BMW Team RBM triumphs during home competition during Zolder – Philipp Eng celebrates his initial DTM win in Belgium.

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Zolder. Triumph as a DTM earnings to Zolder (BEL): in the
third competition of a DTM season, Philipp Eng (AUT) has distinguished the
initial DTM win of his career in a ZF BMW M4 DTM. Joel Eriksson
(SWE) finished a one-two outcome for BMW Team RBM in a CATL BMW
M4 DTM. This was a unequivocally initial home competition in Belgium for a team
headed by Bart Mampaey. 35 years after Harald Grohs (GER) claimed
feat during a unequivocally initial DTM race, a BMW motorist has surfaced the
lectern once again during Zolder.

Eng and Eriksson were assimilated in a points by Marco Wittmann (GER),
who had started a competition from stick position in a BMW M4 DTM and
crossed a line in seventh place. He now has 43 points, and remains
only brazen of Eng (40 points) during a tip of a standings. Bruno
Spengler (CAN) finished tenth in a BMW Bank M4 DTM. He had started
good from third place to pierce into a lead, where he remained until
a wilful yellow dwindle period.


After 13 laps, a BMW M4 GTS DTM Safety Car brought a margin closer
together after Jake Dennis (GBR, Aston Martin) came to a hindrance during the
entrance to a array lane. Eng and Eriksson were means to advantage from this
as they, and a few other drivers, had already finished their
imperative array stops by this point. Eng changed to a front when the
heading organisation of drivers who had not stopped before a reserve car
duration afterwards came in for their tyre changes, and confirmed his strong
gait until a finish. Wittmann, Spengler, Sheldon outpost der Linde (RSA,
Shell BMW M4 DTM) and Timo Glock (GER, JiVS BMW M4 DTM) afterwards fell
back, after carrying been in a heading organisation before a yellow flag.


Reactions to a third DTM competition of a 2019 deteriorate during Zolder.


Rudolf Dittrich (General Manager BMW Motorsport Vehicle Development):

“Congratulations to Philipp Eng on a initial DTM win of his career,
and to BMW Team RBM on triumphing during their home competition in Belgium.
Philipp gathering a strong, tactically wakeful competition on this severe and
revengeful circuit that is new for us. The same is loyal of Joel
Eriksson, who finished a one-two outcome for Bart Mampaey’s team.
Overall, we delivered a clever group arrangement with all 6 cars,
achieved during an superb turn and got 4 BMW M4 DTMs into the
tip ten. Unfortunately, Marco Wittmann, Bruno Spengler, Sheldon van
der Linde and Timo Glock were detrimental with a reserve automobile period, and
would have finished improved had it not been for that. It is good to return
and tip a podium, 35 years after Harald Grohs won a unequivocally initial DTM
competition during Zolder for BMW, and 25 years given a BMW final started a DTM
competition during this circuit.”


Bart Mampaey (BMW Team RBM Team Principal):

“First home win for BMW Team RBM – that is only unbelievable. we still
can't utterly trust it. Congratulations to Philipp and Joel on a
illusory race. They unequivocally warranted a success. we also have to thank
a plan experts, who did a good pursuit operative out a plan for
a race. Unfortunately, Sheldon had some bad fitness during a safety
automobile duration though delivered a good opening nonetheless.”


Philipp Eng (#25 ZF BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMR, Grid:
7th, Race: 1st, Drivers’ standings:
2nd, 40 points):

“It will take a while for me to get my conduct around this. The win is a
life-changing experience. Looking behind over my career, we had a very
tough time apropos a BMW works motorist and removing to a DTM. we am
intensely unapproachable of my feat in adding my name to a list of
winners in a toughest and best furloughed automobile array in a world. we am
now a happiest chairman on a planet. we am beholden for being means to
competition for BMW and for a fact that my group RBM always hurdles me to
improve. That is accurately what we need. we would like to dedicate this
win to my coach Charly Lamm, who helped me so most on my tour to
a DTM. Now we wish that we will be full of champagne after each race.”


Joel Eriksson (#47 CATL BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RBM, Grid:
9th, Race: 2nd, Drivers’ standings:
9th, 19 points):

“It was great. My start was not shining though it was transparent that we
had selected a opposite plan to a lot of other drivers. That’s why
we attempted to keep a transparent conduct and keep pulling forward. The reserve car
was unequivocally good for us. Nico Müller done my life flattering formidable again
during a end, though we was means to reason him off and cranky a line in
second place. The whole group deserves approval for a sound
strategy. Congratulations to Philipp Eng as well, and to a BMW Team
RBM on this good home win.”


Sheldon outpost der Linde (#31 Shell BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RBM,
Grid: 4th, Race: 11th, Drivers’ standings:
13th, 8 points):

“The initial territory of a competition was unequivocally good. we was means to urge my
starting position. The reserve automobile didn’t assistance us during all. It was just
bad fitness though we wish that we can measure some points again tomorrow. we am
happy for my group and my team-mates. What a good result!”


Stefan Reinhold (BMW Team RMG Team Principal):

“Congratulations to Philipp Eng, Bart Mampaey and a whole BMW Team
RBM. They unequivocally warranted a success. Unfortunately, that was the
second time that a reserve automobile has motionless a race, as happened on
a Sunday during Hockenheim as well. Our drivers suffered due to that
currently and we are unhappy as a result. The satisfaction is that a
BMW won a race.”


Marco Wittmann (#11 Schaeffler BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMG, Grid:
1st, Race: 7th, Drivers’ standings:
1st, 43 points):

“In general, starting from stick position and scoring 3 points
creates that a good day. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a best of starts
– distinct Bruno Spengler, who began a competition in marvellous fashion
from third place. we had good gait from afterwards on and was means to follow
Bruno simply when he was in initial position though unfortunately, the
reserve automobile wrecked my race. That is unequivocally annoying. we gave my all at
a finish to do as good as we could. we consider we had a best racing pace
though it wasn’t meant to be. Congratulations to Philipp Eng, Joel
Eriksson and BMW Team RBM on a one-two result!”


Bruno Spengler (#7 BMW Bank M4 DTM, BMW Team RMG, Grid:
3rd, Race: 10th, Drivers’ standings:
10th, 18 points):

“Congratulations to Philipp Eng, Joel Eriksson and BMW Team RBM. My
subordinate outcome and my start were unequivocally good though we consider that we would
have been improved off personification a lottery today. There’s unequivocally not
most some-more to be said.”


Timo Glock (#16 BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMR, Grid:
6th, Race: 13th, Drivers’ standings:
8th, 20 points):  

“The whole BMW Team RMG was out of fitness with a reserve automobile period
today. Philipp Eng and Joel Eriksson were only that bit better.
Congratulations on a one-two result. we didn’t have a gait we wanted
during a competition and simply crossed a line during a finish – though without
a outcome we had wanted.”

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