BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Southeast Asia 2016, Day 3. Memorable towering motorcycling from Mae Hong Son to Mae Sariang.

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With a poignant stretch to cover, a day started early with
a pre-dawn distinguished of camp, and a 7am depart in credentials for
a longest day in a saddle so far. Conditions were primarily cool
though fast warmed adult as a teams climbed their approach to around 1,500
metres, while roving a ridge-lines from one towering operation to
another on a brew of clay, dirt and sandy surfaces, that are more
typically compared with closed-course enduro racing.


The initial Special came after about 75 kilometres of off-road heaven
by inhabitant parkland, unaware high-altitude tiered rice
fields and rebellious countless switchbacks and slight marks along the
way. The Special took place in an area of hulk Bamboo trees, and
competitors initial had to theory how many bamboo stalks were flourishing in
a certain area. Then, a group member indispensable to mount a tree around four
metres high to find a dark message, a essence of that indispensable to
be delivered to their Marshal. Finally, a group had to theory how many
metres above sea turn they were, though looking during their GPS units!


Another 90 kilometres of a remotest Thailand unfolded before the
competitors’ eyes as they rode from encampment to encampment – most to the
entertainment of a locals, who spilled out onto their streets as a GS
Trophy playground upheld through, with screams of pleasure from school
children, accessible waves from marketplace traders and eager welcomes
whenever a riders stopped to take in a special atmosphere.


A inclusive stream channel and a acquire shade of a local timberland helped
keep everybody cold as temperatures climbed good into a 30s en route
to a second Special, where teams enjoyed a speed and braking
exercise. Accelerating tough over 70 metres, afterwards interlude a front
circle inside a noted box sounds easy, though when a adrenaline and
vigour of foe kicks in, it valid to be harder than it
looked for many. Not so for Team South Africa, who were clinical in
this exercise.

Following this Special was a dream territory of tarmac for highway riders
– and in this box off-road enthusiasts – as a 90km undulating final
relationship disfigured and incited all a approach to a subsequent bivouac during Mae
Sariang, charity inclusive views into a valleys next and
plateau beyond. Refreshments on attainment during a stay in a Salawin
inhabitant park never tasted so good.


It was a truly noted day for all competitors, though maybe none
some-more so than a new countries and their teams experiencing a GS
Trophy journey for a initial time. Among these are Team China and
Team Southeast Asia, who gave us their initial impressions.

Tommy Lee Boon Jun, Singapore, Team South East Asia


“I consider we are enjoying a GS Trophy maybe a small too much! We
were really critical primarily though afterwards we done lots and lots of
mistakes, so we motionless instead to suffer a event, given it is a
great-great event. It’s good to accommodate so many people with a same
interest, and with really identical roving capability, so we float together
well. It’s hugely enjoyable.”


Liang Wen-Hao, China:


“We are enjoying a GS Trophy really much. I’ve privately owned a GS
given 2006, so this is a smashing jubilee of a past 10 years
for me, we knew we contingency come to this event. With all a riders from
around a world, it’s so special, it’s each GS rider’s dream.


“As a team, we chose to float here, rather than fly, it was 4 days
to get here, though that helped harmonize us before we started. We love
Thailand as well, all a people are smiling, a people in China call
Thailand ‘the smiling country’, it’s a special place.”


As is normal during a Trophy, all points were totalled after the
dusk dish and there was utterly a change in a leaderboard – thanks
in partial to a formula of a teams’ print foe that was
massively upheld worldwide and won by some domain by Latin America.
As things mount after day three, Team South Africa have consolidated
their heading position from yesterday, with Latin America and Germany
17 and 22 points behind respectively.


Catch all a latest updates online during and also via
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



Results BMW Motorrad Int. GS Trophy 2016 Day Three:


1          South Africa                                       124 pts.

2          Latin America                                     107 pts.

3          Germany                                            102 pts.

4          Brazil                                                  98 pts.

4          CEEU                                                98 pts.

4          UK                                                      98 pts.

7          China                                                 95 pts.

8          Argentina                                          89 pts.

  9        Mexico                                               86 pts.

10       France                                               85 pts.

11       USA                                                   84 pts.

12       Russia                                                80 pts.

13       Canada                                              75 pts.

14       Italy                                                    67 pts

15       International Female Team               59 pts.

16       Alps                                                    58 pts.

16       South East Asia                                 58 pts.

18       Japan                                                 51 pts.

19       South Korea                                       49 pts.




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