BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento. A intelligent all-rounder for a road.

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Munich. At this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa
d’Este, a BMW Group provides a demeanour forward to what an sparkling new
Adventure Sport indication competence demeanour like: The BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento
(pronounced ‘nove cento’) combines tension and opening with an
brave spirit, lively and roving fun to emanate a ideal sports
furloughed bike. Whether motorways, Alpine passes, slight alleyways
by remote villages or simply saying and being seen in front of
a café on a marketplace block – a BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento is the
ideal choice for a extemporaneous outing to Lake Como – as good as for
a surrounding landscape and distant beyond.

The BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento presents a intelligent judgment for the
future. “It doesn’t always have to be about ‘bolder, bigger,
brighter’ nowadays: this judgment bike focuses on achieving a clarity of
balance,” says Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design BMW Motorrad.
“We’ve combined a bike that combines a suitable energy with
arguable sports furloughed properties and above all lots of roving fun,
so it’s an appealing altogether package. It brings together a best of
a sports, journey and furloughed segments to furnish an exciting
judgment – in a category that has not seen this kind of indication from BMW
before. The BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento is a interpretation of a
complicated all-rounder for a new mid-range segment,” explains
Heinrich, and he adds: “Functional properties such as touring
capability, storage space and wind/weather insurance are applicable to
many motorcyclists yet they’re frequency enclosed in a pattern of a
judgment vehicle. In this year’s judgment bike we’re demonstrating that
all these receptive aspects can be joined with a energetic pattern to
emanate something unequivocally sparkling and rarely emotional.”

Proportions reflecting lively and
With a compress silhouette, a BMW Motorrad
Concept 9cento conveys lively and levity during initial steer – its
proportions simply make we wish to get on and float off. The basic
sporty pattern with lots of volume nearby a front circle and a
brief high back promises roving fun and flexible handling. The striking
styling of a fairing, fuel tank and support serve highlights the
concentration on a instruction of travel. Here, a three-dimensional
modelling of a fuel tank area generally comes into a possess as a
outcome of a paint finish with contemplative chrome effect. The hovering
side row in Pure Metal Silver is standard of a Adventure Sport
shred and is rarely recognisable. On all aluminium tools such as the
executive tank cover, a back conduit and a footrest holder, the
logging is destined towards a front wheel. This finely grooved
aspect structure is usually apparent on tighten investigation and has the
outcome of a topographical betterment relief.
The cessation is
designed to be ideal for touring. A prolonged open transport ensures ride
comfort and gives a bike a clarity of light-footedness. Meanwhile the
windshield and fairing safeguard glorious breeze and continue protection.
The ergonomic controls and comparatively low, honest seating position
are dual additional pivotal factors that minister to ideal roving fun
over prolonged distances.

Lightweight construction for lively and energetic performance.

The support triangle of a BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento
is reinforced with CFRP fleece: it not usually reduces a bike’s overall
weight yet also links a three-dimensional pattern of a front trim
to a aluminium back carrier. The latter is milled and likewise
geared consistently to weight reduction, consisting usually of the
compulsory support structure. The manifest opening between a frame
triangle and chair serve highlights a lightweight construction principle.

Innovative box complement guarantees high
One sole prominence of a BMW
Motorrad Concept 9cento is a innovative storage space concept
comprising a clip-on box element. The double box not usually offers
storage space, it also extends a seating area for a passenger. It
is bending into a back conduit from above if required, and there is a
absolute electromagnet that attaches a component firmly to a lower
territory of a back carrier. This complement creates it probable to have two
organic versions of a same bike. Without a case, a BMW Motorrad
Concept 9cento has limit lively and ideally meets a rider’s
needs in terms of roving fun; with a cases, a judgment bike is
remade into a furloughed motorcycle that is also good versed to
lift dual people. The box complement is harmoniously integrated in the
judgment bike’s styling, reflecting a high-quality, holistic approach
of BMW Motorrad design.

Front and back with hallmark lighting
The slight front conformation further promises
manoeuvrability and agility. Here, a particular front territory of
a BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento deliberately echoes comforts drawn
from a Adventure Sport segment, interpreting them in a own
evil way. The headlight is complicated in style, featuring two
exquisite flare elements. Each of a dual elements has an iconic LED
daytime roving light in a reduce territory with a flat, energetic U
shape, while dual compress LED lenses on any side yield a low and
high beam. This creates a hallmark lighting pattern that creates the
judgment bike now recognizable as a BMW motorcycle – both during
a day and during night.

The back lights are only as particular in pattern as a front
lights: a dual LED elements are integrated underneath a chair and
underline a informed BMW Motorrad pattern pattern of a dual C shapes
confronting any other in a technical look. This means they fit perfectly
in a narrow, well-defined back silhouette, capturing a hint of
a BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento in a nutshell.

Two jackets, dual versions.
Two motorcycling
jackets have been grown to go with a BMW Motorrad Concept
9cento. They any simulate a judgment bike’s properties with their
polished reduction of leather and Kevlar fabric: Sport and
The sporty chronicle comforts distinguished caricature in black,
blue and white. The protectors integrated in a shoulders are
quite prominent. They are constructed by means of 3D printing. The
second coupler is light grey and reflects a character geared some-more towards
civic chic, featuring a really soothing leather with a high-quality
Both jackets bear a “9cento” signet clearly
visibly, thereby rounding off a display of a BMW Motorrad
Concept Bike during a Concorso d’Eleganza 2018.

The BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento has a intensity to expand
today’s idea of a complicated sports furloughed bike by adding smart
functionality. Practical properties are interpreted in an emotional
design, yet but neglecting lively and roving fun.

In box of queries greatfully contact:

Antonia Cecchetti, Communications BMW Motorrad
+49 89 382-60757

Markus Sagemann, Head of Communications MINI, BMW
Telephone: +49 89 382-68796


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