BMW M6 GT3 celebrates competition entrance during a Nürburgring Nordschleife.

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Nürburgring (DE), 2nd Apr 2016. The 2016 continuation racing season
has begun during a Nürburgring Nordschleife (DE), where a BMW M6 GT3
successfully finished a initial competition kilometres in a “Green Hell”.
The ROWE Racing, Schubert Motorsport and Walkenhorst Motorsport teams
used a deteriorate opener in a VLN Endurance Championship as a test
underneath competition conditions, to benefit critical knowledge with a new car
forward of a 24-hour competition in May.

ROWE Racing was there with a series 22 BMW M6 GT3 driven by Klaus
Graf (DE), Markus Palttala (FI) and Richard Westbrook (GB). The second
ROWE Racing automobile was driven by Philipp Eng (AT), Maxime Martin (BE) and
Dirk Werner (DE). Both cars started good and done adult a few places in
a early laps, before a group motionless to combine on fine-tuning
a vehicle’s opening for a residue of a race, finishing
outward a top-10. The series 23 automobile suffered technical difficulties
after using repairs had to be made, and was incompetent to make adult mislaid ground.

Schubert Motorsport competed with Augusto Farfus (BR), Jesse Krohn
(FI) and Jörg Müller (DE) in a series 31 BMW M6 GT3, as good as John
Edwards (US), Jens Klingmann (DE) and Lucas Luhr (DE) in a series 32
car. They were also concentrating on testing, to find any of a car’s
diseased points and regulating tiny problems as they arose. The series 31 car
finished outward a top-10, while series 32 late after an accident
on a final lap.

The best-placed BMW M6 GT3 in a four-hour competition was a Walkenhorst
Motorsport series 35 car. Mattias Henkola (FI) and Michele Di Martino
(DE), who won a 2015 drivers’ championship in a BMW M235i Racing
Cup, claimed seventh. The second Walkenhorst automobile carrying series 36,
driven by Victor Bouveng (SE) and Christian Krognes (NO), retired
after a collision.

The BMW M235i Racing Cup also authorised BMW’s DTM motorist Tom Blomqvist
(GB) to make his entrance on a Nordschleife. He took a event to
familiarize himself with this intensely severe circuit, where he
will contest in a Walkenhorst Motorsport BMW M6 GT3 in a 24-hour
race. Blomqvist finished in third, while feat was claimed by
Michael Schrey (DE) and Alexander Mies (DE) from a Bonk Motorsport team.

Reactions after a initial VLN race:

Hans-Peter Naundorf (ROWE Racing Team Principal): ”We
are happy to have got some competition kilometres underneath a belts with the
new cars. The initial impressions are certain and a new BMW M6 GT3
gives us a good bottom to work from. There are a few topics specific to
a Nordschleife, that we have to work on. After a bad continue of
a final few weeks, we started to work on these areas currently and we can
now lay down and weigh a data.“

Torsten Schubert (Schubert Motorsport Team
”Due to resources over a control we could
not exam on Friday, so it was transparent from a start that we had to use
a competition for exam purposes. That altered a opinion to a race: it
wasn’t about formula though about completing as many exam kilometres as
possible. It was a good contrition that a series 32 automobile had an accident
on a final lap.“

Henry Walkenhorst (Walkenhorst Motorsport Team
”We are unequivocally gratified with a opening of the
BMW M6 GT3. Unfortunately, we mislaid one automobile due to a collision. That
was unequivocally annoying, as we need all a exam kilometres we can get.
Despite that, this initial competition with a new automobile was a success – due in
no tiny partial to a good support from BMW Motorsport.“

Martin (ROWE Racing): ”The initial impressions of the
new automobile on a North Loop were unequivocally good. However, we also know that
we have a lot of work still to do. The automobile provides a good starting
point, though we now have to rise it further.“

Lucas Luhr (Schubert Motorsport): ”I had problems
with a energy steering and had to make an additional array stop, that cost
us a lot of time. However, altogether we am unequivocally gratified with a BMW M6
GT3. Teething problems can start with any new car, and it is more
critical that we feel excellent behind a wheel. The BMW M6 GT3 drives
quite good by a quick corners and has a lot of potential.“

Michele Di Martino (Walkenhorst Motorsport): “I am
unequivocally gratified with a eighth place finish. It was really a
successful competition entrance for a BMW M6 GT3. We had a good start and
finished a competition but vital problems – let’s wish it stays that way.“

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