BMW presents a Vehicular CrowdCell during a Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. Mobile femtocells assistance to optimize destiny mobile radio networks.

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Munich. At this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (22 – 25
Feb 2016) – that stands alongside a IFA in Berlin as Europe’s
many critical mobile communications uncover – a BMW Group is unveiling
a investigate plan “Vehicular CrowdCell”. This plan extends the
judgment of a “Vehicular Small Cell” presented final year in
Barcelona. While a “Vehicular Small Cell” is a mobile femtocell that
optimises a mobile radio accepting inside vehicles, it is now also
able to raise a ability and coverage of mobile radio networks.
The BMW Group is teaming adult with peiker and Nash Technologies to
benefaction a antecedent of a “Vehicular CrowdCell” integrated into a BMW
investigate vehicle.

The fast expansion of mobile information traffic, e.g. due to a increasing
use of multi-media services such as song or video streaming with
mobile devices, requires even some-more absolute mobile radio networks in
a future. One plan to boost a ability and coverage of
destiny networks is a formation of a vast series of tiny cells
and relays in further to a existent bottom stations.

In 2015 a BMW Group, together with a partners peiker and
Nash Technologies, presented a world’s initial mobile femtocell in a
vehicle. The “Vehicular Small Cell” optimises a accepting available
to mobile inclination inside vehicles around a vehicle’s aerial. Now the
judgment has been extended to emanate a “Vehicular CrowdCell”. Based
on information trade and coverage demands, a mobile femtocells are
boldly activated to locally raise mobile radio networks.

The advantages of Vehicular CrowdCells in
One probable focus of “Vehicular
CrowdCells” are car-sharing fleets – in sold with electric
vehicles. Here, a vast series of vehicles widespread over cities and
regions could offer as internal radio relays when parked. If one or more
users are located tighten to a mobile femtocell, it is activated on
direct in sequence to boost a bandwidth or yield additional
network coverage. In such a way, a opening of a existing
network can be boldly optimized. Benefits for mobile phone users
in hotspots embody a aloft information rate and a deficiency of reception
white spots – generally in areas where a vigilance coverage is low.

“The “Vehicular Small Cell” will optimise in-vehicle connectivity of
mobile inclination for a customers,” explains Dr. Peter Fertl, project
manager during a BMW Group. “At a same time, a formation into a
network of “Vehicular CrowdCells” will capacitate a entire and
seamless accessibility of high-quality mobile radio connectors outside
a car as well.”

The BMW Group has prolonged been one of a world’s heading carmakers when
it comes to a connectivity of drivers, their vehicles and the
outward world. The association has been operative invariably on the
growth of pioneering digital services alongside a innovative
BMW ConnectedDrive services. The investigate plan “Vehicular
CrowdCell” lays a foundations for improving connectivity inside the
car and beyond.

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