BMW Major Champion Challenge: “Dazzling” opening to a BMW International Open, with García, Stenson, Kaymer and a many desired golf trophies in a world.

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  • Martin Kaymer (US PGA Championship 2010, U.S. Open 2014),
    Henrik Stenson (Open 2016) and Sergio García (Masters 2017) open
    a BMW International Open with interesting foe during BMW Welt.
  • BMW presents all 4 vital trophies in Munich for first
  • Major winners arrive in character in a BMW M6, BMW Z8 and
    Rolls-Royce Dawn.

Three vital winners arrived during BMW Welt in 3 iconic cars
to flog off a contest week with a bit of fun. The BMW Major
Champion Challenge supposing a gorgeous opening to a 2017 BMW
International Open. Who is champion of champions? This was the
doubt that indispensable clearing adult before a contest gets underway.

In approval of vital winners Henrik Stenson (SWE), Sergio García
(ESP) and Martin Kaymer, who are always adult for a bit of fun and a
challenge, contest organiser BMW organised a BMW Major Champion
Challenge to outrider a start of a BMW International Open with an
enchanting foe on a loose summer evening. Stenson won the
novel chipping foe in front of BMW Welt.

Before a foe got underway, all 3 players enjoyed the
expostulate from a Hilton Munich Park hotel to a Tee-Off Night during BMW
World – a tour done during a circle of 3 overwhelming cars. Defending
champion Stenson, who corroborated adult his win during a 2016 BMW International
Open with a breath-taking feat during a Open Championship usually a few
weeks later, gathering a British icon: a Rolls-Royce Dawn.

García, a unapproachable owners of a Green Jacket, found a ideal automobile to
go with a many famous object in his wardrobe: a BMW M6 in a BMW
Individual colour Verde Mantis. Kaymer, a usually German to have won
a BMW International Open, opted for a BMW Z8, a classical roadster
that was certain to remind him of his romantic feat during Golf Club
München Eichenried in 2008.

The 3 players were travelling with profitable luggage. Stenson
brought a Claret Jug (Open Championship) with him, García a Green
Jacket (Masters), and Kaymer both a U.S. Open Trophy and the
Wanamaker Trophy (US PGA Championship). The finish collection of
golf’s many desired trophies anxious guest during a Tee-Off Night in
a Double Cone building during BMW Welt, during that a groups for the
following day’s Pro-Am were drawn. The guest are among a three
million visitors per year who come to BMW Welt to find out some-more about
all a brands in a BMW Group in one considerable knowledge world.

Quotes from a BMW Major Champion Challenge.

Sergio García: “It was great. Good fun. We enjoyed
it. It’s good to be behind in Munich personification a BMW International Open
again. Every contest we play is special. Obviously, a Masters is
amazing, though that doesn’t meant that this week’s BMW International Open
is not a large contest or important. We come here to play a best we
can and to give ourselves an event to win. That’s a devise for
a week. Hopefully we can do it on Sunday.”

Henrik Stenson: “We had a fun time here during a home
of BMW in Munich. I’ve played this contest many times and, of
course, it’s good to be behind here as fortifying champion. Munich is a
poetic city and BMW always puts on a good uncover for us. It’s a fun
foe here in front of a guests. But still, it’s always nice
to put it closer than not. If we can keep Sergio and Martin behind me
for a rest of a week, that will be good too.”

Martin Kaymer: “I usually knew a BMW Z8 from a James
Bond film, and that was a few years ago. It was really good to get to
expostulate it now. It is not something we see each day on a roads. The
plea was fun. Events like that are always really good for the
guests, and it is apparently a good approach for us to feel the approach into the
contest a little.”

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