BMW Motorsport continues exam programme with a new BMW M8 GTE during Daytona.

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Daytona. The new BMW M8 GTE has finished some-more exam drives at
a environment for a competition entrance in Jan 2018: BMW Motorsport and
BMW Team RLL were on a Daytona (USA) lane this week as partial of
central contrast for a IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship
(IWSC). This was a initial time that a new GT flagship competition car
from BMW Motorsport had common a circuit with a destiny North
America competitors. The initial rival coming for a BMW M8
GTE will be during a 24 Hours of Daytona on
27th/28th January.


A private exam had already taken place during Homestead (USA) final week
forward of central contrast in Daytona. On both occasions, a automobile was
supervised by BMW Team RLL, that will be competing subsequent deteriorate with
a new BMW M8 GTE in a IMSA series. John Edwards and Connor De
Phillippi (both USA) common pushing duties. Martin Tomczyk (GER) was
also in movement during Homestead. At a tests, BMW Motorsport and a BMW
Team RLL finished a extensive programme. This enclosed further
continuation tests for a latest developments in a areas of
performance, aerodynamics and electronics.


BMW Motorsport looks behind on finish months. Over a march of
only half a year given a initial exam in July, a automobile has been
ceaselessly updated. The BMW engineers done light changes to the
aerodynamics and worked on a front, a framework and a cooling
system. All components were done suitable for continuation pushing and so
BMW Motorsport was means to successfully finish a 24-hour distance
final month. The feedback from a drivers helped to optimise the
cockpit ergonomics.


Preparations are now hotting adult as a new BMW M8 GTE approaches the
24 Hours of Daytona. The information collected in a USA will be used to work
on fine-tuning in Munich before some-more tests take place in a USA
before Christmas. “The Roar before a 24 Hours”, a central IMSA
basic exam for a 24-hour race, is scheduled to take place in
4 weeks.


Reactions from a drivers after a exam in Daytona.


John Edwards: “These were a initial tests with the
BMW M8 GTE here in a USA and it was also my initial time pushing the
new car. It is sparkling to be partial of a growth work. We went
by a extensive list of tests. The group schooled a lot about
a new automobile and we can build on this to continue with a preparations
for a season.”


Connor De Phillippi: “We were means to exam a lot of
opposite things and we done some-more swell with development. We still
have to change things here and there, though we are headed in a right
direction. This exam was a good and critical credentials for
all that awaits us in January.”


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