BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Southeast Asia 2016, Day 7. Team South Africa crowned 2016 GS Trophy champions!

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The contingent of John Harris, Byron Coetsee and Charl Moolman had led
a foe given day dual and nonetheless they were pushed tough by
both Team Germany and Team UK until a really final Special on the
final day, they kept their cold underneath substantial vigour and in
so doing, took a Trophy home to South Africa for a initial time.
In a chronological initial for a GS Trophy, dual teams were tied for
second place – Team Germany and Team UK.

But when a day started, there was still all to play
for, with usually 19 points separating a tip three. And with double
points on offer for a final Special, there was wish for all teams
as a opening Special began. It came only 20 kilometres out from
a starting indicate in Chae Son and was entitled ‘Twisted Turn’. In
hint it was a group practice to transparent a array of ever tightening
turns on a two-tiered course, with a common chastisement points for feet
touching a belligerent or dropping a bike. It was moving to watch
a slow-speed control and change of certain riders, generally the
womanlike contingent who showed illusory skills and technique in this
exercise. Team Brazil were, however, a winners of this Special.

There were many some-more highlights to follow, with a wonderfully
issuing territory by a hunger timberland high in a plateau followed
by an extended and devious mountain-descent on tarmac to clearly
denote a flexibility of a
BMW R 1200 GS. Then
followed a event during km 126 with around 100 riders from
Thailand, Malaysia and China, who had trafficked in on their BMW
bikes to support a GS Trophy. For a final 50 kilometres ride-in
to a Rim Doi Resort in Chiang Dao, these enthusiastic, friendly
riders assimilated a Trophy teams and marshals, and helped form a huge
procession that snaked a approach to a plcae for a final Special
exam of 2016.

It took place during a beside motocross training track, much
to a pleasure of a teams, who finished it their business to show
accurately how a large journey bike like a BMW GS can be hustled
around a tight, twisty lane with a learned supplement during a controls.
With crowds of enthusiasts backing a circuit and entertaining a teams
all a approach from their Le Mans-style starts by bumps, turns and
whoops to a severe high ascending finish, it was a super approach to
finish a roving partial of a Trophy. This final Special was won by a
widespread Team South Africa.

As for a GS bikes, they have hold adult remarkably well
deliberation a impassioned tough use they have been subjected to over
a past 7 days and some-more than 1,300 kilometres of competition.
Despite being forsaken off ‘broken bridges’, dragged through
boulder-strewn stream crossings, hauled over outrageous logs, and ridden
tough opposite each form of turf and barrier imaginable, there has
been frequency any repairs during all to a swift of over 100 BMW R 1200 GS
and GS Adventures. A few tyres have been altered due to punctures, a
integrate of clutches and coolers have been replaced, as have a few
mirrors and levers, though there have been no technical failures at
all. All in all, it’s a acquire acknowledgment of a indestructible
inlet of a BMW GS, as good as a good pursuit finished by
BMW Motorrad Accessories in safeguarding a bikes.

All good things contingency come to an finish of course, and nonetheless the
roving was over, there was still time for a final evening
jubilee and points announcement, and a Trophy playground was
assimilated by many invited guest from opposite Asia, who were welcomed
for a festivities.

Having come tighten to Trophy honours several times before (second
place in 2010 and 2014), Team South Africa were gay winners:
“Relief is a initial emotion, afterwards happiness,” voiced an
vivacious Byron Coetsee. “South Africa’s lane record in a event
has been seconds and thirds, we even missed out on a win in 2010
by as small as one point, so to finish like this, it’s like the
weight of a universe is carried off a shoulders. We share this
feat with a prior GS Trophy group riders.”

Quote Heiner Faust, Vice President Sales and Marketing, BMW
“I’m so gratified we staged this latest International
GS Trophy in Southeast Asia and welcomed riders from opposite the
creation to this smashing region, including a initial ever womanlike team
who were truly inspiring. Once again a foe has been tough
and sparkling from start to finish. As all of a teams have
discovered, Thailand is an extraordinary place for journey motorcycling,
generally when we are roving with new friends who share exactly
a same passion as you. This passion has been reflected by the
thousands of enthusiasts worldwide who have been following the
Trophy online around a several amicable media channels.
Motorrad village has truly intent with a suggestion of a GS
Trophy and we’re certain that this success story will continue for a
prolonged time.”

Catch all a latest updates online during and also via
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


BMW Motorrad Int. GS Trophy 2016 Day Seven final results:


1     South Africa

2     Germany

2     UK

4     CEEU

5     Latin America

6     Brazil

7     China

8     USA

9     France

10   Italy

11   Argentina

12   Mexico

13   Russia

14   Canada

15   South Korea

16   Japan

16   South East Asia                                             138

Alps                                                                117

19   International Female Team                           116







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