BMW International Open: The theatre is set – Facts per a 29th entertainment of a iconic golf contest Germany.

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Munich. Next week, a wait will be over: a BMW
International Open (21st to 25th Jun 2017, GC München Eichenried)
will be hold for a 29th time. For a initial time in a story of
a tournament, a margin will underline both a reigning Open
champion, Henrik Stenson (SWE), and a stream owners of a Green
Jacket, Sergio García (ESP). Martin Kaymer, whose win in Eichenried
in 2008 stays a usually feat by a German player, and a
collection of other vital winners, Ryder Cup stars and a clever home
fortuitous are guaranteed to set golf fans’ pulses racing. From an
organisational indicate of perspective too, a organiser BMW has done
all to safeguard a eventuality provides a pretentious contest experience.

The BMW International Open is a contest of superlatives, in many
regards. This goes for a top-class margin and a organisational data
per a iconic contest on a hinterland of Munich, that is
organized by BMW. Before a contest gets underway, we have put
together some fascinating contribution for you.

Spot a sports star. The normal Pro-Am
contest takes place on Wednesday (21st June). Visitors
on this day will have a eventuality to see a tip golfers in a
loose atmosphere, before they unequivocally get ‘down to business’ in
Thursday’s opening round. Each pro will be assimilated by 3 amateurs in
a Pro-Am. Among them are such sports stars as biathlon fable Fritz
Fischer, three-time Olympic luge champion Felix Loch and three-time
universe bobsleigh champion Johannes Lochner. Admission is giveaway – as it
is on Thursday and Friday.

Plenty of space for perfect golfing pleasure: Some
elaborately assembled proxy buildings yield a sum area of
9,500 m² for gastronomy, exhibitions and operative areas during the
contest site. The Public Area spans over 20,000 m² and offers space
for no fewer than 65 exhibitors. For comparison: when a tournament
was hold for a initial time in 1989, a Public Area lonesome usually 400
m². In total, 250 trucks are used to arrange and idle a Public Area.

Unsung heroes: 3,500 people are employed during the
BMW International Open: 100 confidence staff, 250 experts to put
together a TV coverage, 500 technicians to arrange and dismantle
equipment, and 280 catering staff to demeanour after a physical
contentment of fans and guests. 500 volunteers pleasantly give adult their
time to make a eventuality possible.

Great views: More than 2,800 spectators will follow
a movement from specifically erected grandstands over a march of the
contest week. 4,000 guest will declare top-class golf from a BMW
Customer Lounge, while 3,500 VIP guest will suffer an superb golf
knowledge in a Fairway Club during a BMW International Open.

Always well-informed: No fewer than 9 manual
leaderboards and dual electronic hole-by-hole scoreboards keep
spectators present with a latest scores during a tournament.
They are complimented by 3 video walls and 50 televisions, on
that contest TV is promote live with information on a latest
events and any continue warnings.

Information highway: About 150 kilometres of cable
are laid opposite a contest site, and over 400 entrance points
supposing for electricity, write and radio broadcasts. A far
cry from a initial contest in 1989, when this figure was just
20 kilometres of cable. 16 cameras and 60 microphones are used to
safeguard that each shot from a tip flights is prisoner on film and
promote live to a rest of a universe around satellite. A 622-Mbit
synchronous tie is accessible for live stating on the
Internet. Free wireless is accessible for spectators via the
whole Public Area and a adjoining grandstands. Boosted GSM and LTE
radio cells from a vital German mobile communication providers allow
visitors to use their mobile and intelligent phones. An eccentric DECT
write complement is set adult for a organization group and media.

Tournament app: The wireless network and boosted
radio cells concede visitors to take advantage of a many useful
functions of a contest app for iOS and Android intelligent phones. It
was grown by SAP and BMW, and provides all a information you
need per a tournament, actor profiles, statistics, an
interactive map of a course, and a Player Locator, that shows in
genuine time where a players are now located out on a course.
The app can be downloaded giveaway of assign at:

Sheer pleasure: The competition is not a usually top-class
aspect of a BMW International Open: it is matched by a quality
catering. 5,000 pretzels, 3,000 bottles of bubbly, 5,000 sandwiches,
2,000 bottles of booze and 10,000 litres of H2O are consumed over the
march of a contest week.

Sustainability: Many measures to equivocate rubbish and
preserve resources are implemented during a BMW International Open.
These embody reusable complement buildings, a deterrence of disposable
crockery, returnable bottles, recycling grey rubbish water, consistent
rubbish separation, and energy-efficient atmosphere conditioning systems in the
vast tents.


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