BMW Team RLL finishes fifth and tenth in Long Beach – Pole position for Auberlen and Werner in qualifying.

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Munich (DE), 17th Apr 2016. BMW Team RLL had a formidable entrance of
a BMW M6 GTLM during Long Beach (US), finishing fifth and tenth in the
Bubba Burger Sports Car Grand Prix, a third spin of a 2016 IMSA
WeatherTech SportsCar Championship (IWSC).

The 100-minute competition started with good guarantee as a series 25 car
of Bill Auberlen (US), starting from a category pole, led a opening
13 laps of a race. A expostulate by chastisement Auberlen served on path 28
after strike with a Prototype Challenge automobile on path 24 forsaken the
series 25 automobile down to sixth. Dirk Werner (DE) got into a automobile on lap
31 and rejoined a competition in seventh. He raced hard, though was incompetent to
recover any substantial ground. At a restart on path 55 Werner was
strike in a right behind by a Prototype Challenge automobile in a hairpin and
was forced to a pits to change a cut Michelin tyre. In a finish he
finished a competition in fifth. Victory went to Porsche.

John Edwards (US) and Lucas Luhr (DE) were detrimental again in Long
Beach. Luhr started a competition from sixth, though was fast into a pits
on path 4 with an electrical issue. He rejoined a competition in ninth.
Edwards took over on path 49 and changed adult to eighth. On a path 55
restart strike with a aspirant caused repairs that was quickly
realised by both Edwards and a crew. Before a group could call him
into a pits Edwards was into a wall and out of a race. Finally
a automobile was personal in tenth.

Bobby Rahal (Team Principal BMW Team RLL):

“Today was positively not one of a finer races. With penalties and
repairs on both cars, we can’t have a really good race. It was a shame
as a 25 automobile was heading and apparently was a most some-more competitive
proposition. The 100 automobile had a technical emanate early on, and that took
us out of a quarrel in a race. It is only a shame, though fifth place
was a small bit of a deliver for a 25 car. Now on to a subsequent one.”

Bill Auberlen (Number 25 BMW M6 GTLM, 5th place):

“We knew a Porsches were going to be strong. They done a good move
and they got me all in a same pass. Then a same aged story, you
locate a PC automobile and afterwards they expostulate away, we locate them adult and they
expostulate divided and that keeps happening. So we took a small aloft risk
and got to a man and we shot under, for certain he doesn’t see me turns
in and spins. we get a expostulate by penalty. The competition is in difficulty at
that point. We get a yellow flag, locate adult and have a event to
do it again. Then a PC automobile hits Dirk in a rear, flattens a tyre
and that ends a day, as we have to afterwards array to put another tyre on.
It should have been a improved day.”

Dirk Werner (Number 25 BMW M6 GTLM, 5th place):

“That was a tough competition with no good finish for us, especially since we was
strike twice. The initial time we was scarcely spun spin in a fountain
turn, though we were still in a race.  However, after a yellow during the
restart another automobile gathering into me and cut my tyre, so we had to go into
a pits and change it. Then we were only unresolved in there in the
race, got fifth and some points. For certain it was a disappointing
outcome though these racing incidents happen, and we have to get over it.
We have a good automobile and can be happy with a work we did. we am now
only looking brazen to a subsequent race.”

John Edwards (Number 100 BMW M6 GTLM, 10th place):

“The whole competition was tough for us. We had a technical emanate early on
and mislaid a path with a array stop. Then we were on a behind foot. At
a restart we had new tyres, while everybody else was on old. At that
indicate we was going to try to go by a margin to get behind onto the
lead path and wish for a yellow. Unfortunately that finished before I
could get started with a strike from a PC automobile during a restart that bent
a car. At spin one we went off and had a flattering tough hit. we consider we
could have done adult some places with all that was going on so that was
a shame.”

Lucas Luhr (Number 100 BMW M6 GTLM, 10th place):

“That was a really tough severe day for all of us – a 25 as well
as a 100 car. You have to realize that a BMW M6 GT3 is still a
code new automobile and it is a initial time we have run it spin a street
circuit. Especially here in Long Beach, with all a bumps and the
changing of petrify to asphalt, it brings the possess challenges. But
that is racing, we don’t learn so most from a win, we learn a lot
some-more from disastrous days, that that really was. We have a lot of
things to demeanour at, a lot of things to learn from that and we am certain we
will come behind stronger.”

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