MINI VISION NEXT 100: “Every MINI is my MINI”.

Today’s MINI is a ideal reward compress automobile for a complicated city.
Digitalisation and connectivity are increasingly changing a proceed we
get around on a daily basement – and this change is holding place most
fast and noticeably in civic areas. The MINI VISION NEXT 100 is
MINI’s answer to several pivotal questions on civic mobility over the
years ahead. In a cities of a future, will there be space for a
automobile that engages during an romantic level? What will spin of the
“clever use of space” element that underpins MINI? And how can MINI
respond to a universe apropos ever some-more digitalised and interconnected?

The core truth behind a MINI VISION NEXT 100 is the
courteous use of a planet’s resources in providing personal
mobility. The sign “Every MINI is my MINI” describes a particular
take on car-sharing. In a future, fans of a code will be means to
call on a MINI tailored to their personal mandate where ever they
are, day or night. The MINI of a destiny will be accessible 24/7, able
to collect a motorist adult from their preferred plcae in a entirely automated
proceed and will adjust itself to a driver’s sold tastes, interests
and preferences. At a heart of this judgment is entirely connected
digital intelligence.

Adrian outpost Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design,
describes MINI’s prophesy for a future: “MINI looks to offer intelligent and
bespoke mobility in cities that engages all a senses. And in the
future, we competence not indeed have to possess a automobile to suffer a benefits.”


Clever approaches to destiny mobility with MINI:

  • “Digitally Mine” – where any MINI becomes my MINI
  • The “Cooperizer”: a couple between a motorist and digital intelligence
  • “Urban go-kart”: small, clever, nimble. The hallmark pushing fun
    of a MINI will sojourn total in a years ahead
  • Novel use of tolerable materials in a interior
  • Experience pity – users spin partial of a MINI community


“Digitally mine” – where any MINI becomes my MINI.

In a future, as now, people will be captivated in good numbers to
MINI cars and a opinion to life compared with them. But it may
not indeed be required to possess a MINI to be partial of a action. The
pattern team’s challenge: how could a MINI be widely and instantly
variable – creation a motorist feel it is their car, tailored precisely
to their possess ambience – accessible whenever and wherever they need it?

The MINI VISION NEXT 100 is wrapped in a discreet, china skin.
The MINI designers impute to it as a “blank canvas”. How that house is
used varies according to a sold user, their mood and the
situations they encounter. Even a colour of a roof and the
lighting mood in a interior respond in kind. The MINI uses
projections blending to a motorist in terms of colour, graphics and
calm to emanate a personalised knowledge and customised package of
on-board information.


The Cooperizer forms a tie between a motorist and
digital intelligence.

The Cooperizer is a name a MINI VISION NEXT 100 gives to the
centrally-positioned round instrument that has spin such a
signature underline of MINI cockpits. In a MINI VISION NEXT 100 it
illuminates like a kaleidoscope. The colours and patterns it generates
symbolize a car’s multi-faceted digital intelligence, that allows
it to name a personalised sourroundings for any driver, encompassing
entertainment, communications and autonomous-driving options. On the
move, a motorist can change a Cooperizer’s decision-making, as
a rotary controls concede adjustments to a interior ambience and
pushing mode. So a automobile can be blending to give a perfectly
personalised pushing experience, possibly driven conventionally or
autonomously. Pressing a “Inspire Me” symbol brings another special
Cooperizer pretence into play. Here, a MINI checks downloaded user data
to name information of seductiveness to a motorist and yield them with
intensity sources of inspiration. For example, a MINI VISION NEXT
100 competence advise a MINI set-up configured for an artist a driver
admires and whose muster they have recently visited. Or it could
suggest a challenging, rambling track to a hinterland of city and
switch to John Cooper Works opening mode.


The civic go-kart – small, clever, nimble. MINI will continue
to offer a pushing fun we know and adore in a future.

In a future, pushing in a MINI contingency still be fun, to a extent
that drivers will cite to expostulate themselves – as mostly as possible.
The automatic knowledge of speed and a feeling of snapping swiftly
by twists and turns are partial of what creates a MINI a MINI. But it
doesn’t stop there. In a destiny universe of self-driving cars, this side
of motoring competence have an even some-more significant, even some-more special role.
Various aspects of a MINI VISION NEXT 100 will take a go-kart
feeling to another new level. Cleared of many controls and screens,
a interior has a pure, uncluttered look. And a potion front end
opens adult a energetic perspective of a road. Here, protracted existence displays
uncover a track or ideal pushing line, worsening a pushing sensation.

In serve to these energetic elements, forgetful adult clever
sum and formulating limit interior space within a smallest
probable footprint are other MINI essentials. The
efficiently-packaged, zero-emission expostulate complement and a reduced need
for pile-up zones in a destiny capacitate a condensation of physique not so far
private from a initial MINI behind in 1959. The inexhaustible feeling of
cabin space is extended by a full-width dais chair and pedals that
slip with a steering circle to adjust their position. The steering
circle is always there, nonetheless a choice remains, to ask a automobile to drive
itself; maybe there are things you’d rather do during a tour when
a pushing sourroundings is tedious.

Autonomous pushing plays an critical purpose in a MINI VISION
NEXT 100, permitting it to transport occupant-free to a charging station,
cleaning service, parking space or a subsequent user. To switch from
pushing themselves to unconstrained driving, a motorist simply moves the
steering circle into a executive area between themselves and a front
passenger. In a process, those on house suffer larger leisure of
transformation and removing in and out of a automobile in bustling city centres is
that many easier. The single-section dais chair and a full-width
footwell, undeviating by a centre console, also assistance this, allowing
passengers to benefit fast entrance from both sides of a automobile – without
carrying to confirm in allege where they would cite to sit. When
energetic pushing is a sequence of a day, active elements within the
chair yield parallel support for a motorist and front passenger. Park
a automobile in a parsimonious spot, and a doors automatically open as far-reaching as
probable within a limited confines.


Innovative use of tolerable materials.

Making obliged use of resources is pivotal in a preference of
materials for a MINI VISION NEXT 100. These materials should retain
their high spin of viewed peculiarity over many years, age stylishly
and offer a special pleasing experience. As digitisation increases,
analogue qualities and practice will spin some-more important. With
a some-more complete use of a common car, interiors will need to be much
some-more tough wearing. In serve to a complicated materials done from
recycled cosmetic and aluminium in a building area, roof backing and side
row trim, for example, a MINI interior designers used materials
reduction ordinarily found in automobile cabins, such as brass, basalt and
cellulose. The wraparound conduit and information strip, with its
mountain for a shifting steering wheel, and a Cooperizer with a thin
coronet structure are good examples here.

The designers done a storage net behind a steering wheel
from lightweight basalt, while a reduce territory of a chair is
embellished in a recycled cellulose element identical to paper. This novel
use of materials enclosed deliberately permitting a patina to develop
by use and ensuring they keep along-lasting and sophisticated
appearance. When it comes to a healthy demeanour and feel of surfaces,
a designers have embraced a irregularities fundamental in a chosen
materials and estimate methods. That also relates to a chair covers
in knitted Alcantara – a robust, rather shimmering material. The
designers have directed pure of normal interior materials like
timber and leather altogether. Another instance of analogue pattern in the
MINI Vision Vehicle can be found in a wheels, whose rotation
generates an “Ombro Cinema” effect: This involves a outdoor aspect of
a circle not relocating and usually a front behind it branch with a tyre.
The even transformation of a shimmering striking – again brass-coloured – can
be celebrated by openings in a external of a wheel. The thought is
for any circle to demeanour like a square of a automatic jewellery.


Experience pity – a user becomes partial of a MINI community.

Sharing cars, homes and products is ever-more common, as digitalisation,
connectivity and synthetic comprehension make processes easier and
some-more automated. The MINI VISION NEXT 100 can move together a
village of likeminded people, with a common MINI lifestyle in
common. Everybody advantages from everybody. And mobility opens up
inspirational practice nonetheless stands by a tolerable proceed and
advantageous use of resources.

For example, a MINI user in a destiny is meddlesome in a
certain form of art and a crony gets reason of some last-minute tickets
to a preview for an muster they competence like. The Vision Vehicle
identifies what’s involved, and coordinates and organises a whole
excursion. The expostulate itself becomes partial of a ideally arranged
service. MINI calls this prophesy of a destiny knowledge sharing.

Head of MINI Design Anders Warming sums adult a many important
aspects of a car: “The MINI VISION NEXT 100 shows how MINI’s unique
take on a universe could demeanour in a future. The pushing experience
stays a romantic centrepiece, with free and seamless
services grouped around it.”



Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100.

Rolls-Royce epitomises automotive oppulance in a proceed that no other brand
can. Founded in 1904, a products rose to pre-eminence around the
universe in a matter of years – in gripping with Sir Henry Royce’s motto:
“Strive for soundness in all we do. Take a best that exists
and make it better. When it doesn’t exist, pattern it.”

Adrian outpost Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design: “In celebration
of this pioneering spirit, a Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 has been
designed as a ultimate countenance of a destiny of super-luxury
mobility. It is an didactic prophesy of a fascinating
possibilities of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in a future.”

The Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 is a initial quite visionary
automobile in a 112-year story of a marque.


In formulating it, a group focused on a following questions:

  • What is a destiny of luxury?
  • How competence a disdainful impression of a Rolls-Royce interpret into
    a future?
  • How will a final of a Rolls-Royce business change? And how
    competence Rolls-Royce even surpass their expectations in a constant
    query for perfection?
  • Could other normal Rolls-Royce characteristics – such as
    accurate craftsmanship, a pioneering suggestion and a adore for perfection
    – total with destiny technologies and trends set new standards for
    oppulance in decades to come?
  • How can we safeguard a tour in a Rolls-Royce stays as singular an
    knowledge in a destiny as it is today?


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars already realises a many opposite customer
wishes and offers probably total range for personalising its
vehicles. Over a years and decades ahead, however, a opportunities
will spin even some-more extensive, and business will be means to
elect their personal Rolls-Royce into a genuine one-off piece. In
terms of technology, a Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 is formed on an
modernized lightweight height versed with a high-performance
electric drive. From a wheelbase to a pattern of a body, its
several specifications and apparatus can be tailored privately to
fit a needs of a sold customer.

The Rolls-Royce pattern group expects that serve swell in
combination materials and technologies will have a wilful change on
how prolongation can be customised in a future. Advances will also
clear new artistic possibilities for a code to accommodate a discerning
wishes of a business and grasp a idea of producing a bespoke
automotive homogeneous of haute couture.

The Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 incorporates only some of the
pattern options that will be probable in a future.


It focuses on a following pivotal aspects of a new dimension of
automotive luxury:

  • The “Personal Vision”: One of a vast series of possible
    personal visions of a Rolls-Royce of a future
  • The “Grand Sanctuary”: The automobile interior as a private retreat
  • The “Effortless Journey”: Guided by “Eleanor”, a passenger’s
    practical assistant.
  • The “Grand Arrival”: Stepping out during your end in ultimate elegance.


The Personal Vision: One of a vast series of possible
personal visions of a Rolls-Royce of a future.

The Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 is nonetheless one of a vast series of
probable personal visions of a Rolls-Royce of a future. Indeed, in
an expansion of a Rolls-Royce knowledge of today, a customer’s
ambience will figure accurately how his or her Rolls-Royce will demeanour and how
it will be configured.

In a suggestion of a good coachbuilt cars of a past,
Rolls-Royce will emanate a framework of a future, hand-built from the
many modernized materials and powered by a 0 emissions powertrain.
Innovative prolongation technologies will capacitate business to involve
themselves in a character and suit of their personal Rolls-Royce
vision. They will be means to elect their unequivocally possess cars done by
Rolls-Royce designers to their personal tastes – singular bespoke
masterpieces curated as a fingerprint of their owner.


The Grand Sanctuary – The automobile interior as a private retreat.

In a Rolls-Royce, a contentment and desires of a occupants are
all-important. For this reason, a pattern of a interior is the
executive starting point: it is dictated as a space in that passengers
can suffer their unequivocally possess character of luxury. The automobile interior becomes
a personal retreat.

In formulating a interior, a designers opted for a clear-cut
hierarchy of lines, as good as sustainable, authentic materials and
pointed lighting. These mix to emanate a pacific oasis, a ideal
atmosphere in that to relax.

With this approach, a designers were means to emanate an
inviting, precisionist space in that a unique beauty of a materials
shines through. The Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100, for instance,
incorporates comfortable tinge Macassar wood, a runner of hand-twisted silk on
a building and serve unusually soothing silk on a upholstery.

In a Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 a scenery window of generous
proportions provides superb visibility. Designed to “waft” along
entirely autonomously, a driver’s seat, steering circle and instruments
are remaining in this model; what stays is a totally new sense
of space. Cocooned in their possess private haven, passengers have only a
executive analogue watch next a scenery window as a reminder
that time not mislaid is a top form of luxury.


The Effortless Journey: Guided by Eleanor, a passenger’s
practical assistant.

In formulating a Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100, a designers also
sought to keep a participation of technologies as resigned as possible
while during a same time ensuring full connectivity. The automobile is
tranquil by a practical comprehension that fulfils a passenger’s
any need. This practical partner is embodied in a digital
illustration of a Spirit of Ecstasy, that appears on the
full-width pure OLED display. It is named after Eleanor
Thornton, a indication who desirous sculptor Charles Robert Sykes’ iconic
Rolls-Royce carp ornament. The some-more time Eleanor spends on a road
with a passenger, a some-more she learns about their interests and needs
– their favourite restaurants, tastes in art and favourite routes, for
instance – and about a preferences and desires of all a other
automobile occupants as well, of course. Using debate interaction, the
passengers can call on her services to tailor their tour as desired.


The Grand Arrival – Stepping out during your end in
ultimate elegance.

From a outside, a Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 is a prophesy of
undying aesthetics. Measuring 5.9 m in length, a silhouette
radiates absolute elegance. At a same time, a coupé-style forms
and a free-standing circle arches on possibly side of a Pantheon
radiator grille lend impetus and levity to a external appearance.

The magnificence and levity of a physique is serve underscored by
a paintwork “Crystal Water” and a Spirit of Ecstasy, done from
hand-cut lead clear and bright from inside.

Thanks to a considerable extraneous design, a Rolls-Royce VISION
NEXT 100 will attract courtesy wherever it arrives. Its charismatic
participation is serve extended by a proceed a passengers alight: in a
inexhaustible gesture, a roof and manager doorway open to exhibit a interior
of a vehicle. Passengers simply mount adult and gracefully step out.
The philharmonic is additionally underscored by light projections, which
emanate a “red carpet” display a proceed out and spin any attainment into
a Grand Arrival.

Should a need arise, dual umbrellas integrated into a doors
are accessible to strengthen passengers from a elements. Rolls-Royce
bespoke luggage can be stowed in a front of a Rolls-Royce VISION
NEXT 100, where there is plenty storage space. An intelligent mechanism
opens a induce in a side of a automobile and presents a luggage to the
watchful hands of a porter.

Giles Taylor, Design Director Rolls-Royce Motor Cars: “With the
Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 we were unequivocally aware not to dwell on the
past. We wanted to be as innovative as probable and during a same time
comparison a pattern story of a marque.”


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