BMW M Motorsport prepared for Le Mans 24 Hours return.

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Munich. BMW will make a rival lapse to a 24 Hours
of Le Mans (FRA) this week. BMW Team MTEK will margin dual new BMW M8
GTE cars in a highly-competitive GTE Pro class. The line-up
comprises from 6 BMW works drivers. Car series #81 will be piloted
by Martin Tomczyk (GER), Nick Catsburg (NED) and Philipp Eng (AUT),
while automobile series #82 duties tumble to António Félix da Costa (POR),
Alexander Sims (GBR) and Augusto Farfus (BRA). The Le Mans foe week
has kicked off with technical scrutineering in a city centre on Monday.


On Friday, a M Motorsport Hospitality will be a venue for a truly
special unveiling: The BMW 8 Series Coupe will be presented to the
open for a initial time in Le Mans. From a racetrack to a street
– commentary from a FIA World Endurance Championship plan were
incorporated directly into prolongation development.


Comments on a 24 Hours of Le Mans:


Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director):

“We have worked intensively towards a 24 Hours of Le Mans in recent
months. It is a biggest continuation foe in a universe – and is also
closely compared with a story of BMW in motorsport. We are now
returning to this iconic circuit with a new BMW M8 GTE. At a same
time, we are also presenting a new BMW 8 Series Coupe in Le Mans.
Launching a automobile during this singular eventuality is unequivocally special for us. This is
a initial time that a racing automobile is attack a lane before its
prolongation counterpart. Seeing both models side by side in Le Mans in
2018 is a genuine highlight.”


Ernest Knoors (Team Principal, BMW Team MTEK):

“This is what we have all been operative towards for roughly dual years.
We arrive here prepared though not naïve. I’m intensely unapproachable of everyone
during BMW Team MTEK and we demeanour brazen to racing here during Le Mans. It’s a
prolonged week ahead, with a lot of work to do – a foe here is tough.”


Nick Catsburg (#81 BMW M8 GTE):

“We’re all unequivocally vehement to finally be during Le Mans. It’s a fantastic
week not only of racing, though of celebrating motorsport. The automobile felt
good during a exam and we finished unequivocally good progress. We’re all just
unfortunate to get behind out on lane and collect adult where we left off.”


Martin Tomczyk (#81 BMW M8 GTE):

“So, we are during Le Mans, prepared for a biggest eventuality in endurance
racing and we consider we are in a good position going into foe week. It
is a outrageous operation with all of a guest and fans.”


Philipp Eng (#81 BMW M8 GTE):

“It’s a good honour to partial of a BMW M8 GTE programme and we think
we have dual unequivocally good cars and 6 unequivocally clever drivers. The
credentials has been heated and I’ve been unequivocally happy to have been
concerned in a plan from day zero. To finally get it out on one of
a many iconic marks in a universe will be a good experience.”


António Félix da Costa (#82 BMW M8 GTE):

“After a test, we’re all flattering happy with a car. Of course, it’s
a outrageous plea though we have dual illusory team-mates who have
continuation racing experience. It’s a large training curve, though I’m ready!”


Alexander Sims (#82 BMW M8 GTE):

“I’ve finished a satisfactory few kilometres in a BMW M8 GTE, carrying contested
IMSA in a USA, and I’m unequivocally unapproachable to be bringing that believe and
believe to a group here in Europe. we consider we schooled a lot in the
exam and will come to a foe week with a good bargain of the
track. It’ll be tough removing adult to speed with a other GTE teams but
we have a right organisation behind us to do it.”


Augusto Farfus (#82 BMW M8 GTE):

“The 24 Hours of Le Mans is a biggest foe of a year for BMW. Its
been a prolonged contrast programme with not most nap for a whole BMW M
Motorsport family and now a time has come to uncover what it is all
for. It’s a contrition we missed a exam though final time we was in Le Mans I
was on pole, so I’m assured we know it good enough.”


BMW M Motorsport media opportunities in Le Mans:


Friday, 10:30-11:30

BMW vs Aston Martin chastisement shoot-out (start/finish straight)


Friday, 12:00-13:00

Meet a Team (M Motorsport Team Hospitality in a paddock)


For any serve talk requests, greatfully get in hold with Ingo
Lehbrink ( or
Rebecca Jones (


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