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Munich. Precise debate planning, arguable navigation,
interesting communication with a passenger, write use and
loose delight of song – a endless operation of BMW Motorrad
accessories leaves zero to be preferred in terms of these activities
when travelling by motorcycle.

1. Optional apparatus object BMW Motorrad Connectivity with TFT
arrangement and BMW Motorrad Connected App.
With the
discretionary apparatus object BMW Motorrad Connectivity,
countless BMW motorcycles already offer an innovative resolution for
day-to-day navigation and multimedia use. What is more, travel-related
information is granted with good clarity and around wholly intuitive
operation. The networking of motorcycle, smartphone and helmet via
Bluetooth opens adult a whole new operation of possibilities, while the
Multi-Controller ensures elementary control of a functions during all times.
The required instrument cluster creates approach for a large, clearly
structured TFT arrangement that provides a supplement with entrance
write use and media (both in and with a BMW
Motorrad Communication System
), as good as additional
automobile information over and above what was accessible formerly such
as highway speed and engine speed. What is more, a giveaway BMW
Motorrad Connected App
offers navigation and other
additional functions, too. In this way, BMW Motorrad connectivity
enables motorcyclists to concentration on what unequivocally depends many – namely the
roads to be explored.

Smartphone-based, most oriented navigation with arrow
The discretionary apparatus item
BMW Motorrad Connectivity in and with a BMW Motorrad
Connected App creates day-to-day navigation even some-more straightforward.
The tie between smartphone and automobile allows a supplement to
navigate clearly and reliably to their end formed on a
most oriented turn-by-turn arrow complement shown on a TFT
arrangement – a routine that is generally effective and discerning in an
civic setting. Riders can download maps over their wireless LAN at
home, creation them eccentric from a mobile communications network
while navigating. Meanwhile a twin USB assign wire provides the
smartphone with a energy supply. For some-more perfectionist tours there is
still a choice of a timeless BMW Motorrad
, that is concordant with a TFT display.

Convenient use of a write during transport as
The multiple of a helmet with the
BMW Motorrad Communication System and a discretionary apparatus item
BMW Motorrad Connectivity enables accessible use of a write even
during travel. The TFT arrangement gives a supplement a perspective of a contact
list on their smartphone, enabling preference and job of the
preferred hit regulating a Multi-Controller. Incoming calls are also
shown on a display: they can simply be supposed or deserted using
a Multi-Controller. Travel-related information such as speed and
rigging position is manifest during all times interjection to a BMW Motorrad
arrangement judgment in a clearly designed display.

2. BMW Motorrad communication complement and
The BMW Motorrad Communication System enables
rider/passenger conversations, use of a write and also perfect
navigation around a tie with a BMW Motorrad Navigator – and
all this though a supplement carrying to take their eyes off a road.

The BMW Motorrad Communication System, entirely integrated in the
helmet though manifest wiring, offers glorious intercom voice quality
with involuntary termination of disruptive noise. The supplement and
newcomer can speak openly during transport interjection to wireless voice
communication. The communication complement provides for adult to three
connectors per helmet. Bluetooth allows elementary tie with
Bluetooth-capable inclination such as a BMW Motorrad Navigator, a
smartphone, an MP3 actor or a TFT display. What is more, the
communication complement can also be bending adult to a motorcycle’s audio –
for instance in a BMW R 1200 RT, a K 1600
or a K 1600 GTL.

Available in a helmets System 7 Carbon,
System 6, GS Carbon and
Helm AirFlow, a communication complement is perfectly
blending to a geometry of any helmet model. All components are
directly integrated in a helmet bombard though manifest wiring
(homologated according to ECE 22-05), and a helmet-specific pivotal pad
has been designed generally for palliate of use even when wearing
motorcycling gloves.

Excellent sound and voice quality, elementary operation around three
buttons and low weight safeguard an best roving and listening
experience. The BMW Motorrad Communication System operates
exclusively of a vehicle, too. Given a handling duration of 10 to
12 hours until quick battery recharge, extended tours are possible.
Information on assign standing is supposing around an LED display.

New communication complement for a System 7 Carbon
The new BMW Motorrad Communication
System System 7
offers all this and even some-more besides.
Voice peculiarity is even improved interjection to a “wide rope speech”
function. The limit handling duration of a nickel-metal hydride
battery container in a System 7 Carbon is an considerable 16 hours. In
further to a LED display, an acoustic presentation is also provided
when certain assign levels have been reached.
In further to the
3 informed buttons (“On/Off”, “+” and
“-“) offering by a BMW Motorrad Communication System, the
System 7 Carbon provides an additional switch that allows voice
control to be started around a interconnected mobile phone. Automatic
acceptance of write calls is possible, too.

3. BMW Motorrad navigation systems and navigation
BMW Motorrad navigation systems and
navigation accessories do some-more than usually indicate a approach ahead: they
take a supplement on extraordinary routes and lead a approach to eternal riding
fun – possibly regulating a mobile phone with the
BMW Connected App Navigation, a phone in the
Smartphone Cradle, a accessible BMW
Motorrad Navigator Street
or a Navigator VI.

BMW Motorrad Navigator Street.
Navigator Street
is a low-cost entry-level BMW Motorrad navigation device for BMW
motorcycles though navigation preparation. Navigator Street has a
large, splendid 4.3″ touchscreen that can be reliably operated when
wearing gloves and is easy to review even in sunlight. The GPS
navigation device with Bluetooth capability is means to transmit
navigation directions true to a helmet as good allowing
write calls to be supposed or instituted during transport around the
hands-free duty – for instance if a supplement wishes to make a call
to a POI (Point of Interest) directly (in and with the
communication system). The navigation device is accessible with
pre-installed map information for Europe or North America. In further to
giveaway lifelong map updates, a debate formulation module BaseCamp is
supposing for accessible particular track planning, accessible for
download giveaway of assign during
The storage ability of Navigator Street is 8 GB though this can be
stretched around an additional SD label slot.

BMW Motorrad Navigator IV.
The Navigator VI is a
reward BMW Motorrad navigation complement featuring countless innovations
and best functionality. The complement has a 5-inch shade and is
propitious with a round polarisation filter for glorious readability
in clever or even approach sunlight. In further to an integrated
storage ability of 16 GB, a Navigator VI enables deliberate
deterrence of civic areas wherever a trade infrastructure allows by
means of a routing choice “Winding Roads”. Personal route
formulation is also upheld by a duty “Major Highway and
Trunk Road Avoidance”. In and with a function
“Motorway Avoidance”, this allows preference of a perfect
roads for motorcycle routes. Finally, a “Round Trip”
duty enables tours to be designed formed on time, stretch and
halt destinations – nonetheless another approach of creation a motorcycling
knowledge as particular and heated as possible. The feature
“Natural Guidance” creates it probable to have a navigation
directions oral as they would be by a passenger, and in
and with Bluetooth, a new underline “Music
Streaming” allows a supplement to listen to song marks saved on a
smartphone. Even concordant movement cams can be tranquil directly via
a Navigator VI. Depending on a motorcycle indication in question,
accessible and intuitively designed operation of all functions for use
during transport is possibly by means of a 4-button mountain cradle or using
a Multi-Controller on a handlebars. In and with navigation
preparation, other functions are also accessible such as a “My
Motorcycle” pages as good as warning and standing messages. The
discretionary Garmin Smartphone Link App provides entrance to trade jam and
continue information in genuine time. Meanwhile, giveaway lifelong updates of
pre-installed map information and an discretionary automobile designation pack make the
BMW Motorrad Navigator VI a ideal transport companion.

Smartphone and BMW Connected App Navigation.
resolution that is both elementary and unsentimental is navigation regulating a
personal smartphone in and with a BMW Connected App
Navigation and a discretionary apparatus object BMW Motorrad Connectivity.
Smartphone-based navigation takes a motorist fast to their
end by means of an innovative turn-by-turn arrangement system. But
a giveaway BMW Connected App, that can be simply commissioned around the
Google and Apple app stores, offers an even wider operation of
connectivity options. Trips can be logged, for example, and it is even
probable to supplement photographs. In this way, digital mementos can be
combined of each tour. What is more, a “First Mile”
duty allows a plcae of a parked motorcycle to be saved,
creation it really elementary for a supplement to find. In addition, a BMW
Motorrad Connected App allows tours to be common on a height “Rever”.

BMW Motorrad twin USB horse with wire for 12V
The BMW Motorrad dual USB
allows dual mobile inclination to be charged
concurrently during transport around a 12V hollow of a automobile power
complement – possibly smartphone, mobile phone, MP3 player, inscription or
digital camera. Automatic showing of a assign record of all
ordinarily accessible smartphones enables high-speed charging with the
limit assign stream of adult to 2 x 2 amperes.

BMW Motorrad Smartphone Cradle
Charging a smartphone, navigating and staying
online during a
motorcycle debate – all this and most some-more is
probable with a strong
BMW Motorrad Smartphone Cradle. The
dustproof and waterproof shock-resistant cosmetic hardcase holds
smartphones with a shade distance of adult to 5 inches. It also allows
smartphone charging around micro USB as good as wireless charging
according to a Qi standard. Qi-compatible inclination can so be
conveniently charged though a need to block in a assign cable.
Placing a phone in a Qi cradle or assign hire automatically
triggers a charging process. Generally speaking, charging takes
usually somewhat longer than if a required wire routine is used. A
assign indicator displays a stream assign status. The energy supply
to a BMW Motorrad Smartphone Cradle is around a customary motorcycle
hollow accessible as an discretionary apparatus item. The cradle has a
observation window done of anti-glare flex foil to safeguard that a display
and navigation always sojourn clearly visible; it can also be rotated
by 90 degrees for use in both mural and landscape format. The
touchscreen stays easy to review and work during all times.

You will find press element on BMW motorcycles as good as BMW
Motorrad supplement apparatus and Original BMW Motorrad Accessories in the
BMW Group PressClub during

In box of queries greatfully contact:

Dominik Schaidnagel, Communications BMW Motorrad
+49 89 382 50181

Markus Sagemann, Head of Product and Lifestyle Communications
MINI, BMW Motorrad
Tel.: +49 89 382 68796


The BMW Group
With a 4 brands
BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, a BMW Group is a world’s
heading reward manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles and also
provides reward financial and mobility services. The BMW Group
prolongation network comprises 30 prolongation and public comforts in
14 countries; a association has a tellurian sales network in some-more than 140 countries.

In 2017, a BMW Group sole over 2,463,500 newcomer vehicles
and some-more than 164,000 motorcycles worldwide. The distinction before taxation in
a financial year 2017 was € 10.655 billion on revenues amounting to
€ 98.678 billion. As of 31 Dec 2017, a BMW Group had a
workforce of 129,932 employees.

The success of a BMW Group has always been formed on long-term
meditative and obliged action. The association has therefore established
ecological and amicable sustainability via a value chain,
extensive product shortcoming and a transparent joining to
conserving resources as an constituent partial of a strategy.

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