BMW Motorrad presents a new BMW K 1600 GTL. The lush opening furloughed bike has been serve polished and optimised.

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With peerless regulating smoothness, an matchless sound and the
autarchic energy of a 118 kW (160 hp) 6-cylinder in-line engine, the
extensively propitious BMW K 1600 GTL already supposing incomparable
energetic transport pleasure in a existent form. In a revised
version, BMW Motorrad has now optimised a lush performance
furloughed bike even further.


An overview of a highlights of a new BMW K 1600 GTL.

  • Adaptation to EU4 requirements.
  • 6-cylinder in-line engine including new catalytic converters
    and blending information standing according to EU4 requirements, with an
    outlay of 118 kW (160 hp) during 7 750 rpm and a limit torque of
    175 Nm during 5 250 rpm.
  • Enhanced visible presence.
  • optimised breeze and continue insurance due to enlarged
    slipstream deflectors  as good as side trim sections changed further
    to a rear.
  • Relaxed, honest seating viewpoint with handlebars shifted
    serve behind (as compared to a K 1600 GT) and reduce footrests.
  • Electronic cessation Dynamic ESA with involuntary damping
    instrumentation as standard.
  • Reverse support for even easier manoeuvrability as an ex works option.
  • Shift Assistant Pro for changeable adult and down but clutch
    activation as an ex works option.
  • Intelligent Emergency Call as an ex works choice for rapid
    assistance in an collision or puncture (currently usually available
    in European markets with ConnectedDrive capability).
  • New appealing colour schemes:

     – Lightwhite non-metallic

     – Thundergrey lead

     – K 1600 GTL Elegance: Ebony metallic/Blackstorm lead

  • Extensive customary apparatus (ABS Pro, Dynamic Traction
    Control DTC, xenon headlamp, hold and chair heating,
    multi-controller, 3 roving modes, journey control, topcase with
    integrated gentle backrest.etc.).
  • Diverse operation of undying discretionary apparatus items
    (adaptive branch light, daytime roving light, Keyless Ride, Hill
    Start Control, executive locking, fake wheels etc.).
  • New and informed Original BMW Motorrad Accessories, e.g.
    gentle newcomer footboards, additional stop light for
    topcase, HP sports silencer, chrome parts, pile-up bar etc.

Enhanced visible presence, softened breeze and continue protection
and optimised ergonomics for even larger comfort.

The coming of a new K 1600 GTL is generally distinguished due
to a some-more superb and energetic lines. The side trim sections have
been redesigned from a lengthened and some-more fit slipstream
deflectors downwards, for example, and have been drawn retrograde for
softened breeze and continue protection. There are also breeze deflectors
to yield some-more effective insurance for a rider’s hands. The two
mirrors are also newly styled as good has carrying lengthened mirror
areas with an aspherical territory for a serve extended perspective of
trade to a rear. The symbol conduit and indication nomination are
presented in high-quality chrome.

The feet ensure and storage cell on a left and right in
a reduce area of a engine (now both customary features) have also
been redesigned.

Optimum transport bearing is guaranteed by a standard
topcase, propitious with a behind pad that allows a newcomer to lean
behind and relax over prolonged distances.


Electronic cessation Dynamic ESA with involuntary damping
instrumentation as standard.

With a customary electronically tranquil cessation Dynamic
ESA and a composition modes “Road” and “Dynamic”, a new
K 1600 GTL opens adult a whole new dimension of float comfort, stability
and dynamics to yield an exquisite roving experience.

In a customary environment “Road”, damping instrumentation is fully
programmed and offers a really top turn of comfort and traction
over probably all surfaces. Depending on patron preference, the
open preload can be blending to a bucket state during a press of a
symbol and exclusively of a damping. Likewise during a press of a
symbol – conveniently positioned on a handlebars, so it is even
probable during transport – a supplement can switch to a damping
characteristics “Dynamic”, thereby selecting a tighter damping
set-up overall.


New retreat support for accessible manoeuvring.

The new K 1600 GTL meets a final of a lush furloughed bike
even when manoeuvring. The retreat support duty can be
conveniently activated from a left handlebar row during a press of
a button. Movement itself is instituted by a supplement by dire on
a starter button.


Shift Assistant Pro for changeable adult and down but regulating a clutch.

Shift Assistant Pro, accessible as an ex works option, enables
a supplement to conveniently change adult and down but activating the
purchase or stifle valve and can be used for many gearshift operations.


Intelligent Emergency Call as an ex works choice for swift
assistance in an collision or emergency.

Ensuring a fastest probable assistance in a eventuality of an
collision or in situations of puncture and risk can save people’s
lives – something that quite affects motorcyclists. For this
reason, a new K 1600 GTL can be propitious with a e-call system
“Intelligent Emergency Call” as partial of an discretionary apparatus item
accessible ex works.

This choice will be introduced in countless European markets by
2018. It should be remarkable that this duty will primarily usually be
accessible in markets with ConnectedDrive capability.


Comfortable footboards and disdainful fake wheels as
individualisation options.

A far-reaching operation of Original BMW Motorrad Accessories and optional
apparatus apparatus accessible ex works means that a new K 1600 GTL
leaves probably zero to be desired. New footrest bottom plates now
assent designation of gentle footboards for a passenger.
Newly designed, discretionary fake wheels, any with eleven double
spokes, serve raise a exclusivity of a K 1600 GTL.


Three disdainful colour variants from “Sport” to “Elegance”.
The new K 1600 GTL is presented in a 3 new colour variants
Lightwhite non-metallic, Thundergrey lead and Ebony
metallic/Blackstorm metallic.

In and with an engine in Platinum metallic as good as
a support and resisting tools in a finish Monolith metallic
matt, a colour Lightwhite non-metallic highlights a flowing
proportions and a romantic pattern of a K 1600 GTL.

By contrast, a colour Thundergrey metallic gives a GTL a classic
undying look.

The K 1600 GTL Elegance in a paint finish
Ebony metallic/Blackstorm lead emphasises excellence and
exclusivity. Here, special chrome accentuations on a front
mudguards and slipstream deflectors make a sophisticated, lush statement.


You will find press element on BMW motorcycles and BMW Motorrad
supplement apparatus in a BMW Group PressClub during

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