BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Southeast Asia 2016, Day 6. Toughest day nonetheless brings a biggest smiles during #gstrophy 2016.

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There was a tangible tragedy during breakfast this morning, as chief
organise Tomm Wolf’s difference were still toll in a ears of the
riders, who had been warned to design a severely tough, but
eventually rewarding day, where teamwork, support and intelligent
roving would win a day.


It was an early depart from a bivouac during Khun Tan this
morning, and with a points sum so close, there was most that
could be gained – or mislaid – during this critical penultimate day of competition.


The initial Special came some 27 kilometres down a trail. And
what a special! In hint a 10-kilometre singular lane section; in
existence a two-hour toil over a roughest turf seen yet, ridden
in 37º feverishness and high humidity. The riders faced a never-ending
period of steep, revengeful rock-strewn paths, trails that
would be wily adequate on a tiny enduro bike, so a genuine exam on a
strong BMW GS journey bike. The tip riders dazzled with their
dauntless and mostly successful attacks on a climbs, though were typically
forced to park their BMW GS bikes and run behind down a slippery
slopes to assistance their reduction advantageous team-mates – a difference
between success a disaster being a smallest secret tree root, or
lax rock. The themes here were intercourse and group spirit, and
usually by removing all your friends to a tip of a towering could points
be awarded. At a top, a satisfactory prerogative of a acquire rest and recovery
on a untrustworthy banks of a towering lake.


The fun voiced by a riders on reaching a tip of a trail
was one of a defining moments of a 2016 GS Trophy, though the
competitors still had copiousness of roving forward of them, so it was
‘onwards and upwards’ for a subsequent 15 kilometres, with nonetheless another
super-committing towering stand claiming nonetheless some-more ‘victims’, until the
teams arrived during a second Special – a Trophy favourite that is the
towing practice that, as ever, is harder than it looks. The task
confronting a teams sounded simple: use one GS to draw another adult a
towering track, spin around an barrier and come behind down again,
though stalling a engine, interlude or falling.


After this burdensome plea in a withering heat, a next
100 ‘clicks’ took a riders by a alpine jungle region
with implausible views from a unconstrained switchbacks that demanded
high levels of thoroughness from all. On attainment during a bivouac in
lifelike Wassana Raja, there was no time for rest and relaxation,
since nonetheless another Special awaited them. ‘Pit Stop’ sounded simple
adequate and in a common circumstances, a colour-coded triple wheel
change seems sincerely straightforward, though total with a mental
lassitude that comes from roughly a week of complete riding, and
mistakes can simply be made, generally when a time is running.
Keeping a cold conduct underneath vigour were Team UK, whose circle changes
were a slickest by far.


The altogether points were energetically awaited this evening, and
righteously so. Accompanied by a credentials carol of cicadas and
croaking frogs, BMW Motorrad’s organise and member of a jury
Christian Pingitzer suggested a latest standings. It was unchanged
in a tip three, with Team South Africa, Team Germany and Team UK
remaining a strongest contenders for GS Trophy honours tomorrow
evening. Twenty-four hours from now, a final outcome will be clear.


Catch all a latest updates online during and also via
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Results BMW Motorrad Int. GS Trophy 2016 Day Six:


1     South Africa

2     Germany

3     UK

4     China

5     Latin America

6     CEEU

7     Brazil

8     USA

9     France

10   Argentina

11   Mexico

12   Italy

13   Russia

14   Canada

15   South Korea

16   South East Asia                                             128

17   Japan

18   International Female Team                           102

Alps                                                                102









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