BMW Italia as partner of a 16th Quadriennale d’arte. The BMW Art Car by Sandro Chia will be on arrangement as a 100th work in a muster during a Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

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BMW Italia will be partner of a 16th book of a Quadriennale
d’arte, that will be hold in Rome from Oct 13, 2016 to Jan 7,
2017. This year’s module will be shown during a Palazzo delle
Esposizioni on Via Nazionale and several other locations that will
horde dedicated events, one of them being a BMW Roma City Sales
Outlet during Via Barberini 94 showcasing a BMW Art Car maquette by
Sandro Chia.
Founded in 1927, a Quadriennale promotes Italian
contemporary art by a vital muster hold each 4 years to
showcase stream Italian visible art. The curators of a 16th
Quadriennale will be Michele D’Aurizio, Luigi Fassi, Simone Frangi,
Luca Lo Pinto, Matteo Lucchetti, Marta Papini, Cristiana Perrella,
Domenico Quaranta, Denis Viva as good as Simone Ciglia, together with
Luigia Lonardelli. The group was selected from submissions of 69 young
curators to a foe announced final September, seeking for project
proposals focusing on visible humanities in Italy post-2000.
BMW Italia
will support a muster on Via Nazionale by displaying a BMW Art
Car combined by Sandro Chia from 1992 – a usually Italian artist
represented in a BMW Art Car array so far. The really same year he
designed his BMW Art Car, Chia had a vital muster as partial of the
12th Quadriennale, patrician “Italia 1950-1990. Profili Dialettica
Situazioni” during Palazzo delle Esposizioni from Jul 9 to 21
September, 1992. 

“By installing a BMW Art Car by Sandro Chia as a 100th work in
a exhibition”, says Sergio Solero, President and CEO of BMW Italia,
“we compensate reverence to a centenary of BMW Group. Thus, we managed to
emanate a proceed couple to a 16th Quadriennale. A video installation
will beam visitors to learn a pattern and artistic routine of the
13th Art Car, that will applaud a 25th anniversary in 2017 – just
when a Quadrenniale will also tighten a doors on Jan 7”.

The 13th BMW Art Car by Sandro Chia

When Sandro Chia sees any surface, it’s as if it calls to him, “paint
me, paint me!” And that is what happened when he initial saw a BMW 3
Series coupé, a antecedent built to contest in a Italian Gran Turismo Championship. 

So he started to paint, embellished faces and a sea of complete colours
until a car’s whole bodywork had been totally covered. “The
vehicle is a many desired intent within a society”, pronounced Sandro
Chia commenting on his work. “It is a centre of attraction. People
demeanour during it. This vehicle reflects those looks.” The pattern of a Art Car
was not his initial artistic impasse with an automobile. Even as a
child he embellished graffiti on cars. 

The rebirth city of Florence, where Sandro Chia was innate in 1946,
is a universe of his childhood and his youth, a universe in that he
schooled to take a witty and loose proceed towards a excellent arts.
As early as in a seventies he displayed his work during important
particular exhibitions and was shortly famous as one of a most
poignant artists of a Italian Transavanguardia. He sees himself
as a neo-expressionist, his incongruous portrayal divulgence signs of
carrying been shabby by Carrà, de Chirico, Picasso as good as
Montegna and Giorgione.

The BMW Art Car collection

Since 1975 artists from a universe over have been formulating Art Cars on
a basement of contemporary BMW automobiles. The collection was
inaugurated when French competition vehicle motorist and art backer Hervé
Poulain in partnership with a afterwards BMW Motorsport Director Jochen
Neerpasch asked his artist crony Alexander Calder to pattern a car.
The outcome was a BMW 3.0 CSL, that in 1975 was raced during a 24 Hours
of Le Mans and became an present favorite with a spectators: a BMW
Art Car Collection was born. In 2010, a many new serve to the
series, a vehicle designed by Jeff Koons, was introduced during a Centre
Pompidou in Paris. BMW Art Cars are not usually on arrangement in their home
city during BMW’s museum in Munich, they also transport internationally to
exhibitions and museums in Asia, Europe and North America. 2014 saw
a initial extensive announcement on a collection. On a occasion
of a 40th anniversary of a array in 2015, a jury of distinguished
museum directors and curators consecrated dual internationally
eminent artists to pattern dual vehicles. The Chinese artist Cao Fei
(b.1978) and American John Baldessari (b.1931) will be respectively
a youngest and a eldest artists to be represented in the
collection. For serve information, greatfully impute to:

The BMW Group and culture: a longstanding joining in Italy and a world

For roughly 50 years now, a BMW Group has instituted and intent in
over 100 informative cooperations worldwide. The association places a main
concentration of a long-term joining on contemporary and complicated art,
exemplary song and jazz as good as pattern and design. In 1972,
3 large-scale paintings were combined by a artist Gerhard Richter
privately for a corridor of a BMW Group’s Munich headquarters.
Since then, artists such as Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Daniel Barenboim,
Jonas Kaufmann and designer Zaha Hadid have co-operated with BMW.
Currently, womanlike artist Cao Fei from China and American John
Baldessari are formulating a subsequent dual vehicles for a BMW Art Car
Collection. Besides co-initiatives, such as BMW Tate Live, a BMW Art
Journey and a “Opera for All” concerts in Berlin, Munich and London,
a association also partners with heading museums and art fairs as well
as orchestras and show houses around a world. The BMW Group takes
extensive artistic leisure in all a informative activities – as this
beginning is as essential for producing groundbreaking artistic work
as it is for vital innovations in a successful business.

In Italy, a BMW Group is serve intent in a informative field
by initiatives and high form projects trimming from a Teatro
alla Scala (of that BMW Italy is a first ancillary partner and
unite of a Opera for Kids project) to a Teatro dell’Opera di
Roma (supported by a auxiliary of BMW Roma), from a MINI brand
projects with a Milan Triennale and a MAXXI in Rome to corporate
amicable shortcoming projects in sequence to support an intercultural
discourse – such as a Fourth Intercultural Bicocca Day on May 26. For
updates on these projects, greatfully go to:


Further information: and





For serve information:

Roberto Olivi

Director of Institutional Relations and Communication

Telephone: 02/51610.294



Patrizia Venturini

Public Relations

Telephone: 02/51610.164



The BMW Group
With a 3 brands – BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce
– a BMW Group is a world’s heading manufacturer of reward cars
and motorcycles and also provides financial services and premium
mobility. As a tellurian company, a BMW Group operates 31 production
and public plants in 14 countries and has a tellurian sales network in
some-more than 140 countries.
In 2015, a BMW Group sole around
2,247,000 cars and 137,000 motorcycles worldwide. Pre-tax increase for
a year 2015 was 9.22 billion euro with revenues of approximately
92.18 billion euro. As of Dec 31 2015, a BMW Group had 122,244
The success of a BMW Group has always been formed on
long-term prophesy and obliged action. As such, as partial of its
strategy, a association has determined ecological and social
sustainability via a value chain, extensive product
shortcoming and a transparent joining to conserving resources.





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