BMW Motorsport Juniors measure points in both races during Zandvoort.

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Zandvoort (NL), 21st Aug 2016. BMW Motorsport Juniors Jesse Krohn
(FI) and Louis Delétraz (CH) defied some nasty continue conditions in
Zandvoort (NL) to measure points in both races during a foe weekend
in a ADAC GT Masters. On Saturday, a twin finished ninth in the
Schubert Motorsport BMW M6 GT3, and afterwards done it to eighth place in a
violent foe on Sunday. Zandvoort was a plcae for a sixth,
and penultimate, turn in a 2016 ADAC GT Masters.


On Saturday, a continue around a circuit in a dunes was pleasant
and sunny. Krohn competent in seventh with a BMW M6 GT3. Krohn and
Delétraz finished ninth in a race, that was interrupted twice for
reserve automobile phases after accidents.


However, a continue altered radically overnight: pouring sleet on
Sunday ensured that conditions would be tricky. The soppy qualifying
event in a morning finished with 14th place for Delétraz. The Swiss
motorist had to contend with complicated trade as a whole margin attempted
to use a brief duration of light sleet to record a good path time. The
continue softened again after that, and a foe started in balmy and
dry conditions. However, a brief though complicated showering seemed after a
entertain of an hour. Some drivers chose to make an additional stop to put on
soppy continue tyres, though a group motionless to stay out with a BMW M6
GT3. Delétraz finished his army on sharp tyres, in a most
severe conditions, before handing a automobile over to Krohn, who
finished a second partial of a foe as a lane dusty out. Once
things had calmed down after a imperative array stops, Krohn was in
eighth position. He afterwards shielded this position until a finish.
Schubert Motorsport also competed in Zandvoort with a second BMW M6
GT3, driven by Claudia Hürtgen (DE) and Jeroen basement Boer (NL). After
tyre problems on Saturday, a twin finished 21st in a initial race,
though softened to finish ninth on Sunday.


The deteriorate culmination for a ADAC GT Masters takes place from 30th
Sep to 2nd Oct during a Hockenheimring (DE).


Torsten Schubert (Schubert Motorsport Team
“We should be happy with a result, as Zandvoort
is not an ideal circuit for us. That is because it was even some-more important
to contest and stay in a tip ten. The sleet on Sunday incited a race
into a lottery. It was formidable to make a right decision. Maybe we
could have done another stop and switched to soppy continue tyres – that
competence have helped us pierce adult by a field. But all in all, we had
some certain results.


Louis Delétraz: “It was a good weekend. We did the
limit we could. Performance correct we continue to urge with every
weekend. It was a initial turn of a deteriorate that we finished in the
points in both races. Sunday’s foe was a bit chaotic. we started on
slicks, as it was sunny, though unexpected a large charge with complicated rain
came. We motionless to stay out. It was flattering wily to expostulate with
slicks in a wet, though we survived and we was means to palm a automobile over
to Jesse in a good position. He afterwards brought it home in eighth after
we had finished ninth on Saturday, so altogether we can be flattering happy
with a weekend.”


Jesse Krohn: “Scoring points in both races gives us
reason to be satisfied. The group did a good pursuit with a tactics, the
pitstopp was good and Louis gathering unequivocally well. Unfortunately, it was
unfit to do some-more this weekend as we are still blank a bit
compared to the foe in front.”

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