BMW highway racers applaud top-four and top-six lock-outs in a International Road Racing Championship.

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Munich. BMW racers demeanour behind on another successful weekend. In
a International Road Racing Championship (IRRC) races during Terlicko
in a Czech Republic, they distinguished top-four and top-six
lock-outs. Danny Webb (GBR) won both races, thereby fluctuating his
lead in a championship. In a French Superbike Championship
(FBSK), Kenny Foray (FRA) surfaced a lectern during Lédenon (FRA), where
he took his initial win of a season. The French European Bikes
Championship (FR EU) also finished an coming during Lédenon – and
Florian Brunet-Lugardon (FRA) distinguished a double win.



British Superbike Championship during Snetterton, Great Britain.


The fourth turn of a British Superbike Championship (BSB) was held
during Snetterton, Britain during a weekend. In a Superbike category (BSB
SBK), Peter Hickman (GBR / Smiths Racing) was a best-placed BMW
supplement one week after his Isle of Man Senior TT victory. Hickman
finished a dual races in seventh and sixth place, thereby clinching
his best formula of a deteriorate to date in a BSB. Christian Iddon
(GBR / Tyco BMW Motorrad), who was privileged for racing after injuring
his hand, finished in ninth and eighth place. His Tyco BMW team-mate
Michael Laverty late in a initial race, and crossed a finish line
in ninth place in a second race.


Peter Hickman: “I’m happy adequate with a weekend and
nonetheless subordinate was flattering rubbish, we managed to redress that in
both races. we got a bit propitious in competition one with a few riders crashing
out, and after starting in 17th; we was adult into eighth after
usually a integrate of laps! Once there though, my gait was good, and we kept
chipping divided while it was a identical story in competition two. Snetterton
was a lowest circuit in 2017, so to come divided this weekend with two
good formula is appreciative and while I’m still not in a positions I’d
like to be in, we’ve finished good progress. It hasn’t been easy coming
here true after a TT though a whole group have finished good so
hopefully this flog starts a season.”


In a Superstock category competition (BSB STK), Tyco BMW Motorrad supplement Keith
Farmer (GBR), a best BMW rider, finished in fourth place. Luke
Hedger (GBR / Lloyd Jones Bowker Motorrad) finished fifth.
Jordan Gilbert (GBR / Team IMR) and Michael Rutter (GBR / Bathams
Racing) also finished it into a top-ten, finishing in ninth and tenth.



International Road Racing Championship during Terlicko, Czech Republic.


The second turn of a International Road Racing Championship (IRRC)
deteriorate took a array to Terlicko in a Czech Republic for the
“Golden Miners Lamp” races. BMW highway racers dominated a weekend,
celebrating top-four and top-six lockouts in a dual races.


The margin of successful BMW riders was headed by Danny Webb (GBR) on
a Wepol Racing by Penz13BMW S 1000 RR. The Brit cumulative wins in both
races. Like during a opener during Hengelo, in a Netherlands, he picked up
a limit series of points and serve extended his lead in the
championship. Didier Grams (GER / GG Motorsport by BMW Motorrad),
who started from stick position, finished on a lectern in second place
in both races. Third place on a lectern in both races went to Erno
Kostamo (FIN / Markka Racing), and Marek Červený (CZE / Wepol Racing
by Penz 13) finished fourth in both races. In a second race, Jamie
Coward (GBR / Wepol Racing by Penz13) and Petr Bičiště (CZE / Exteria
Racing Team) clinched a top-six lock-out for BMW.



French Superbike Championship during Lédenon, France.


The French Superbike Championship (FBSK) headed to Lédenon (FRA) for
a third turn of a 2018 season. After 4 second-places in the
prior 4 races, BMW supplement Kenny Foray (FRA) distinguished his first
win of a deteriorate on his BMW S 1000 RR in movement for Tecmas Racing.
Foray won a initial of a dual races; in competition two, a defending
champion finished on a lectern in second place.


Kenny Foray: “It was a good weekend for us. We
finished a dual subordinate sessions in third and second. The path time
was unequivocally fast, so we knew that we had a good gait for a races. In
a initial race, we had a good start and thereafter was concerned in a battle
for a win over a whole distance. In a finish we took a win. That
was good for a team, for me and for all involved. The second race
was a bit difficult. we had a bad start and thereafter we pushed for the
whole competition though it was usually good adequate to finish second. Overall we
can be happy with a weekend and I’m looking brazen to a next
races in dual weeks during Magny-Cours.”



French European Bikes Championship during Lédenon, France.


The French European Bikes Championship (FR EU) was also during Lédenon.
For Florian Brunet-Lugardon (FRA / Gers Moto Vitesse Ordannaise),
Lédenon valid to be a good track, with a fortifying champion winning
both races. His hermit and team-mate Cyril Brunet-Lugardon (FRA)
finished in fourth and sixth places. Jonathan Germany (FRA) crossed
a finish line in fifth place in both races. Florian
Brunet-Lugardon’s double win sees him take a lead in the
championship standings while Germany is second.


Florian Brunet-Lugardon: “In competition one, we started from
second place and took a lead on path two. Over a march of the
race, we had a clever gait and stayed in initial position until the
checkered flag. In competition two, we started from third place on a grid
and was means to reason that position during a start. we thereafter was partial of a
three-way conflict during a front and we were unequivocally fast. On path 11, I
took a lead and we kept it to a finish line. It is good to be the
championship personality before a deteriorate reaches it median symbol during Magny-Cours.”



MFJ Superbike All Japan Road Race Championship during Sugo, Japan.


The MFJ Superbike All Japan Road Race Championship (MFJ) was during Sugo
(JPN) for a fourth turn of a 2018 deteriorate where dual races were
held. BMW supplement Tomoya Hoshino (JPN) of Tone RT Syncedge 4113 finished
in positions 23 and 14.


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