BMW supports Pierre Casiraghi, owner of a Malizia sailing team, and record “round-the-world” soldier Boris Herrmann on their Vendée Globe campaign.

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  • Hamburg’s round-the-world’ record sailor
    Boris Herrmann aiming to be a initial German to take partial in the
    world’s toughest regatta.
  • The racing yacht ‘Malizia’ will be optimised with BMW i
    record for a uninterrupted solo foe around a world.
  • BMW engineers focussing on lightweight construction and
    zero-emission expostulate technology.


Palma de Mallorca/Munich. For a initial time, a German sailor
is aiming to take on one of a biggest and toughest hurdles in
yachting: a Vendée Globe. The track takes participants on a
tour of 25,000 nautical miles along a storm-tossed Southern
Ocean and all around a globe. The foe is referred to as the
‘Mount Everest’ of sailing. Hamburg local Boris Herrmann is
formulation to contest for a Yacht Club de Monaco with a yacht
‘Malizia’ in a subsequent book of a solo regatta, that will start
in Nov 2020. As Team Partner, BMW is bringing to bear all its
automobile prolongation imagination and knowledge of technology
send to rival sailing. BMW has been concerned in the
America’s Cup given 2002 and claimed feat in a most
sought-after prize in yachting with BMW ORACLE Racing in 2010.

The ‘Malizia’, a racing yacht that measures 60 feet in length, is
being optimised for a world’s toughest solo sporting competition,
that will take place in Nov 2020. BMW growth engineers have
been concerned in a marker of areas where a car
manufacturer will be means to yield support, in a form of
lightweight construction and electric expostulate imagination for that the
idealist BMW i record provides a basis.

“BMW i vehicles and a racing yacht ‘Malizia’ have both pushed the
bounds of prolongation to nearby their limits, and both are facing
identical technological challenges,” pronounced Dr Robert Irlinger, Head of
BMW i. “The smallest fact can have a vast effect. During the
growth of a BMW i8 Roadster, we fought for a lowest possible
cx value in a aerodynamics and for each section of weight saved in
a CFRP cell, in sequence to optimise expenditure and performance. The
best probable aerodynamics and intelligent lightweight construction
concede a vessel to strech aloft speeds, creation them wilful success
factors for a racing yacht.”

For those reasons intelligent lightweight construction is one of the
areas where BMW and Team Malizia are collaborating. The initial result
of this technological partnership is a navigator’s seat,
assembled from CFRP. This is where Herrmann will spend most of his
time during a Vendée Globe. “We are aiming to use a CFRP expertise
to optimise weight. We will also continue to rise a chair in terms
of ergonomics and comfort, to yield Herrmann with a best possible
conditions to work and relax as he sails around a world,” says Dr
Irlinger. Testing has already started on a initial prototype. During the
yacht’s send from a shipyard in Lorient (Brittany) to a home
pier of Monaco, Boris Herrmann was means to benefit critical insights
that will play a partial in serve growth of a seat. A further
exam is scheduled to take place in April/May, during a record try on
a Mediterranean track from Marseille, in a south of France, to
Carthage in Tunisia.

The drivetrain will also be another area that will occupy the
courtesy of a BMW engineers per record send for Team
Malizia. The design is a growth of an choice to the
diesel appetite unit, that weighs in during around 380 kg (including fuel)
and is on house essentially for reserve reasons. One choice could be to
reinstate this with an electric engine with BMW i battery technology, to
cranky a oceans of a universe with 0 emissions. As good as the
electrical supply for a onboard systems and a insincere keel, an
electric engine – a supposed hydrogenator – could also minister to
a merger of regenerative appetite from a yacht’s movement, as
good as replacing or improving a potency of a existent systems.
The subsequent era of BMW i lithium batteries, that are
characterised by superb appetite firmness and longevity, have
already been done boat-ready for some of a high-tech electric boat
motors during a Starnberg-based association Torqeedo. Together with a BMW
i partnership partner, attempts are now underway to rise a
arguable and emission-free expostulate complement resolution for Malizia.

“Emission-free turn a universe underneath foe conditions, whilst
concurrently producing your possess energy, is a thoroughly
inspirational concept,” pronounced Malizia skipper Boris Herrmann. “Our
Technology Partner BMW is conducting complete investigate into battery
growth for hybrid and electric cars. We share a common prophesy of
integrating these batteries into ‘Malizia’. We wish that a system
will be prepared for use in a 2019 season. Throughout a final 16
years, America’s Cup record partner BMW has impressively proved
that they have a imagination to optimise racing yachts, even right at
a limits.”

The ‘Malizia’ sails underneath a dwindle of a Yacht Club de Monaco (YCM).
The YCM vice-president, Pierre Casiraghi, is a youngest son of
Princess Caroline of Monaco. He sails frequently with Herrmann and is
ancillary this Vendée campaign. He will be competing with a German
soldier during a Open60 two-man regattas. Last year, Herrmann and
Casiraghi cumulative third place during a mythological Rolex Fastnet Race.

“The debate is unequivocally picking adult speed this deteriorate and the
partnership with BMW is unequivocally giving us a boost,” says Casiraghi. “I
am unequivocally looking brazen to operative with a association as eminent and
innovative as BMW. Together we can strech a desirous targets.”


BMW i battery technology.

The battery cells for BMW i models come from Samsung SDI. The
specific wrapping and public into a storage component is achieved by
BMW. The packaging, construction element and cooling complement are key
to a operation of a automobile and a life of a battery. For example,
a high-voltage battery in a BMW i3 comforts an integrated liquid
cooling system, that ensures a appetite storage complement is always at
a optimal operative temperature. However, a high-quality and stable
prolongation routine is equally critical for a high-voltage battery.
In this regard, a BMW Group has faith in a in-house manufacturing,
a laser welding imagination during a Dingolfing plant, and a process
imagination in a margin of high voltage.


BMW i CO technology.

In sequence to recompense for a batteries, that are still complicated these
days, in a fully-electric BMW i3, BMW i became a first
manufacturer in a universe to industrialise a high-tech material
CO for automobile prolongation and on a vast scale. Carbon is
50% lighter than steel and 30% lighter than aluminium.

As a result, a BMW i3 is a lightest electric automobile in a universe in
a sector, and is means to offer to a pushing opening and
lively for that BMW is known.

BMW i acquires a CO twine by a complement partner SGLACF.
The high-tensile newcomer cells are afterwards made from individual
CO fabrics during a BMW plant in Leipzig. The whole routine is more
same to a complicated weave attention than classical automobile
manufacturing. The energy-intensive prolongation of CO fibres is
probably emission-free, interjection to a use of electricity from
renewable sources.


About Torqeedo.

Torqeedo is a marketplace personality for electric mobility on a water.
Founded in 2005 in Starnberg, a association develops and manufactures
electric and hybrid drives from 0.5 to 100 kW for commercial
applications and recreational use. Torqeedo products are characterised
by an formidable high-tech focus, limit potency and complete
complement integration. Torqeedo is partial of a DEUTZ Group, one of the
world’s heading eccentric suppliers of diesel and healthy gas engines.

The BMW Group.

With a 4 brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, a BMW
Group is a world’s heading reward manufacturer of automobiles and
motorcycles and also provides reward financial and mobility services.
The BMW Group prolongation network comprises 30 prolongation and assembly
comforts in 14 countries; a association has a tellurian sales network in
some-more than 140 countries.

In 2017, a BMW Group sole over 2,463,500 newcomer vehicles and
some-more than 164,000 motorcycles worldwide. The distinction before taxation in the
financial year 2017 was € 10.655 billion on revenues amounting to
€ 98.678 billion. As of 31 Dec 2017, a BMW Group had a
workforce of 129,932 employees.

The success of a BMW Group has always been formed on long-term
meditative and obliged action. The association has therefore established
ecological and amicable sustainability via a value chain,
extensive product shortcoming and a transparent joining to
conserving resources as an constituent partial of a strategy.

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