BMW record equips German bobs for a Olympic Games.

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  • Aerodynamics, ergonomics, constructional research and materials
    technology: Technology partner BMW optimises a sporting
    apparatus for a German Bobsleigh and Sled Sports Federation (BSD).
  • Intensive growth in a aerodynamic exam centre and
    appetite exam centre of a BMW Group.
  • Chasing a essential hundredth of a second in a ice
    channel, a BMW record send from automobile prolongation finished a
    profitable contribution.


Munich. The German Bobsleigh and Sled Sports Federation (BSD)
athletes have a measure to settle during a Olympic Games in Pyeongchang
(KOR) in Feb 2018. Four years ago, a successful incline athletes
came divided though a medal. At a 3 universe championships that
followed, Germany returned to winning ways and appears to be ready
for a Olympics. BSD record partner BMW was also concerned in
a growth of a sporting equipment. A whole horde of BMW
engineering imagination is incorporated into a sleds: aerodynamics,
ergonomics and constructional analysis.

As a long-standing reward and record partner of a BSD, BMW
supports a organisation with a growth and optimisation of the
sleds. BMW brings a endless imagination from automobile manufacturing, as
good as a singular infrastructure. In a BMW Group’s aerodynamic test
centre and in a breeze tunnel, a BSD is means to exam and optimise
a sporting equipment, as good as deliberate with a BMW aerodynamics
experts. BMW also provides critical imagination on CO technology.
In a area of CFRP (carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic) in particular,
BMW has singular believe as a initial automobile manufacturer to make use of
a element CO in mass production.

Ergonomics and materials technology.

Bobs are made from carbon, a element with that BMW is very
familiar; BMW demonstrates a imagination not usually in automobile manufacturing
and motorsport, though also in a America’s Cup, a many challenging
sailing foe in a world. Thomas Hahn, who is conduct of a BMW
record transfer, has spent many years operative on a construction
of a high-tech racing yachts for two-time America’s Cup winner
ORACLE Team USA. He knows a hurdles and a intensity of carbon.
The aerospace operative uses his dilettante believe to support
bobsleigh builder Johannes Wallner, who manufactures a 2-man and
4-man bobs for a reigning universe champion incline teams Lochner and Friedrich.

“First, we totalled and digitalised a bob, and optimised it using
mechanism simulation,” explained Hahn. “To furnish a prototypes, we
used a pointing indent to make a disastrous cover that will then
be used to move a CO fibres to a accurate preferred positions.
This pointing form guarantees that a test, dimensions and race
formula are pure and comparable. Which means a sleds produced
can be reproduced identically.”

The positions of a 3 pushers need opposite qualities. For
example, dual requires some-more power, 4 requires some-more speed and a
aloft step frequency. In a 4-man sled of Francesco Friedrich, this
position is hold by former decathlete Thorsten Margis, who is an
commanding 1.92 metres tall. He needs some-more space to position himself as
prosaic as probable in a incline to revoke atmosphere resistance. The position of
his chair indispensable to be practiced for this.

Head manager René Spies said: “Over a summer we optimised a Wallner
bobs for a teams Friedrich and Lochner. Many ideas for improving the
aerodynamics of a sleds and for a chair positions were developed
and implemented. The profitable tests in a BMW breeze hovel enabled us
to endorse a certain formula and get that final hundredth of a
second for a Mission Gold. A large appreciate we goes to BMW for this.”

Hahn said: “Changing a seating positions is nowhere nearby as trivial
as one competence think. Such optimisations change a centre of gravity
and a handling, among other things. But we are unequivocally gratified with the
result. Identifying and implementing a best concede is a
plea that has to be mastered each day in automobile manufacturing.”


The seating positions of a athletes have a outrageous change on the
aerodynamics. The despotic regulations concede usually unequivocally restricted
options for optimising a sleds. “The aerodynamic waste associated to
a organisation and figure of a sled need to be minimised,” pronounced Lochner.
“The breeze hovel of a BMW Group is useful for removing a last
jot here. We need to scratch together each hundredth of a second
that we can find so that we can applaud a gold, china or bronze
award again during a Olympic Games.”

Friedrich reliable this: “The aerodynamics are essential in a 4-man
sled in particular. The BMW breeze hovel is intensely high-tech. We
were means to take a lot of measurements and try out several options
within a unequivocally brief time, that we substantially couldn’t have done
anywhere else. It is fantastic.”

The worldly infrastructure of a BMW Group’s Research and
Innovation Centre (FIZ) in Munich, that a BSD has entrance to,
contains one of a largest and many innovative breeze tunnels in the
world. It facilitates breeze speeds of adult to 300 km/h. And, interjection to
huge computing capacity, several aerodynamic models can be
distributed within a unequivocally brief time. “We can optimise a bobs here in
accurately a same approach as we optimise a cars,” pronounced Holger Gau, BMW
consultant for 3D make-believe methods. “We demeanour during turbulence, analyse
pooling regions and use suitable figure changes – or altered seating
positions – to try to minimise resistance.” A final exam before the
Olympic Games showed that a aerodynamic measures achieved a
rebate in atmosphere insurgency of adult to 6 percent. In theory, this
should make a sleds a tenth of a second faster per run. However,
compared with a exam laboratory, factors such as continue and track
conditions, as good as a shifting line, are poignant in a ice channel.

Like in a automobile growth process, a infancy of a work is
initial finished on a computer. And a BMW Group has best equipment
for a practical tasks as well. “We use high-performance program tools
to weigh a aerodynamics of a multiple of a incline and the
team, and to optimise this virtually. Then a corroboration and
fine-tuning take place in a breeze tunnel,” explained Gau. “It’s all
about anticipating a best approach to interlink a advantages of both
worlds – digital and real-time in a breeze tunnel.”

And a intensity is by no means exhausted. In a BMW Group’s energy
exam centre (EVZ), 3 thermal breeze tunnels and dual air-conditioned
cover exam beds can copy snow, rain, cold, feverishness and even
altitude. The same comforts that make a BMW vehicles more
fit in a accumulation of climatic conditions yield a winter
sports athletes and their sporting apparatus with tranquil test
conditions, that are like those they will unequivocally knowledge in the
ice channel. BMW hereby creates another grant to BSD continuing
their success during a 2018 Olympic Games.

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