BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Central Asia 2018. Day 8. Final. Team South Africa winning – again!

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Once during Chingisiin Khuree a GS riders faced a final hurdle,
a ‘Monster Trial’. Here all 3 group members entered the
extended plea together and roving opposite a time rode over
several banks, ditches and along a dried- adult stream bed before
holding on 3 sub-sections that serve tested their bike
doing skills. These enclosed a full-lock obstruction territory and a GS
Trophy favourite, a ‘elephant turn’ (maybe a camel spin given
this is Mongolia!) where a riders have to spin spin their GS a
full 180o.

With a 43 indicate advantage going into this test, for Team South
Africa a win was theirs to lose, despite with triple points
accessible they could still be beaten. But being such a
well-drilled group this wasn’t going to happen, and loyal to form
they put in an glorious performance, fast, sharp and accurate –
and calculated, any supplement forfeiting dual points in a obstruction when
they dabbed (put their feet down) to safeguard protected spin turns. It
was a opening estimable of champions, despite they were beaten by
Team France who blazed to their second day win to come within two
points of overturning Team USA for a runner-up position.

So while Team South Africa again took a winners’ trophies, and
Teams USA and France a runners-ups’ trophies nothing of a GS
riders left dull handed as any supplement was given a radiator
covers from their GS to take home. No typical covers, these had
been 3D printed in aluminium and machined with their supplement number
and name integrated into a design. A souvenir to remind them of
8 of a many sparkling days in a wilds of Mongolia, an
unusual country, on a exquisite GS, an unusual motorcycle. 


Mark Dickinson, Team South Africa: “It was a good day
today. We lerned as tough as we could before we came to the
eventuality and that has paid off over a days and especially
currently in a final trial. But equally importantly we’ve had
fun and while a whole BMW GS village is like a family
we’ve done some generally good friends while we’ve been
here. And with a GS Trophy it doesn’t finish during a chequered
flag, we’ve been exchanging addresses and amicable media
hit information all week and we know we’ll be in touch
and creation visits on any other in a years to come. We’ve
all common this special knowledge and that’s combined a bond
between us. It’s been a good event, and to win again makes
it perfect.”

BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy 2018 Central Asia.
Final standings:

1 South Africa 338

2 USA 286
3 France 284
4 Latin America 246

5 Mexico 236

6 Korea 221

7 UK 196
8 Germany 193

9 Russia 171
10 Australia 170
11 Argentina 162

12 Southeast Asia 155

13 China 144

14Canada 137


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