BMW Motorrad iParts revolutionises gangling tools management.

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Munich. A ragged valve tip in a center of the
Icelandic ice desert, a rigging push damaged off in a inlet of the
Brazilian jungle or a separate oil sump in a hamada: this kind of
problem mostly leads to a extensive stop if not a finish of a
motorcycle debate or a long-distance outing on dual wheels.

For this reason BMW Motorrad will be charity BMW
Motorrad iParts
as an discretionary apparatus object from this
summer. This is a 3D copy complement that will concede BMW Motorrad
dealers and business to imitation out gangling tools as compulsory on site so
as to be means to continue their tour as quick as possible.

High-performance 3D printers during BMW Motorrad sales partners
and 3D Mobile Printers for travel on the
For this purpose, 250 comparison BMW Motorrad
sales partners worldwide will be primarily propitious with a permanently
commissioned 3D copy system. This system, that includes an
integrated estimate centre, allows a make and subsequent
machining of vast and formidable tools such as shelf gears, climax gears
and engine housings. In this way, BMW Motorrad will be lifting the
whole area of gangling tools to a new level: a new complement will mean
that even really frequency compulsory tools not generally stocked by BMW
Motorrad sales partners can be granted on a just-in-time basis.

3D Mobile Printers for travel on a motorcycle.

Smaller tools such as handbrake, purchase or rigging levers, valve
caps, flare bridges and spin indicator eyeglasses can even be printed out
by BMW Motorrad business themselves regulating a BMW Motorrad
iParts 3D Mobile Printer
. This can be finished not only during home
though even when out and about, given a accessible high-tech device can be
conveniently stowed in a tip box or side case.

Integration of a 3D Mobile Printer in a specifically developed
CFRP tip case.

In sequence to recompense for a additional weight of a mobile
printer, a special tip box done of CFRP has been grown charity a
weight rebate of approximately 4.5 kg as compared to a customary top
case. Special covering structuring in a CFRP twine combination ensures
sound and quivering damping for optimum, disruption-free use of the
printer. It was also probable to confederate a energy supply in the
laminate so as to equivocate cables being manifest on a outside.

Download of pattern information and element specifications from the
BMW iCloud around smartphone, inscription or PC onto a 3D
The pattern information and element specifications
compulsory for copy functions are granted from a BMW iCloud,
either during a customer’s home or during travel: a information is
downloaded directly onto a 3D copy systems around mobile phone,
inscription or PC. A functioning internet tie is of march required
for successful download.

Anyone travelling on their motorbike to quite remote
areas of a world where an internet tie is not always
accessible can make use of a discretionary apparatus object BMW
Motorrad iParts Explorer
. This enables a preference of
potentially compulsory gangling tools information to be saved directly on the
smartphone before environment off on a journey.

Selective laser sintering – rarely worldly laser
record for quick and accurate prolongation of spare
3D copy was determined in a area of parts
growth some 20 years ago in a form of supposed Rapid
Prototyping. Even behind afterwards it was probable to emanate gangling tools from
cosmetic regulating laser record and a CNC-controlled layering method.
This technique has given modernized extremely and it is now possible
to furnish gangling tools done of several steel alloys using
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS).

In further to formulating tools from metals such as aluminium,
steel and titanium, a BMW Motorrad iParts 3D printers also allow
quick turn-out of cosmetic parts. This means that a spin indicator glass
that is damaged during a fall, for instance, can quick be replaced
with a print-out version. It is even probable to reinstate a cracked
back counterpart regulating a BMW iParts 3D printers.

Intensive lab contrast of a BMW Motorrad iPart 3D Mobile
Printers as good as margin trials in impassioned meridian zones opposite the
BMW Motorrad has carried out extensive
organic and strength tests on all a tools authorized for 3D
copy – primarily in a lab and after in a field. Ignaz
Druckmeyer, Head of BMW Motorrad iParts: “Once again we were able
to pull on in-house synergies and daub into a applicable preliminary
growth work carried out by BMW Automobiles. Ultimately the
plea was to rise a small, unstable nonetheless high-performance 3D
printer for travel on a motorcycle. We managed to achieve
this in a form of a BMW Motorrad iPart 3D Mobile Printer. The SLS
section is versed with a possess energy supply – a high-performance saline
battery – and was subjected to a operation of rarely severe functional
tests both in impassioned cold and in peppery feverishness with a high turn of
dirt exposure.”

The BMW Motorrad iPart 3D Mobile Printer was many recently
unprotected to impassioned conditions in a Australian outback, for example.
Even during rise temperatures of and 48 degrees Celsius and with high
volumes of dust, a replicated tools equalled their conventionally
made counterparts in all respects.

The BMW Motorrad iPart 3D Mobile Printer was also subjected to
impassioned cold in a Antarctic. At temperatures of reduction 52 degrees,
a BMW Motorrad contrast group followed in a footsteps of Roald
Amundsen, travelling on 4 BMW R 1200 GS to strech a South Pole on
16 Dec 2017 – accurately 106 years after Amundsen’s discovery. As
was a box on Amundsen’s possess speed a preserve was erected, in
this box symbolically representing a BMW Motorsport tent – with
aluminium tent poles constructed directly on site regulating a BMW Motorrad
iPart 3D Mobile Printer.

The marketplace launch of a new discretionary apparatus object BMW
Motorrad iParts and a BMW Motorrad iPart 3D Mobile Printer will be
in Sep 2018.

You will find press element on BMW motorcycles and BMW Motorrad
supplement apparatus in a BMW Group PressClub during

In box of queries greatfully contact:

Tim Diehl-Thiele, Head of Communication BMW Motorrad
+49 89 382 57505, Fax: +49 89 382-7061001, E-Mail:

The BMW Group

With a 4 brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, a BMW
Group is a world’s heading reward manufacturer of automobiles and
motorcycles and also provides reward financial and mobility services.
The BMW Group prolongation network comprises 30 prolongation and assembly
comforts in 14 countries; a association has a tellurian sales network in
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In 2017, a BMW Group sole over 2,463,500 newcomer vehicles and
some-more than 164,000 motorcycles worldwide. The distinction before taxation in the
financial year 2017 was € 10.655 billion on revenues amounting to €
98.678 billion. As of 31 Dec 2017, a BMW Group had a workforce
of 129,932 employees.

The success of a BMW Group has always been formed on long-term
meditative and obliged action. The association has therefore established
ecological and amicable sustainability via a value chain,
extensive product shortcoming and a transparent joining to
conserving resources as an constituent partial of a strategy.

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