BMW i also advances electromobility in internal open transport.

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Munich. BMW i is consistently relocating into additional
fields of focus for locally emissions-free expostulate technology, now
also compelling sustainability in open internal transport. For a first
time, a electric motors and high-voltage batteries grown for the
BMW i3 will be used to appetite a city train done by a obvious Turkish
manufacturer Karsan that is designed privately for use in
inner-city traffic. The BMW Group and Karsan have sealed an agreement
involving a supply of motors and batteries for a purely
electrically powered indication “Jest electric”, that is constructed in Bursa
in Turkey for both a domestic marketplace and for general markets.
This partnership once again reflects a aim of BMW i to provide
stimuli in compelling civic mobility geared towards sustainability. The
BMW i electric motors and high-voltage batteries used in a Karsan
Jest electric capacitate open ride network operators to
yield their passengers with gentle and locally emissions-free
ride on inner-city roads.

Public ride is a latest of a whole operation of spheres of
activity in that BMW i record enables extended sustainability.
Since final year, for example, BMW i has granted appetite storage
record for locally emissions-free mobility to Streetscooter GmbH,
a 100 per cent auxiliary of Deutsche Post. The BMW i battery modules
capacitate a travel scooter to be used all day for delivering letters
and packages but a need for halt charging. The high-voltage
batteries grown for a BMW i3 also supply appetite for sustainable
mobility on a water, a plan that further started in 2017. The
association Torqeedo – a tellurian personality in a make of vessel drives –
uses a batteries as a appetite source for a motors. In addition
BMW i high-voltage batteries are deployed as still appetite storage
units for appetite generated from renewable appetite sources, namely wind
and solar plants. “Our industrial clients conclude a easy handling
of a plug-and-play record offering by BMW i components, as well
as their robustness and trustworthiness – as demonstrated in good over
100 000 BMW i sole worldwide”, says Uwe Breitweg, Head of BMW Group
Drive Systems for Industry Clients.

The augmenting direct for applications over electrically powered
vehicles and plug-in hybrid models in a product operation of a BMW
Group brands highlights a far-sighted, concept impression of BMW i
with a holistic course towards sustainability. BMW i possesses
strong growth imagination in a areas of electric motors and
high-voltage batteries – including battery government – and this can
be used for a flourishing series of products and fields of focus in
day-to-day life.

The electric motors and high-voltage batteries developed
exclusively by a BMW Group are characterised by excellent
opening qualities and a high grade of reliability. They are
constructed during a BMW plant in Dingolfing. The BMW Group competence
centre for electromobility has invariably stretched a product
ability and prolongation imagination over new years. The electric
synchronous engine of a BMW i3 that will be used to appetite a Karsan
Jest electric in destiny generates a rise outlay of 125 kW/170 hp and a
limit torque of 250 Nm.

The appetite compulsory is granted by a lithium-ion battery whose
compress measure and low weight make it ideal for a far-reaching operation of
applications. The high-voltage battery consists of 8 modules
comprising 12 cells any and provides a ability of adult to  44
kilowatt-hours (kWh). With a multiple of dual high-voltage
batteries, pre-series prototypes of a Karsan Jest electric grasp a
ability of 88 kilowatt-hours and therefore a operation of 210 kilometres.
When used on scheduled services, this means a city train can run for
18 hours on finish but an halt stop to modernise a energy
supplies. The compress distance of a electric engine and high-voltage
battery are also fitting in terms of interior space. Measuring
some 6 metres in length, a Karsan Jest electric offers room for up
to 26 passengers – 4 some-more than a prior conventionally powered
chronicle of a model. The city train is propitious with low-floor technology
that gives passengers with pushchairs and wheelchairs available access. 

Vehicle manufacturer Karsan was founded in 1966 and operates a own
growth and prolongation comforts in Bursa in western Turkey,
behaving both as a prolongation partner to general automotive
companies as good as building and producing a possess vehicles for
internal and long-distance transport. The product portfolio ranges from
tiny vans, city buses and coaches to articulated buses for use on
scheduled services. “Collaboration with a BMW Group enables us to
accommodate a customers’ needs in a electric automobile shred too, as well
as assisting us take a vital step brazen in a mutation to
apropos a retailer of tolerable mobility solutions,” explains Okan
Baş, CEO of Karsan Automobil Industrie- und Handelsgesellschaft.

About BMW i.

BMW i is a BMW Group code that stands for networked mobility
services, idealist automobile concepts and a new reward truth that
draws strongly on a thought of sustainability. BMW i is represented in
74 countries with a models BMW i3 (electrically powered automobile for
civic regions), a BMW i8 (plug-in hybrid sports car) and BMW
iPerformance automobiles (all BMW plug-in hybrid vehicles).

BMW i taps into new aim groups on interest of a association as a whole
and serves as an incubator for innovations. Once technologies have
been successfully practical for a initial time to BMW i, they are
eliminated to a BMW primogenitor brand.

Other business areas compared with BMW i are DriveNow (car
sharing), ReachNow (car pity 2.0), ChargeNow (simple entrance to the
world’s largest network of charging stations), ParkNow (simple
location, reservation and remuneration of parking spaces), BMW i Ventures
(investment in immature companies focusing on civic mobility), BMW Energy
(energy services) and a Competence Centre for Urban Mobility
(consultation use for metropolitan authorities).


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