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Whether in a DTM, a FIA World Endurance Championship, the
IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, or vast other
championships: Week after week BMW teams and drivers around the
universe do conflict for points, victories and titles. Away from the
lane too, members of a vast BMW Motorsport family around the
universe are also formulating headlines. The “BMW Motorsport News” allows
us to frequently summarize all a movement for we in a compress and
ominous manner. This way, we are always adult to speed.


BTCC: Jordan wins in Knockhill – dual podiums for Turkington.

West Surrey Racing gifted a shining BTCC weekend with a BMW
125i M Sport during Knockhill (GBR). While Andrew Jordan (GBR) celebrated
feat in a second competition on Sunday and third place in a third
race, Colin Turkington (GBR) available dual second-place finishes to
strech a soap-box twice and extend his lead in a altogether standings.
Jordan and Turkington both gave clever performances and benefited from
a second-race disqualification, due to order infringements, of both
of their closest rivals, Andrew Sutton and Tom Ingram (both GBR) who
had finished in initial and second places. After their exclusion, Jordan
changed adult from third to initial position. Turkington, second in races one
and three, afterwards scored critical points in fourth place in a second
race, enabling him to pierce serve forward of his approach challengers
Ingram and Sutton in a altogether standings. There are dual race
weekends remaining in a 2018 BTCC season.


DTM: First night competition in a story of a DTM during Misano.

The initial night competition in a story of a DTM took place during Misano
(ITA) on Saturday. Driving a BMW M4 DTM in a dim was uncharted
domain for all a drivers. Philipp Eng (AUT) put on a spectacular
aggressive opening in his SAMSUNG BMW M4 DTM, led a competition for a
brief time and finished in a points. In a interview, he talks
about his impressions of a night competition and a considerable guest
coming by Alessandro Zanardi (ITA).


3 questions for … Philipp Eng.


Mr. Eng, a initial night races in a story of a DTM: what
do we consider so far?

Philipp Eng: “All in all, we consider this is an glorious weekend. I’d
be happy to have some-more races like this on a calendar. we was on the
beach any morning, celebration cappuccino and eating piadina – it
frequency gets improved than that” he laughed. “No, though seriously, we would
like to see some-more night races in a DTM. we consider it would work good at
a Norisring. That would be a good spectacle. we consider that my
knowledge of continuation racing is unequivocally useful for me this weekend. I
competed in a 24-hour competition during Spa usually 3 weeks ago. But of
march your eyes need a path or dual to get used to a light
conditions. After that, it’s flattering normal. It always seems a bit
opposite during night, compared to daytime driving. It is unequivocally cold to
see a sparks drifting when we expostulate over a kerbs. Those are really
fantastic sights, for drivers as good as for spectators.”


Starting from 18th and afterwards spending some time in
a lead: how was that possible?

Eng: “Starting on wet-weather tyres was unequivocally a right
decision. We got a timing positively ideal for a array stop. I
afterwards had a few good laps. we was usually behind Timo and suspicion that
things were looking flattering good for me. My gait was marvellous while
we was in a heading group. My automobile did get a small strike from Edoardo
Mortara when things got a bit tight. It was normal racing though didn’t
unequivocally assistance us. There was some-more hit once or twice during a rest
of a race, that didn’t do most for a performance. Nonetheless, it
was cold to lead a competition for a while. Luck did come into it a bit,
though we also had a right plan and good pace. Now we wish that we
don’t have to wait too prolonged for a initial win. we would like a better
outcome in subordinate for a subsequent race. That was usually no good
yesterday. Starting so distant behind usually creates all unnecessarily difficult.”


The margin includes a unequivocally special guest motorist this weekend,
in a figure of Alessandro Zanardi. How do we rate his performance
so far?

Eng: “Alex is doing a unequivocally good job. You unequivocally have to admire his
turn of performance, generally pushing in a DTM with CO brakes
and no ABS in a rain. Controlling a braking with usually his right
arm requires a unequivocally best coordination. It is formidable adequate to do
that with a sound left foot. It is unusual that he can conduct it. I
have driven a BMW M6 GT3 with a handbrake once, though afterwards we had ABS
and steel brakes so it wasn’t anywhere nearby as difficult. we paid him a
revisit before a start. After my outcome in qualifying, station next
to Alex Zanardi was a usually splendid spot.”



Zanardi’s DTM guest expostulate so far: braking 1,186 times, 58.6
tonnes of stop pressure.

BMW works motorist Alessandro Zanardi (ITA) has successfully completed
a initial competition day of his DTM guest coming in Misano (ITA). This
is a initial time that a Italian double-amputee is behind a wheel
of a competition automobile but his synthetic legs, determining it wholly by
a energy of his arms. BMW engineers have grown a special brake
push in a BMW M4 DTM, that allows him to stop by relocating his arm
forwards. A demeanour during a information shows usually how considerable Zanardi’s
opening in a cockpit is. Zanardi has now finished 4 sessions
in a BMW M4 DTM: dual giveaway use sessions, subordinate and afterwards the
race. In total, Zanardi has driven 69 laps, or 302 kilometres, on the
“Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli”. He has finished no fewer
than 1,186 stop actions – requesting 61.5 kilogrammes of vigour on
a stop push any time. That represents a sum earthy aria of
58,598 kilogrammes, or 58.6 tonnes, that Zanardi has practical for
braking. “When my operative showed me a figures, we could hardly
trust it,” pronounced Zanardi. He emphasises that pushing with a new
handbrake complement is most reduction physically perfectionist than a previous
system, that he tranquil regulating his synthetic legs and a brake
pedal: “It wasn’t too eager for me. From a earthy indicate of view,
this was one of a easiest races we have had in my career.” Zanardi
finished his DTM entrance competition in 13th place – notwithstanding inauspicious conditions
on a soppy and sleazy racetrack, he quietly gathering his BMW M4 DTM
around a circuit regulating usually his arms.

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