BMW Motorrad Motorsport organises special training courses for group technicians and members of a general BMW staff.

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Munich (DE), 30th Mar 2016. Among a many offers from BMW Motorrad
Motorsport’s successful general patron competition programme are
complete training courses for riders, group technicians and BMW
dealers around a world. These workshops capacitate a business to
serve feat a full intensity of their BMW S 1000 RR race
machines, while, during a same time, a tellurian network of BMW Motorrad
Motorsport experts in a inhabitant markets is growing.


Last week, dual two-day training courses were reason during a BMW Group
Training Academy in Unterschleißheim nearby Munich (DE). They were
attended by racing teams and BMW employees from Germany, Austria,
Italy, Spain, a Netherlands, Great Britain, Sweden and a US. They
were lerned in dual groups of 15 participants each. The specialists
from BMW Motorrad Motorsport supposing minute information on a BMW
S 1000 RR’s worldly technology, as good as a racing software
supposing by BMW Motorrad Motorsport, a HP Race Calibration Kit, the
HP Race Power Kit and a Data Logger.


“To sight a teams and a internal BMW dealers in a record and
set-up of a RR is an critical post in a support for our
customers,” explained Berthold Hauser, BMW Motorrad Motorsport
Technical Director. “With these training courses, we can directly pass
a imagination and a believe a specialists have from many years
in general racing on to a customers. Participants in these
training courses learn how to set-up a bike’s wiring for race
outings and how to optimise a automatic set-up, in, for example,
a framework area. The riders and teams can put this believe into
use on their RRs. The BMW dealers, who are a categorical contact
partners for a teams in a inhabitant markets, are supposing with a
expertise with that to support their business on site when required.”


“At BMW Motorrad Motorsport, it is a truth to be a tighten and
clever partner of a business and to offer them a most
extensive support,” pronounced Uwe Geyer, Head of BMW Motorrad
Motorsport Marketing. “This is what a BMW Motorrad Motorsport family
is about – pity a mindfulness of racing and operative closely
together to be successful all around a world. These courses are very
most appreciated by a business all around a globe. This does not
usually go for a training courses we organize here in Munich, though also
for a workshops we reason directly in some inhabitant markets:
Australia, South Africa and Thailand. As a result, a worldwide BMW
Motorrad Motorsport family has been strengthened further. It was great
to see BMW teams and staff members from so many opposite countries
entrance together here in Munich.”


In 2016 some-more workshops are scheduled for a entrance months in Great
Britain, Malaysia and additional countries.


You can find all a information on a BMW Motorrad Motorsport
activities online during a BMW Motorrad Motorsport website:


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