BMW Startup Garage secures early entrance to pioneering innovations.

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Munich. The BMW Startup Garage – partial of the
company’s Research, New Technologies and Innovations section – has been
tracking down a many innovative startups in a business for four
years now, permitting a BMW Group to daub into their intensity quickly
and directly. So far, some-more than 50 up-and-coming record companies
have finished a startup programme. “Startups assistance us to advantage an
even improved bargain of what personal, connected and sustainable
mobility will demeanour like in tomorrow’s world, to come adult with the
required solutions and so continue to lead a proceed in creation and
record going forward,” says Bernhard Schambeck, Head of a BMW
Startup Garage. The BMW Startup Garage talks with over 1,500 startups
from all over a universe each year. If initial impressions prove that
a sold startup creation is of intensity seductiveness for a BMW
Group, it is examined in larger detail. Between 600 and 800 startups
are assessed each year and a preference taken on their bearing for
inclusion in a BMW Startup Garage’s programme. 

“We essay to move a world’s best startups into a programme,”
explained Melanie Rösler, obliged for a BMW Startup Garage
programme. “We demeanour for startup innovations that will be of
estimable advantage for a products, services, systems or processes.”
Instead of posterior a try collateral approach, a BMW Startup Garage
staid on a ‘venture client’ model. In their early days, many
startups still don’t have a commercial product. It is precisely during
this unequivocally high-risk proviso that a fledgling companies are
consecrated by a BMW Startup Garage, hence a tenure ‘venture
client’. The programme’s core aim is to rise a operative antecedent as
partial of a commander project. The BMW Group reaps a advantages of early
entrance to a innovations and a eventuality to customise the
record before it is launch-ready. The startups, meanwhile, gain
profitable insights into automotive processes, are means to build adult a
network of contacts within a association and are given recommendation on how to
labour their business devise to assistance them advantage a foothold in the
automotive industry.


The worldwide hunt for startups: meditative outward a box

The BMW Group’s record scouting network has a tellurian reach. The
BMW Startup Garage runs small, flexible teams stationed during international
record hotspots. It now has member operative during a BMW
Group Technology Offices in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Seoul and Tokyo.
And these will be assimilated by a appearance in Tel Aviv in a third
entertain of 2019.

Whereas a BMW Startup Garage essentially focused essentially on
innovations for a BMW Group’s products and services, given 2018 its
programme has been extended to startup innovations for all business
units. “The perfect operation of topics we understanding with creates a pursuit in the
Garage a unequivocally sparkling and severe one,” eager Alexandra
Renner, Startup Lead for Research and Development. “A normal working
day can utterly simply meant formulating a interior of a destiny with
startups in a morning, before branch a courtesy to innovations
for unconstrained pushing in a afternoon.” A sum of 26 startups
finished a BMW Startup Garage programme in 2018.


Long-term advantages for both startups and a BMW Group

The support given to a startups over a march of a programme is
underpinned by 4 pillars: Build, Sell, Learn and Network. Build and
Sell engage executing a commander devise and devising a business plan.
One of a elements of a Network and Learn pillars is a Deep Drive
Days event, where workshops and keynote speeches give startups the
eventuality to share ideas and network with employees from several BMW
Group departments during length. All 4 of a programme’s pillars are
designed to assistance concrete long-lasting business family with a BMW Group.

“Our try customer proceed unequivocally pays off, as we can see from
former startups who continue to minister their cutting-edge
technologies to successive projects as BMW Group suppliers,” summed up
Bernhard Schambeck. Lunewave and QC Ware are only dual of a many
startups who have worked on serve projects as BMW Group partners
following their appearance in a programme.

In a commander devise instituted as partial of a BMW Startup Garage 2018
programme, Lunewave stood out with a insubordinate new sensor
technology. Engineers during a Autonomous Driving Campus are now working
together with Lunewave on a pre-development devise to serve improve
a pioneering sensor concept.

Quantum computers can be used to work out a form of complex
problems that today’s supercomputers would need years to tackle. The
BMW Group was discerning to recognize a intensity of this
The BMW Startup Garage teamed adult with QC Ware to
control several feasibility studies focusing on a focus of
quantum computing for specific problems, such as optimising a jobs
achieved by robots on a prolongation line. Follow-up projects are
already in a tube for 2019.

“Many of a startup innovations in a commander projects are so
sparkling and idealist that it’s a tough charge for us not to speak about
them more. We are looking brazen to a innovations that will find
their proceed into array prolongation and a processes in a coming
years,” combined Schambeck.


Red Dot Award for resourceful interior design

Agile partnership with startups requires innovative and
inspirational operative environments. Careful care was given to
this aspect from a opening in a pattern of a BMW Startup Garage’s
premises during a BMW Group Research and Technology House in Garching,
nearby Munich. And now a glorious use of space has warranted it the
desired Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019 in a interior
pattern and interior pattern category. The BMW Startup Garage
facilities an towering room-in-room judgment with a atmospheric atrium that
doubles as a display area, and additional co-working spaces for
brainstorming and a vast assembly area. The workspaces are located at
opposite levels within a rooms, enabling employees and visitors to
suffer visible and acoustic remoteness in an open-plan space.


BMW Startup Garage @ Bits Pretzels 2019

The Bits Pretzels Conference is one of a inaugural platforms
for business founders, investors and innovators from all over the
world. This year, a BMW Startup Garage will once again be holding
a possess eventuality in Munich as partial of a Bits Pretzels Startup
Night. The aim of a eventuality is to inspire networking between the
participants on a one palm and with a BMW Startup Garage group and
experts from several BMW Group departments on a other. Last year,
there were scarcely 300 attendees, including around 100 startups.
Information on how to register will be posted on a BMW Startup
Garage website in due course.







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