BMW Team RLL finishes IMSA Sports Car Grand Prix during Long Beach in seventh and eighth positions.

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Long Beach. For a initial time in this IMSA
WeatherTechSportsCar Championship season, BMW Team RLL and a BMW
M8 GTE weren’t means to foe for lectern finishes. In a ‘IMSA
Bubba Burger Sports Car Grand Prix’ during Long Beach (USA)

, a #25 BMW M8 GTE, driven by Tom Blomqvist (GBR) and Connor
De Phillippi (USA), finished seventh in a GTLM class. John Edwards
(USA) and Jesse Krohn (FIN) finished eighth in a #24 BMW M8 GTE.


Edwards was using fifth before a usually array stop of a race, though a
problem with a lax wheel-nut on a tyre change firstly cost the
group some time to repair and afterwards resulted in a expostulate by penalty.
The 100-minute foe was won by a #912 Porsche.


Bobby Rahal (Team Principal BMW Team RLL): “We felt
this circuit was not going to be in a wheelhouse, as they say. All
we can do is to keep operative tough and doing what we can do and hope
that we are means to find a gait compared to a other teams who
now have an advantage on us.”


Connor De Phillippi (#25 BMW M8 GTE, 7th place):
 “During a initial partial of my army we seemed very
rival and we was happy with a automobile in comparison to yesterday.
As a army went on however, a others only seemed to have a bit
some-more gait than we did though we knew that this weekend was going to be a
formidable weekend for us. The subsequent marks fit a automobile unequivocally good and
we will concentration on fighting for podiums again in a subsequent events.”


Tom Blomqvist (#25 BMW M8 GTE, 7th
“We simply did not have a gait this weekend to
unequivocally plea a competition. We only had to run a intelligent foe but
there simply was not adequate that happened for us to make any gains.
So, now we demeanour forward to Mid-Ohio, a lane that should fit us a bit more.” 


John Edwards (#24 BMW M8 GTE, 8th place):
“A unsatisfactory outcome though a automobile was most softened over yesterday’s
subordinate so a gait was a bit better. Unfortunately it is a very
brief weekend so if a automobile is not right in subordinate we start in
a wrong spot. We were means to pierce adult a integrate of spots though afterwards had
difficulty on a array stop.”


Jesse Krohn (#24 BMW M8 GTE, 8th place):
“Today was difficult. At a finish of a day we didn’t have a bad race
car, we only got a small bit detrimental in a array stop. Something
happened with a back tyre, we do not know accurately what though just
can't redeem from such an occurrence a brief foe such as Long Beach.
Overall, we am happy with a stairs we done with a automobile and even
starting last, but a tyre issue, there was a possibility to maybe
make something happen.”

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