BMW Motorrad announces a prices for a new R nineT Pure and R nineT Racer. R nineT Pure – precisionist roadster for entrance into a BMW Motorrad Heritage universe of experience. R nineT Racer – classical old-school sports motorcycle.

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BMW Motorrad presents a R nineT Racer and R nineT Pure – two
motorcycles that supplement dual sparkling new facets to a BMW Motorrad
Heritage universe of experience: a roadster reduced to a essentials
and a classic, old-school half-faired sports motorcycle. These are
both concepts that were renouned in a 1960s and 1970s and inspire
some-more and some-more motorcycle enthusiasts today.


Prices and launch dates of a new BMW R nineT models.

The BMW R nineT Pure will be sole in
during a cost of 
EUR 12,300.00 incl. 19%
VAT (recommended sell price).

The BMW R nineT Racer will be sole in
EUR 13,300.00 incl. 19% VAT
(recommended sell price).

Both birthright models will be launched in Mar 2017.


R nineT Pure: precisionist roadster for dynamic, classical riding
pleasure on nation roads.

The R nineT Pure embodies a hint of a purist, classic
roadster – authentically designed, but frills and reduced to the
extensive essentials. The pattern draws on a mix of both classical and
complicated stylistic elements of motorcycle construction total with
high-end sum such as footrests and flare bridges in fake aluminium.

The fuel tank and front mudguard of a BMW R nineT Pure are
finished in a colour Catalano Grey non-metallic. In combination
with black for a cessation and drivetrain, this colour emphasises
a precisionist sense of a R nineT Pure as a roadster for dynamic,
classical roving pleasure on nation roads.


R nineT Racer: classical 1970s sports motorcycle feeling.

The R nineT Racer deliberately arouses memories of a sports
motorcycles renouned in a early 1970s. Crouched, compress and
elongated, it conveys a clarity of old-school sporty end with
a strikingly brief half-fairing, mound seat, stub handlebars and
shock footrests, mixing this altogether sense with complicated technology.

In Lightwhite non-metallic total with ambience that is
suggestive of past BMW Motorsport colours, a R nineT Racer is
quite light and jaunty in appearance. The support finished in
Aluminium Silver prominently presents an architectural contrariety with
a black drivetrain, underscoring a station of a R nineT Racer
as an old-school sports motorcycle designed for energetic roving fun
on circuitous roads.


The highlights of a BMW R nineT Racer and R nineT Pure:

  • Potent fighter engine with a ability of 1 170 cc and an output
    of 81 kW (110 hp) that meets EU4 requirements.
  • Modular support with range for customising, allowing
    individualisation according to personal taste.
  • Five-spoke light amalgamate expel wheels, 3.5 x 17″ during front
    and 5.5 x 17″ during back (optional wire-spoked wheels).
  • 320-millimetre twin front stop during a front. ABS as standard.
  • ASC (Automatic Stability Control) as an ex works option.
  • 2-in-1 empty complement done of immaculate steel (polished in the
    Racer, brushed in a Pure).
  • High-end sum such as flare bridges and footrests in fake aluminium.
  • R nineT Pure in Catalano Grey non-metallic as a classic,
    precisionist roadster.
  • R nineT Racer with half-fairing, mound chair and set-back
    footrests in a character of a 1970s sports motorcycle.
  • R nineT Racer in Lightwhite non-metallic total with
    varicoloured ambience suggestive of past BMW Motorsport colours,
    with a support in Aluminium Silver.


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