BMW Group’s Driver Assistance and Autonomous Driving Development dialect underneath new leadership. Alejandro Vukotich takes over during a helm, Elmar Frickenstein to retire after handover phase.

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Munich. On 1 Jan 2019, Alejandro Vukotich will
take over as Senior Vice President of a BMW Group’s Driver
Assistance and Autonomous Driving Development department.

He is being allocated to reinstate Elmar Frickenstein, who has been in
assign of a dialect given a origination in May 2016. Between 2006
and 2016, Elmar Frickenstein was conduct of a Electrics, Electronics
and Driver Environment dialect that was a predecessor to a Driver
Assistance and Autonomous Driving unit. During a career during a BMW
Group travelling 30 years, Elmar Frickenstein has had a formative
change on car wiring and channelled his appetite and
imagination into a advancement. He will retire on 31.03.2019 after a
three-month handover phase.

Alejandro Vukotich has 19 years of knowledge in a margin of active
safety, motorist assistance and unconstrained pushing in a German
automotive industry. He has clearly demonstrated both his engineering
and his government skills in his prior positions.

The topics of motorist assistance and unconstrained pushing play a pivotal
purpose in a BMW Group’s plan for a future. Development is
mostly carried out during a BMW Group Autonomous Driving Campus in
Unterschleißheim nearby Munich, that was strictly non-stop in April
2018. There are now around 1,300 specialists there from a BMW
Group and a pivotal partners, such as FCA, Intel and Mobileye, who are
operative on a growth of a record smoke-stack for rarely and fully
programmed Level 2, 3, 4 and 5 driving. The BMW iNEXT will be a first
indication from a BMW Group to be versed with a Level 3 complement for
rarely programmed pushing when it is launched in 2021.

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