BMW Summer School 2018: Focus on “Intelligent Cars on Digital Roads”.

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Raitenhaslach/Munich. During a interdisciplinary
programme of a BMW Summer School 2018, 34 general PhD
students, investigate peers and attention experts common their visions and
discussed stream advances and hurdles in a margin of
Emotion-Aware Vehicle Assistants (EVA).

The BMW Summer School 2018 was jointly set adult in team-work with the
Franco-German University (UFA), EURECOM, Technical University of
Munich (TUM) and BayFrance underneath a powerful of a German French
Academy for a Industry of a Future by TUM and a IMT (Institut
Mines-Télécom). To symbol a 150th anniversary of a TUM, a BMW
Summer School was hold during a TUM Science Study Centre
Raitenhaslach from 29 Jul to 3 Aug 2018. Applicants were invited
to contention their investigate in applicable fields, such as user centric
communication design, in-vehicle sensate environments, cognitive models,
information analytics for emotion-aware systems, psychology of passengers in
unconstrained vehicles, tellurian mind and ethics of emotion-aware systems by
15 May 2018.

Mobility now dominated by a series of powerful
Advances in synthetic comprehension and machine
training are essential for unconstrained pushing and a arise of
fully-connected vehicles as they combine with a Internet of Things. A
extended spectrum of intelligent services for organising personal mobility and
providing facilities that strech good over a automobile are being developed
and rubbed for business by rising Intelligent Personal Assistants.
The participants in this year’s BMW Summer School had a opportunity
to listen, share and learn about investigate topics and stream frontiers
in appurtenance intelligence.

Summer School fosters communication between educational and
attention investigate in 3 categorical programme tracks.
a keynote track, guest speakers such as Alexander
Zadorojniy from a IBM Research Lab Haifa and Mohammed Ezz from
Affectiva common and discussed their ideas with participants. In
dermatitis sessions, tiny tyro groups discussed topics like machine
training methods in unconstrained cars and intelligent mobility services
together with investigate peers and attention experts.

In a poster track, a PhD students presented
their possess investigate to a interdisciplinary audience. “While all
presentations were great, in this year’s foe on a best
investigate poster, Francesco Walker from University of Twente convinced
a systematic cabinet with his investigate thought and to-the-point
display on a advantages of extended peripersonal space during
programmed driving,” pronounced Dr. Hans-Jörg Vögel, obliged for research
into Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Services during a BMW Group.

The “Lean Startup Machine”, a programme’s third
track, gave a immature researchers a eventuality to develop
innovative new ideas in churned groups of 5 regulating flexible start-up
operative methods such as pattern thinking. Afterwards, a groups
presented their ideas to a assembly in a rival pitching
format.   “The Lean Startup Machine is a genuine foot stay for innovative
ideas. The winning organisation showed well-developed teamwork and understanding
of pattern and gaunt meditative methods in their proceed envisioning a
modular mobility judgment for civic areas,” pronounced Esa Nettamo from the
Digitalist Group, that supposing a BMW Summer School with intensive
support in scheming a Lean Startup Machine lane this year.

In further to a 3 categorical programme tracks, a students used the
spontaneous atmosphere during dusk events with Prof. Jörg Ott from TU
Munich, Prof. Jacques Terken from TU Eindhoven and Kai Demtröder, Vice
President BMW Group IT for Connected Car, Digital Backend, Big Data
and Blockchain to benefit insights into both educational and attention career opportunities.

“Once again, we gifted a really creative, collaborative and
moving atmosphere. One reason is positively a interdisciplinary
and general organisation of participants that creates a Summer School
such a good forum for contention of digital technologies and the
mobility of a future,” pronounced Prof. Ulrich Finger, executive of
EURECOM. 34 PhD students from 18 opposite countries opposite Asia,
Africa, North and South America, as good as Europe, with educational
backgrounds trimming from Computer Science to Mechanical, Electrical,
Computer Engineering and Mathematics, participated this year. In
total, there were 60 participants, including guest speakers and
coaches. 50 percent of a participating students received
travel-support grants, holding into comment equal opportunities,
underrepresented regions and educational excellence.

The 2019 BMW Summer School is scheduled to take place from 14 to 19
Jul 2019 and will understanding with governmental and mercantile advantages of Big
Data and AI overall, and for civic mobility in particular. Carlo
Ratti, executive of MIT Senseable City Lab and owner of CRA design
and creation bureau (Turin and New York), is formulation to support the
eventuality together with his team: “The interdisciplinary judgment allows to
take a multi-faceted proceed to plead data-driven solutions for
civic mobility and teach a innovators of a future. We are
looking brazen to an sparkling week subsequent year.”

Link to a BMW Summer School:

Link to a prominence video:


Speakers during a BMW Summer School 2018.


Tim Paganos, Microshare
Ron Rock, W3C Automotive Data
Charles Paumelle, LoRa Alliance “Automotive
Florian Eyben, audEERING
Holger Rapp,
Mohammed Ezz, Affectiva
Alexander Zadorojniy, IBM
Research Lab Haifa
Kai Demtröder, Vice President BMW Group IT for
Connected Car, Digital Backend, Big Data and Blockchain
Vita, Digitalist Group
Loren Schwarz, BMW Group Methods Agile
Development, Artificial Intelligence
Michal Kümmel, BMW Group
Intelligent Mobility Services
Thomas Hubregtsen, BMW Group
Research E/E Software Technologies


Mohsen Kaboli, TUM
David Gesbert, EURECOM
Patrick Duvaut,
Prof. Björn Schuller, University of Augsburg
Jacques Terken, TU Eindhoven
Prof. Elisabeth André, University of
Prof. Peter Robinson Quentin Stafford-Fraser,
Cambridge University
Dr. Ann Morrison, University of Southern
Susanne Müller, Munich School of
Wolfgang Wörndl, TUM
Muriel Lang, TUM


Committee of a BMW Summer School 2018.

Prof. Ulrich Finger, Director of EURECOM
Prof. Andreas
Herkersdorf, Head of a Chair for Integrated Systems, TUM
Martin Arend, Head of E/E
Architecture and Technologies, BMW Group

Scientific Programme
Prof. Elisabeth André (UNA)
Asaf Adi
Prof. Klaus Bengler (TUM)
Prof. Jonas Beskow
Prof. Jörg Conradt (TUM)
Kynan Eng
Florian Eyben (audEERING)
Prof. Jérôme Haerri
Prof. Benoit Huet (EURECOM)
Ann Morrison
Samer Al Moubayed (Furhat Robotics)
Prof. Jörg Ott
Hannemor Keidel (TUM)
Prof. Björn Schuller
Dr. Loren Schwarz, BMW Group
Dr. Reinhard Stolle, BMW
Group, Vice President Methods Agile Development, Artificial
Prof. Jacques Terken (TU Eindhoven)
Raphaël Troncy (Eurecom)
Dr. Hans-Jörg Vögel, BMW Group Research,
New Technologies, Innovations

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