BMW wins countless awards and distinctions in 2016.

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Munich. As 2016 comes to a close, BMW is means to look
behind on a rarely successful year with good over 50 inhabitant and
general awards and distinctions. As in a past, vehicles of the
code were rarely rated by juries opposite a operation of different
categories and topics, frequently finishing during a tip of a winners’
rostrum. The awards simulate not usually superb product peculiarity but
also design, technical innovation, intelligent connectivity and
sustainability. Jury members enclosed vehicle reporters and
readers of vehicle magazines as good as experts from a areas of
IT, business, sourroundings and design. It is quite gratifying to
note that BMW succeeded in gaining some of a world’s many coveted
distinctions, including a “World Car Award” and a pretension “Best Car”
for a BMW 7 Series, as good as a “Golden Steering Wheel” for the
BMW i3. What is more, a BMW M2 Coupé as good as a all new BMW 5
Series Sedan went true onto a winner’s lectern even yet it is
a visitor model.

BMW 7 Series and BMW i8 come out tip worldwide.

The new BMW 7 Series was means to continue its
superb success in 2016. Having won countless inhabitant and
general distinctions final year, a tip BMW indication was named
“World Luxury Car” as partial of a “World Car Awards”. Independent
experts also reliable a innovative strength of BMW in a operation of
instances. “CarIT”, an information repository for decision-makers in the
margin of connected mobility, in partnership with a Center of
Automotive Management (CAM), named a remote control parking option
in a BMW 7 Series as a inaugural leading-edge record in the
“Connected Car” category. In further to this a reward sedan won
dual distinctions as partial of a “Automotive Innovations Award”,
conferred jointly by a CAM and a auditing and consultancy company
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Here a BMW 7 Series cumulative a title
of “Most Innovative Model 2016”, while a energy units of BMW models
opposite a house perceived a endowment for a many innovative
required engines.

In Austria, a vehicle bar ÖAMTC awarded a sedan a “Marcus”
endowment as a safest vehicle in a oppulance opening shred while in
Germany a BMW 7 Series was voted association vehicle of a year (“Company
Car”/Dekra), association vehicle of a year (“Handelsblatt”), “Top
Performer” (“Autoflotte”) and “Best Car” in a oppulance performance
shred (“auto engine und sport”). In a “Car Connectivity Award”
conferred jointly by “Motorpresse Stuttgart” and a mechanism magazine
“CHIP”, readers voted a BMW 7 Series best-connected car.

After a altogether attainment and dual difficulty victories final year, a BMW
i8 engine won a “International Engine of a Year Award” for the
second time as good as securing a difficulty attainment in a category
between 1.4 and 1.8 litres capacity. The “Times of India” named the
hybrid sports vehicle “Technology of a Year”, while in Germany a BMW
i8 was once again voted all-wheel expostulate vehicle of a year in the
difficulty “All-Wheel Drive Hybrid Cars” by readers of a magazine
“Auto Bild Allrad”.

BMW M2 Coupé: visitor goes true onto a winners’ rostrum.

The readers’ opinion hold by a vehicle magazine
“Auto Bild Sportscars” supposing considerable justification of a successful
judgment embodied by a new BMW M2 Coupé. In a difficulty “Compact Car
Series”, a high-performance sports vehicle featuring an in-line
6-cylinder engine with an outlay of 272 kW/370 hp and a ability of
3.0 litres (combined fuel consumption: 8.5-7.9 l/100 km; total CO2
emissions: 199–185 g/km)* now cumulative a “Sports Car of the
Year” award. And in their opinion for a sportiest cars of 2016, readers
of a vehicle repository “Sport Auto” further comparison the
BMW M GmbH newcomer. In further to a BMW M2 Coupé, a BMW M3, the
BMW M235i Coupé, a BMW M235i Convertible and a BMW 340i Sedan all
finished initial in 4 other categories. This meant that of all
manufacturers, BMW won a many titles during this year’s “Sport Auto
Award” this year. And that is not all: a new BMW M2 Coupé was voted
“Car of a Year” in Japan as good as gaining 3 prestigious design
distinctions – a “iF Design Award”, a “Good Design Award” and a “Autonis”.

Excellent home display in Germany.

BMW achieved an considerable triple success in the
“auto engine und sport” readers’ vote. The BMW 7 Series (“Luxury
Performance Segment”), a BMW 5 Series (“Upper Mid-Range”) and the
BMW X1 (“Compact SUVs”) were voted “BEST CARS 2016”. One particular
important attainment was that, shortly before a launch of a new model
generation, a BMW 5 Series finished in initial place for a sixth
time in succession. Even yet a inheritor will usually be launched in
open 2017, a readers of “Auto Bild” and “Computer Bild” are
already entirely assured of a all new BMW 5 Series Sedan. Therefore
a vehicle has already been named “Connected Car 2016”. The readers of
“Handelsblatt” voted a BMW X5 “Company Car of a Year” in the
difficulty “Off-Road Cars”. The same business repository also called upon
250 swift managers to lift out a unsentimental analogous exam to
settle their favourites. In a tip range, it was eventually the
new BMW 730d that was means to stir a infancy of swift experts.

Top rankings in a area of value influence and
sustainability, too.

The strengths of BMW vehicles in a area of value
influence were reflected in a endowment of a eminence “Value Master
2016”, conferred by a vehicle repository “Auto Bild” together with
a marketplace review hospital Schwacke. The BMW 2 Series Gran
Tourer came out tip in a difficulty “Compact Vans” while a BMW X1
won a “Small SUVs” class. Meanwhile a BMW i3 won a ranking for
electric vehicles for a second time in succession. The purely
electrically powered reward indication was no reduction successful in the
“Golden Steering Wheel” foe organized jointly by “Auto Bild”
and “Bild am Sonntag”. Here again a leader in a “Alternative
Drives” difficulty was a BMW i3. Another eminence highlights
generally impressively a BMW brand’s joining to
environment-friendly and tolerable technologies: as partial of the
“Auto Trophy” awards organized by a vehicle repository “Auto
Zeitung”, a general editors’ esteem “Premium Pioneer
Electromobility” went to BMW i.



Here is a outline of a categorical awards won by BMW in 2016:

Distinctions conferred by “World Car Awards”:

“World Luxury Car”:
BMW 7 Series

Distinctions conferred by “auto engine und sport”:

“Best Cars”:
            BMW X1 (category: Compact SUVs)
            BMW 5er (category: Upper Mid-Range)
            BMW 7er (category: Luxury Performance
BMW M2 Coupé (category: Best New Design in a compress class)

Distinctions conferred by “Auto Bild” and “Bild am Sonntag”:

“Golden Steering Wheel”:
            BMW i3 (category: Alternative Drives)

Distinction conferred by “Engine Technology International”:

“International Engine of a Year”:
            BMW i8 (category: 1.4–1.8 litre capacity)

Distinction conferred by “auto engine und sport”
and “CHIP”:

“Car Connectivity Award”
            BMW 7 Series (category: Connected Car)

Distinction conferred by „Auto Bild“ and „Computer Bild“:

„Connected Car Award“:
BMW 5 Series (Connected Car 2016)
Connected (category:  Automotive App)
BMW Over a Air Updates (category: Connected Services)
            BMW Active Lane Keeping Assistant
(category: Drivers’ Assistance)

Distinctions conferred by “Auto Bild” and Schwacke:

“Value Master 2016”:
            BMW i3 (category: Electric Vehicles)
            BMW X1 (category: Small SUVs)
            BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer (category: Compact Vans)

Distinctions conferred by “Auto Bild Sportscars”:

“Sports Cars of a Year”:
            BMW M2 Coupé (category: Small/Compact Cars)

Distinctions conferred by “Auto Bild Allrad”:
“All-Wheel Drive Car of the
            BMW i8 (category:
All-Wheel Drive Hybrid)

Distinction conferred by “Auto Zeitung”:
“Auto Trophy”:
            The International Editors’ Prize “Premium Pioneer
Electromobility” went to BMW i

Distinctions conferred by “Sport Auto”:

“Sport Auto Awards”:
BMW M235i Coupé (category: Coupés adult to € 50,000)
            BMW M235i Convertible (category: Convertibles/Roadsters up
to € 50,000)
            BMW M2 Coupé (category:
Coupés adult to €100,000)
            BMW M3 (category:
Sedans/Estate Cars adult to € 100,000)
340i (category: Sedans/Estate Cars adult to € 50,000

Distinction conferred by “Motor Klassik”:

“Motor Klassik Award”:
BMW 507 (category: Year of Construction 1947–1961)
            BMW M1 (category: Year of Construction 1970–1979)

Distinctions conferred by “Auto Bild Klassik”:
“Golden Classic Steering Wheel”:
            BMW 02 (category: Sedan)
            BMW 6 Series Coupé (category: Sports Cars and Coupés)

Distinction conferred by “J-COTY”:
“Emotional Car of a Year
            BMW M2 Coupé

Distinction conferred by a Center of Automotive Management:

“CarIT Award”:
            BMW 7
Series with Remote Control Parking (category: Leading Edge Technology)

Distinction conferred by a PwC /Center of Automotive
“Automotive Innovations
            BMW 7 Series as a most
innovative model
            BMW engines as a most
innovative required engines

Distinction conferred by “Auto Test”:
“Auto Test Winner”:
            BMW i Vision Future Interaction (category: Connectivity)

Distinction conferred by “Handelsblatt”:

“Company Vehicle of a Year”:
            BMW X5 (readers’ choice, category: Off-Road Cars)
            BMW 730d (practical exam by swift managers,
category: Top Range)

Distinctions conferred by “Firmenauto” / DEKRA:
“Company Car of a Year”:
            BMW 7 Series (category: Top Range)

Distinction conferred by “Autoflotte”:
“Top Performer”:
BMW 7 Series (category: Luxury Performance Segment)

Distinction conferred by a Bavarian State Government:
“eCar-Tec Award”:
            BMW 225xe iPerformance Active Tourer (electric motor)

Distinctions conferred by International Forum Design:

“iF Design Award”:
3.0 CSL Homage
            BMW X1
            BMW M2 Coupé
            BMW M6 GT3
            BMW 7 Series

Distinctions conferred by a German Design Council:

“Automotive Brand Contest”:
            BMW (Brand of a Year)
7 Series (Exterior Premium Design)
X1 (Exterior Premium Design and Interior Premium Design)
            BMW M2 Coupé (Exterior Premium Design and
Interior Premium Design)

Distinction conferred by Spark Design:

“Spark Design Award”:
BMW VISION NEXT 100 (category: Transport)

Distinctions conferred by Chicago Museum of Design:

“Good Design Award”:
BMW 3.0 CSL Homage (category: Transportation)
            BMW X4 (category: Transportation)
            BMW X6 (category: Transportation)

Distinction conferred by “AutoVolt Magazine” (GB):

“AutoVolt Awards”:
330e (Overall Winner 2016)

Distinction conferred by “Global Auto Media” (China):

“Car of a Year”:
            BMW 7 Series

Distinction conferred by “The Times of India”:

“Times Auto Awards”:
BMW i8 (Technology of a Year)

Distinction conferred by “Royal Auto National” (AUS):

“Australia’s Best Car”:
            BMW 1 Series (category: Small Cars over AU$ 35,000 )

Distinction conferred by ÖAMTC (A):

            BMW 7 Series
(safest vehicle in a oppulance opening segment)

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