BMW partner of Chinese Film Festival hosted by Confucius Institute Munich.

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Munich. From Jun 12 to 17, 2017, a Confucius
Institute Munich in team-work with Munich’s city library will host
a 5th Chinese Film Festival in a city of Munich. For
a generation of a film festival, BMW will yield a vehicles for
a convey service. As partner of a festival, BMW Group once again
emphasises a joining to informative and intercultural exchange.
Following a universe premiere of a new BMW Art Car designed by
Chinese artist Cao Fei, BMW will so continue a long-term
joining to contemporary Chinese culture.

Confucius Institute Munich

In jubilee of a 45th anniversary of a diplomatic
family between Germany and China, a festival will form partial of
a informative programme “China Today”. This year outlines a fifth
book of a film festival organized by a hospital for Chinese
denunciation and culture, Confucius Institute Munich. Since a founding
in Munich in 2009, a hospital has upheld a graduation of
Chinese enlightenment and denunciation in Southern Germany and as such provided
a height for intercultural dialogue.

5th Chinese Film Festival

Screenings will take place during Gasteig Munich, a film bar of the
Technical University of Munich and in a city of Dietfurt an der
Altmühl, where audiences will be offering a sum of 16 Chinese movies
of several genres including a many successful cinema of a previous
year. While a literary adaptations of China’s now many hotly
debated author Liu Zhenyun will take centre stage, wordless movies,
documentaries and dramas will illustrate a extended operation of Chinese
film. In addition, a sundry programme of events including panel
discussions, consultant talks and mixed exhibitions will element a screenings.

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