BMW Team RLL finishes fourth and sixth during Mid-Ohio.

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Mid-Ohio. BMW Team RLL purebred fourth and sixth place
finishes in a Acura Sports Car Challenge during Mid-Ohio (USA), the
fourth turn of a IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. Tom
Blomqvist (GBR) and Connor De Phillippi (USA) finished fourth in the
#25 BMW M8 GTE, 4.374 seconds behind a winning Porsche and two
positions brazen of their team-mates John Edwards (USA) and Jesse
Krohn (FIN) in a #24 BMW M8 GTE.


After dual days of severe weather, splendid fever meant any stint
of a two-hour-and-forty-minute foe was a scurry on dry Michelin
tyres. Krohn, starting a #24 BMW M8 GTE, and De Phillippi, starting
a #25 BMW M8 GTE raced in third and fifth GTLM category positions
by a initial 30 mins of a race.


During a sparkling final 60 minutes, Blomqvist was battling with the
#911 Porsche for a final step on a podium, usually to remove the
position in a shutting laps. Edwards ran as high as fifth, but
eventually finished sixth.


Brandon Fry
Technical Director
BMW Team RLL): “Little bit of a tough day. Congrats
to Porsche. Outside of that, it was a flattering tighten conflict with the
rest of a field. We only didn’t get a best out of currently though all of
a guys pushed tough until a end. We demeanour brazen to Watkins Glen
and to carrying a large foe there. We have a integrate of tests entrance up
and we have a few some-more things to work on.”


Connor De Phillippi (#25 BMW M8 GTE, 4th place):
 “Certainly we are relocating forward. We knew we had a
improved foe gait than we did in qualifying. We ran a mistake giveaway race
and did a best we could with what we had today. You have to keep
training and keep pulling brazen in these subsequent few events. We are just
blank a small bit subsequent to a competition. We’ll demeanour by the
information post-race and try to be improved during a subsequent one.”


Tom Blomqvist (#25 BMW M8 GTE, 4th
“Being so tighten to a lectern and blank out is
always difficult. We were fighting for that final lectern mark though just
fell short. The group did a good pursuit this weekend scheming a car.
We will take a points and a learnings divided and urge for the
subsequent race.” 


John Edwards (#24 BMW M8 GTE, 6th place):
“We had a good car. Jesse did a good pursuit and a group rubbed the
array stops perfectly. we mislaid about 20 seconds on a initial dilemma of my
out lap, when we slid off a track, an inexcusable mistake by me. Very
unsatisfactory when we had such a good car.”


Jesse Krohn (#24 BMW M8 GTE, 6th place):
“I got boxed in during a start and we mislaid a few positions. Everyone was
fortifying really aggressively currently so it was formidable to get those
spots back. we consider we had a good automobile and we can positively learn on
how to urge for a subsequent race.”

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