BMW once again partner of European Outdoor Film Tour 2016. World premiere during BMW Welt with 7 moving and authentic documentaries from a fascinating universe of outside sports.

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Munich. From Myanmar by a Swiss Alps to the
northernmost tip of Canada in usually 120 minutes: This year’s European
Outdoor Film Tour (E.O.F.T.) got underway during BMW Welt. Around 600
guest were invited to suffer a hugely sundry debate by a world
of outside sports. The stream programme will debate 15 European
countries between Oct 2016 and Feb 2017, presenting a total
of 7 fascinating documentary films, that can usually be noticed in
this form on a vast shade during a E.O.F.T. BMW is once again the
project’s committed mobility partner. A series of a protagonists and
filmmakers attended a premiere, including towering biker Harald
Philipp; mountaineer David Lama; climbers Ben Ditto, Nicolas Favresse,
Seán Villanueva and Bob Shepton; high skier Jérémie Heitz; Alpine
publisher Mark Jenkins and stuntman and wingsuit commander Matt Blank.


Real adventures, genuine cinematic art

Viewers in a BMW Welt Auditorium were tender by a emotional
and authentic stories told by a 7 film teams showcasing the
protagonists and their sport. Under a sign “This is Real!”, the
films of adult to 30 mins in length were filmed but scripts,
but actors and but special effects. The outcome is an
considerable multiple of genuine adventures and loyal passion that is
certain to captivate fans of outside sports via a remaining stages
of a tour.


BMW Group impasse in sports

BMW has been a central automotive partner of a European Outdoor
Film Tour given 2013. BMW Welt is a unchanging stop on a debate and was
selected to horde this year’s universe premiere. BMW also uses this
team-work as a theatre to arrangement a products and technologies to an
active and sporty aim audience. This year, a concentration is on the
intelligent all-wheel-drive system, BMW xDrive, that guarantees
well-developed doing and accurate traction both on-road and off, on any
surface, and creates BMW xDrive ideal for outside sports.

The European Outdoor Film Tour, one of outside films’ most
prestigious events, presents an ideal opportunity: Last year alone,
some-more than 200,000 people attended a showings.

“The European Outdoor Film Tour and BMW have shaped a strong
partnership that’s a unequivocally good fit,” explains Bernd Körber, conduct of
Brand Strategy BMW. “Outdoor sports flower on passion, achieving
limit opening and a pristine fun of being in motion, usually like
BMW. We are gay to support a E.O.F.T.”

In new years, BMW has gradually stretched a impasse in
outside and towering sports opposite Europe to embody long-term
team-work with eminent ski resorts and partners from a sports and
outside industries, as good as support for a vast series of projects
in this field, such as a partnership with European Outdoor Film Tour
launched in 2013.




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The BMW Group


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In 2015, a BMW Group sole approximately 2.247 million cars and
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