BMW teams enter a final widen of a 2016 DTM deteriorate in Budapest.

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Munich (DE), 19th Sep 2016. The 2016 DTM deteriorate enters the
finishing true with races 15 and 16 in Budapest (HU). After the
dual races during a 4.381-kilometre Hungaroring on a hinterland of the
Hungarian capital, usually a grand deteriorate culmination in Hockenheim (DE) in
mid-October awaits a 8 BMW drivers. Budapest positively promises
copiousness of fad in all 3 competitions.


Having claimed win array 3 of a deteriorate in Saturday’s foe at
a Nürburgring (DE), Marco Wittmann (DE) of BMW Team RMG now has 170
points to his name. He continues to lead a Drivers’ Championship and
binds a 33-point lead over his closest rival, Audi motorist Edoardo
Mortara (IT).


With 4 races remaining, BMW Team RMG is initial in a Team
competition. Stefan Reinhold’s (DE) group leads a proceed with 228 points
after a home win in a Eifel Mountains. BMW also tops the
Manufacturers’ Championship with 521 points.


The DTM is creation a third coming during a Hungaroring. The first
came behind in 1988 and, like this year, featured dual races. Back then,
Markus Oestreich (DE) was a best-placed BMW motorist in a BMW M3,
finishing fourth twice. It afterwards took 26 years for a DTM to lapse to
Budapest. Wittmann was initial opposite a finish line after 41 laps of
racing in 2014. This feat was an critical step towards winning the
pretension that year. Bruno Spengler (CA) was third.


In Budapest, Martin Tomczyk (DE) will once again be during a circle of
a BMW M Performance Parts M4 DTM in a special clothing celebrating
a centenary of a BMW Group in Budapest. Two of his associate BMW
drivers have already enjoyed an tour during a Hungaroring behind in
June: Tom Blomqvist (GB) and António Félix da Costa (PT) took to the
lane in a BMW M2 Coupé as partial of a media event.


360° videos of these drives are accessible on a BMW Motorsport
YouTube Channel around a following links (for 360°-compatible browsers only):


Video Blomqvist:

Video Félix da Costa:


Quotes brazen of a eighth foe weekend of 2016 in Budapest.


Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director):

“The DTM deteriorate is sketch to a close, as Budapest heralds a final
races of a year – time to demeanour behind quickly during a year so far.
Rarely in a story of a DTM has a deteriorate been as uniformly matched
as this one. The measures introduced by everybody brazen of a season
have had a outcome predicted. In my eyes, foe 14 is a excellent example
of what we have seen all season: a time differences were closer than
ever, with only 8 tenths of a second separating initial and last
place. That kind of time separates initial from second in other racing
series. All 3 manufacturers were represented in a tip 3 in
subordinate and a intensely sparkling races. That is accurately what the
fans wish to see. With a packages being so uniformly matched, the
leader of a Drivers’ Championship will be a many unchanging man.
In a Manufacturers’ Championship and a group competition, a most
compress group opening will be a key. We have finished a good pursuit so
distant in that regard, and that is because we tip a standings. The
critical thing now is to keep a thoroughness and to modify it
into good formula during a final dual foe weekends. Two years ago, we
enjoyed a successful initial tour during a Hungaroring. As such, we go
into a dual races in a unequivocally dynamic fashion.”


Stefan Reinhold (Team Principal, BMW Team RMG):

“After a Nürburgring weekend, we wish we can take that movement to
Hungary and be successful there. Our dual drivers showed that they like
a Hungaroring a final time a DTM raced there in 2014. Both
started from a front row, and Marco went on to win a race. The
pretension foe is now in a penultimate round. Just as we have finished adult to
now, we contingency work tough and exquisitely to safeguard a cars are as well
prepared as possible. Everyone here unequivocally wants to have something to
applaud during a finish of a season.”


Ernest Knoors (Team Principal, BMW Team MTEK):

“We can build on a opening during a Nürburgring, particularly
Sunday’s qualifying. We are relocating in a right direction. In
principle, a Hungaroring unequivocally suits a BMW M4 DTM. Marco Wittmann
won there in 2014 and was assimilated on a lectern by Bruno Spengler.
Therefore, a omens are good that we will have a successful weekend.
However, a new pavement aspect will positively shake things up.”


Bart Mampaey (Team Principal, BMW Team RBM):

“We have already claimed 6 lectern finishes this deteriorate and both our
drivers are well-placed in a Drivers’ Championship. we apparently hope
we can measure a lot of points again in Budapest. If we proceed the
weekend in such a focussed demeanour as we did a Nürburgring, we ought
to have a possibility of removing some good formula again in Hungary. The
foe there in 2014 was utterly an experience. The whole group is looking
brazen to returning there.”


Charly Lamm (Team Principal, BMW Team Schnitzer):

“There is no rest for a disagreeable in a shutting stages of a DTM
season. However, we like this biweekly rhythm. It apparently means a
lot of work underneath parsimonious time constraints, though that creates it easier to
keep your adrenalin levels up. Although we were not happy with the
formula during a Nürburgring, we transport to Hungary fully-motivated. The
critical thing for us is to ambience success again. we wish we can
grasp that during a Hungaroring.”


Marco Wittmann (car array 11, BMW Team RMG):

“I consider it is good to lapse to Budapest after a year away. we have
lustful memories of a circuit. we was unequivocally successful there in 2014,
when we converted stick position into victory. A identical outcome would be
good this year. However, a lot has altered out on a lane given the
final time we raced there. For example, there is a new surface. That
will be a plea for all a drivers.”


Timo Glock (car array 16, BMW Team RMG):

“Budapest is always a highlight, as we have always enjoyed good
formula there in a past. For example, we claimed my initial lectern in
Formula One during a Hungaroring. We were also discerning there in a DTM in
2014. we am intrigued to see what outcome a new pavement will have, and
am looking brazen to a many Hungarian fans who will group to the
circuit. They have always given me illusory support.”


Bruno Spengler (car array 7, BMW Team MTEK):

“I have lustful memories of Budapest. Two years ago, a foe went very
good for us and we finished third to explain a mark on a podium. we also
gathering single-seaters during a Hungaroring progressing on in my career. It is
a unequivocally technical circuit with many opposite corners. One little
different is what outcome a new pavement will have. Whatever happens,
people in Budapest are unequivocally ardent about motorsport.” 


Augusto Farfus (car array 18, BMW Team MTEK):

“Budapest is one of a many pleasing cities in Europe, with a lot
of history. The Hungaroring is a circuit that we like. we have always
been discerning there and a good outcome would be a ideal start to the
final proviso of a season. The circuit has been re-surfaced. That was
also a box in Spielberg this year – and that worked in a favour.”


Tom Blomqvist (car array 31, BMW Team RBM):

“I might not have driven in a DTM during a Hungaroring, though we know the
circuit unequivocally good and won there in 2014 in Formula 3. we like the
Hungaroring. In fact, it is one of my favourite tracks. Therefore, I
am already unequivocally looking brazen to racing there with a Ice-Watch
BMW M4 DTM. We apparently wish we can continue a good trend we have
shown in new races.”


Maxime Martin (car array 36, BMW Team RBM):

“The Hungaroring is a unequivocally good circuit. Two years ago we were
unequivocally rival in Budapest. we consider that will be a box again.
However, no weekend is a same in a DTM. And for me privately it
will for certain be a special one, as we will contest as a father for the
initial time. The birth of my child final week gave me a outrageous boost – so
I’m unequivocally dismissed adult to do good in Hungary.”


António Félix da Costa (car array 13, BMW Team Schnitzer):

“Budapest is always a good event. we have driven there once with the
DTM, and scored my initial points there. Because of this, we have fond
memories of a Hungaroring and am looking brazen to returning. I
consider a lane ought to fit a car. Because a circuit has been
re-surfaced, there should be a lot of grip. Plus, a Hungarian fans
are fantastic.”


Martin Tomczyk (car array 100, BMW Team Schnitzer):

“I am unequivocally looking brazen to Budapest. The lane was completely
re-surfaced. It will positively be a plea to set a automobile up, as
a information we collected there dual years ago is now a small less
relevant. We were unequivocally good in Budapest behind then, that gives us
copiousness of means for optimism. The Hungaroring is a illusory circuit
and a fans are unequivocally enthusiastic. Therefore, we design it to be a
good weekend.”


Statistics: Budapest.



4.381 km


2014 winner:                   

Marco Wittmann, BMW


2014 pole:

1:36.518 minutes, Marco Wittmann, BMW


Best-placed BMW 2014:

Marco Wittmann, 1st place


DTM debut:



BMW wins:


BMW stick positions:



BMW fastest laps:


BMW podiums:



Statistics: BMW DTM drivers.



BMW Motorsport media schedule.




2016 DTM calendar.


6th-8th May – Hockenheim (DE), 20th-22nd May – Spielberg (AT),
3rd-5th Jun – Lausitzring (DE), 24th-26th Jun – Norisring (DE),
15th-17th Jul – Zandvoort (NL), 19th-21st Aug – Moscow (RU),
9th-11th Sep – Nürburgring (DE), 23rd-25th Sep –
Budapest (HU)
, 14th-16th Oct – Hockenheim (DE).


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